Season InReview

April - 

Liked - Winning the opening game/series at Wrigley. How much better Jason Kendall was than Johnny Estrada in every way. Ben Sheets, Gabe Kapler, and Bill Hall starting the season off right.

Disliked - Poor start of the year for Villa, Bush, JJ, Prince, and Gagne. Losing games to hitters such as Wes Helms and Corey Patterson.

Numbers - 

.301 - Jason Kendall’s batting average for April

7 - Numbers of Home Runs hit by Bill Hall in April (ended the year with 15)

2-8, 5.36 - 2008 Stats for Josh Butler, the player the Brewers recieved for Gabe Gross on the April 22nd trade


May - 

Liked - Ryan Braun’s extension!!! Then going on a tear (see numbers)!!! Villa was brought back to the bullpen.

Disliked - Slumping batters + Saves Blown. Yovanni hurt. Berkman destroying the Brewers. May 25 - The Brewers stop batting the pitcher in the 8th spot.

Numbers - 

11 HR, .322 BA - Ryan Braun in May

.083 - Counsell’s batting average with RISP as of May (ended up as .155)

4 -  Number of everyday players batting under .220 during May.

23-26 - Brewers record before May 25th

67-46 - Brewers record after May 25


June - 

Liked - Branyan gave the Brewers the only solid production from 3rd base this month. McClung did a good job stepping into the starters role. Salomon cementing his role as closer.

Disliked - Ben Sheets basically saying he’s going to test free agency. Julian Tavarez…ugh. Bill Hall’s agent announcing that Hall would like to be Traded.

Numbers - 

44 - Number of Home Runs hit in June

1 - NL rank for most quality starts as of June (ended up T-5)


July - 

Liked - C.C. Sabathia Trade to Milwaukee!!! JJ Hardy 16 game hit streak!!! Sheets, Braun, and Hart in the All Star Game. 20 Sellouts by July 14. Brewers caught the Cubs…

Disliked - And then lost it… The horrible situation that was the Pitching Platoon for Bush and McClung. Suppan blowing two huge leads and then going on the DL. 

Numbers - 


7.71, 7 BB, 6 K, .359 OBA - Seth McClung’s Platoon Stats

7.30 ERA, 1 BB, 8 K, .292 OBA - Dave Bush’s Platoon Stats

19-8 - Brewers road record as of July 7th (Ended up 41-40)



August - 

Liked - 20-7! Mike Cameron hitting .360 with 9 home runs in August alone. This is the month were the whole team was clicking along and it seemed as though they could catch the Cubs. Then again, it was against mostly teams the Brewers should beat such as Washington, San Diego, Cincinatti, and Pittsburgh.

Disliked - Ryan Braun’s rib injury. Rickie Weeks and Bill Hall struggling a lot. Unable to gain much ground on the Cubs

Numbers -

2.53 - Team ERA for August (over a run and a half lower than their year totals)

.339 - J.J. Hardy’s batting average after the 7th inning during the year came into focus in August


September - 

Liked - Not much. The Brewers had a 90 win season for the first time since 1992 and Ben Sheets won his 13th game. Dale Sveum was able to get the team to the postseason after the firing of Ned Yost. The last week of September with a new hero each day was amazing to be a part of.

Disliked - Bats went ice cold while the Brewers lost any lead they had going into the month. The team lost Gabe Kapler and Ben Sheets. Corey Hart became a dipsh*t.

Numbers - 

.227 - Brewers batting average during the month of September

6th - Rankigns for most errors for Bill Hall and Rickie Weeks in the MLB as of September


October -

Liked - Being in the postseason for the first time in 26 years. The stadium was definately shaking when the Brewers arrived.

Disliked - How quickly the postseason ends


1 - Number of Home Runs hit in the postseason

0.56 - Brewers Bullpen’s ERA for the postseason


Quick Beginning of the Year Hitters:

Players who were on the roster at the start of the season, but are no longer:

Gabe Gross and Derrick Turnbow


Last players to be sent down in March:

Steve Bray, Abraham Nunez, Ozzie Chavez, and Chris Narveson


Players who joined the team after the start of the season:

Ray Durham, CC Sabathia, Julian Tavarez, Todd Coffey, Mike Lamb


Starting Line-up March 31st, 2008:

1. Weeks (2B)

2. Gwynn (CF)

3. Fielder (1B)

4. Braun (LF)

5. Hall (3B)

6. Hart (RF)

7. Hardy (SS)

8. Sheets (P)

9. Kendall (C)


Finally, the stat I refused to post because I felt it would curse him:
Ryan Braun 2007 -26 Errors in 112 games at Third Base

Ryan Braun 2008 - 0 Errors in 149 games in LF!!!!

6 Responses to “Season InReview”

  1. Chris in PA Says:

    Excellent review and a nice look back over an exciting season. Some ups, some downs, but it was one to remember.

    I sort of got behind 3 players this season that all broke my heart in some fashion. Sheets, Turnbow, and Billy Hall. I honestly thought Turnbow would somehow get his mind right and save himself, but he has to be one of the most weak and fragile psyche’s we’ve seen in quite some time. Amazing how fast he fell off. Billy Hall got out to such a good start and then was way too streaky and inconsistent. He had that super clutch streak and then did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Ended the season with a nary a whimper.

    Then, there’s Benny. My ‘favorite’ Brewer. I honestly don’t know how much he was truly hurting at the end of the year, I guess we’ll never know. And I kind of ‘get’ his perspective of being careful, because Tommy John’s is nothing to mess with. However. It’s bordering on morbidly ironic, that the one season he stays healthy througout and entire season, gets so much national love, and then breaks down right on the eve of our first post season berth in 26 years rendering him useless and unavailable to go in the post season. Again, we don’t know how badly he was hurthing and how much of his thought process was in context of his pending free agency.

    I was hurt, disappointed, and almost crushed. It may sound like I’m overstating or overreacting to it, but I suppose that’s the peril of emotioanlly attaching yourself to a player. I honestly don’t want to see Ben in a Brewers uni ever again. I mean that. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll feel differently, but right now, I think it’s best he just go quietly in the night.

    Last…I still think it SUCKED they fired Ned when they did. Totally f**king sucked.

  2. Chris in PA Says:

    And if they could trade Suppan for a bag of bats, or hell even a bag of PUCKS - do it. Worthless pitcher - file under: Adam Eaton. Thanks for NOTHING Soup. Hope you get to spend all your unearned and stolen millions in new and exotic ways in the offseason, you douche.

  3. brewerfever78 Says:

    Chris…let me know which 3 players you get behind next year, so I know who to drop off my fantasy team. Ouch! (Sheets did have an amazing first half though!)

    My theory on Billy Hall has always been he swings at the same spot everytime. It’s not that he actually makes contact with the ball, rather it’s the pitcher made contact with his bat.

    I think Corey Hart was the player that most disappointed me. He just looked terrible for most of the 2nd half of the season. He’s young and he’ll rebound. He needs to stay in that .290 to .300 level in order to be that 5 hitter the Brewers the need.

    As far as the what might have been, Kendall batted .301 in April and somewhere around .220 in September (who didn’t though on the Brewers). He caught 34 straight games to end the season, and only had 2 innings off. The last game Rivera played was in late August, and he was the game MVP (3 run double to tie the game in the 8th). The Brewers somehow have to work his bat into the game more. First, Kendall needs some time off. Second, Rivera can straight up hit. Now, all the pitchers say how great Kendall handles the game, but the next Brewers manager needs to work on giving Kendall sometime off and getting Rivera some more ABs.

    And Suppan is worthless. Doesn’t he have a restaurant somewhere in California? If I am ever out there, I am going to steal the silverware off the table.

  4. Kade in Dubuque Says:

    is there any other managers out there that people would like to see here?

  5. Tyler Says:

    Davey Lopes for the first 12 games than Jerry Royster for the rest of the season.

  6. D'Amico's one good year Says:


    Then replace him with Jimmy Haynes and Jamey Wright’s failed potential. It’ll be like Ned never left!

    I still get mad when I think of that trade.

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