In the News (12/18)

Brewers News

- All Gabe Kapler wants for Hanukkah is “Patience, swagger and peace.” Sounds like he should sign another one-year deal with Milwaukee to me.

Rumors and Speculation

- The on-again-off-again Cameron/Cabrera swap with the Yankees is off again. The two teams haven’t talked since the Winter Meetings. The Yankees might be focusing on bringing Manny Ramirez to the Bronx. But is it really over? The last time it was over, the trade talks picked up again the next day. Melvin seems to think it’s dead in the water, but stay tuned. This is the trade that won’t die. More HERE.

- Cheesehead Sports says the Brewers should trade Cameron because he strikes out a lot and the Brewers need more consistent contact. Personally, I think people need to realize he’s never going to be a prototypical centerfielder at the plate and understand that what he does provide (power, defense) is valuable too. I cannot say any way that Melky Cabrera would be better for the Brewers in 2009.

- The Braves reportedly offered Kelly Johnson in a trade for Corey Hart. We had heard they were interested in Hart previously. Johnson is a pretty good player, but he doesn’t really fit what Milwaukee needs and it’s a bad time to trade Hart since his value is way down after completely disappearing for the final month of the season last year. 

- The Ben Sheets market is pretty cool and it sounds like he hasn’t received any multi-year offers yet. I’m still not sure exactly why the Brewers haven’t jumped in on him yet. They’d seem have a better chance of signing him than any other free agent pitchers. I think the longer he goes unsigned, the more likely it is that the Brewers at least check in with him.

- The Brewers are reportedly kicking the tires on Daniel Cabrera. Cabrera is sort of like Jorge De La Rosa, all the talent in the world, but just can’t seem to put it together. I think a team like the Pirates would be a lot better served taking a chance on him than the Brewers would.

- Matthew Caruth writes on Fan Graphs that Randy Johnson is worth $15 million this season, but will get significantly less and is an “insane bargain just looking for a savvy shopper.” Johnson would be a nice signing for the Brewers because of the affordable contract and the length of the deal, which would likely be just one year. It seems like he wants to play out West, but if the Brewers can lure him to the Midwest, he’d be a big arm to add to the rotation.

- Gamel, Escobar AND Salome to “start” trade discussions for Roy Oswalt? An emphatic “No Thanks” from me if that’s anywhere close to true… It looks like just one blogger’s speculation though.

- Rocco Baldelli has been “misdiagnosed” and his condition is actually treatable. This is great timing for the free agent outfielder. He just became much more appealing to teams, including the Brewers, though I don’t expect Milwaukee will get in on the bidding for him.

NL Central

- The Cubs signed Joey Gathright earlier this week and now they might be looking to trade Felix Pie to make room for him. Don’t they realize Joey Gathright is Felix Pie, just older and even more established as a “failed prospect”? I doubt the Cubs would trade Pie within the division, but if he’s available, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Brewers to check in. I think the Cubs are giving up on him way too early. Geoff Young at Baseball Digest Daily agrees.

Other News

- A “large market” team made Derrick Turnbow a Major League offer? Good luck with that. I hope it’s the Cubs.

- Our own Tyler Mass does a list of the all-time worst baseball movies and a movie featuring our own Milwaukee Brewers tops the list? Blasphemy! OK, so it’s probably dead on…


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  1. Joe Says:

    Gamel, Escobar and Salome aren’t worth trading ANY player in baseball for. That’s ridiculous.

    I feel like I’m one of the few that want to see the Brewers sign Sheets. Well, I’d only want a one year deal. I didn’t think that was possible, but as time moves on, you never know.

    Also…Randy Johnson. I don’t really like Johnson. He’s always struck me as a douche, but I’d love to have him in our rotation this coming year.

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