In the News (12/2)

Brewers News

- Doug Melvin discussed the upcoming Winter Meetings. It sounds like the bullpen and the bench are areas of emphasis (which is understandable) and the team wants to add left-handed bats (likely through trade). Nothing too surprising…

- JC at says Sabathia would be a good deal for the Brewers if he accepts arbitration (which he won’t), Sheets would be a bad deal if he accepts arbitration (which he likely won’t) and Shouse would be a good deal if he accepts arbitration (which he probably won’t).

- So much for Salomon Torres changing his mind on retiring. He has filed his retirement papers. More HERE. Thanks for your year with the Crew, Salomon. You’ll be missed. Enjoy retirement.

- The Brewers doled out their playoff shares in a generous manner.

- Kapler’s unbelievable catch in the stands in LA is up for a This Year In Baseball Award. I still remember how pissed I was when I watched SportsCenter that night and the catch was the #2 play of the night because they gave #1 to Reggie Bush, who jumped over a bad tackle attempt to score a touchdown. It was truly a traveshamockery.

The Brewers made some changes to the scouting department.


Rumors and Speculation

- Eric Seidman from FanGraphs says Ben Sheets’ fair market value is about $14.7 million a year. I could see the Brewers paying him about that in arbitration if he accepts, but I can’t see them going for a multi-year contract worth that much per year for Ben. I think it’s very likely Sheets has thrown has last pitch for Milwaukee.

- Tim Brown of Yahoo! says the Dodgers have not been talking with CC and the Angels GM says his team is still concentrating on signing Mark Texeira, not Sabathia. If these reports are true and the Giants have also not entered the fold, CC may only have two options on the table. Did the Yankees scare away other teams with their big offer?

- Speaking of CC, he was at a Golden State Warriors game and said nothing about his contract discussions.

- There’s a shortage of shortstops in MLB. How valuable does that make J.J. Hardy if the Brewers looked to trade him? I’d say very, but it’s hard to trade a guy that is among the elite offensively at his position and is also very solid defensively, even if the Brewers have a top prospect who is nearly MLB ready (Alcides Escobar).

NL Central

- The Astros resigned reliever Doug Brocail.

Other News

- Former Brewer and current Hall of Fame nominee Dan Plesac is leaving Comcast to join the new MLB Network. It’s starting to appear as if the network is going for an All-Brewer-Connection broadcast team with Plesac, former FSN Wisconsin reporter Trenni Kusnierek and former FSN Wisconsin announcer Matt Vasgersian all on board.


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