Brewers Sign Nixon, Duffy to Minor League Deals

It has been reported that Milwaukee has come to terms with outfielders Trot Nixon and Chris Duffy. Both deals are of the minor league variety and come with invites to Spring Training.

Nixon, 34, has 137 homers over 12 seasons and is a career .274 hitter. Duffy, 28, is a speedster but was the odd man out (more like 5th outfielder) in Pittsburgh last season and spent considerable time in the minors - where he also struggled.

You have to figure at least one of these guys will spell Milwaukee’s last remaining outfield vacancy. Were these the lefties you had in mind?

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6 Responses to “Brewers Sign Nixon, Duffy to Minor League Deals”

  1. Jack Says:

    Duffy’s a definite upgrade over TG Jr, at the least. And it’s really hard to complain about signing anybody to a minor league deal for me.

  2. Tyler Says:

    TG Jr is terrible.

    I don’t care if these guys get one year older in the minors, but to sign both… it makes me think one of them will land that final OF spot. Money saved be damned, you can’t plan on a Gabe Kapler-type signing working out every year.

    Isn’t Milwaukee already hinging its season on enough low-risk, fiscally smart acquisitions?

  3. Jack Says:

    Hopefully we aren’t - hopefully all these fiscally smart acquisitions are paving the way for something bigger.

    I like Duffy as a 4th OF type anyway, he plays solid defense and probably wouldn’t be too far below average to be useful if thrust into a full time role for, say, a month because of an injury.

  4. Leary Says:

    Nice blog. Only 3 comments on these signings in 24 hours. It’s no wonder you guys don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. You should be excited to have a vetern like Trot Nixon invited to your camp. I mean really, it’s a no risk deal. Look at his Triple A numbers from last year. He can still crush right handers and play solid defend. Say he stays healthy and hits .290 with 20 jacks?? (he’s more than capable) You gonna be talkin smack on a 2 person blog or begging for his autograph outside the players parking lot. Plus, he’s just a good guy.

  5. Tyler Says:

    Thanks. I think it’s a nice blog too.

  6. Jared Says:

    Uh, I don’t think anyone said they hate the Nixon signing or questioned whether he’s a good guy, Leary. As you say, it’s a low-risk signing. I actually expect him to become the fourth outfielder. That said, the odds of Trot Nixon hitting “20 jacks” as a Brewer are next to none. With Braun, Cameron and Hart in the outfield, there’s no way he’s anything more than a fourth outfielder on this team (and he has to win that spot still).

    What do you want us to do? Get crazy excited for the Brewers signing a player that wasn’t even good enough to get a Major League deal with any of the 30 teams?

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