Peace Out Future Brewers’ Center Fielder

JS Online has posted a blog stating Brewers’ outfield prospect Michael Brantley is the final piece of the CC Sabathia trade.


This is not surprising, but I think most were hoping Taylor Green would be the final piece. No offense to Green, who was last year’s Minor League Player of The Year for the Brewers system, but it would have been nice to get a player like Brantley in the Brewers lineup in the not so distant future.

In 2008, for AA Huntsville, Brantly hit .319 with 28 stolen bases, 40 RBI, 17 doubles, two triples, and four home runs.

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9 Responses to “Peace Out Future Brewers’ Center Fielder”

  1. Kade in Dubuque Says:

    Our farm system is fine, I am so tired of hearing the Brewers traded away their whole system. We have been a very strong farm system for the better part of a decade now. We will continue this and it will all pan out. I hope brewers fans are not freaking out about all the moves.

  2. Joe Says:

    No one is “freaking out” about the move. But Brantley is the leadoff hitter of the future that we really need. It would have been nice if it weren’t him.

  3. Tyler Says:

    Either way Cleveland was going to get a great promising player. I’m just glad the player is known. Best of luck to Michael.

    Green got some play at 2B… it’d be nice if could be the second or third baseman of the future.

  4. Joe Says:

    Agree, Ty. JJ at third and Green at second. 2010 should be interesting.

  5. Tyler Says:

    D’Amico sold me on the Hardy to 3B proposal. J.J. has a great arm, a decent glove and a passable corner infield-caliber bat.

    Anything that send Weeks packing either in 2009 or 2010 is a plan that works IMO.

  6. Chris in PA Says:


  7. scottagecheese Says:


    Let’s send Hart or Weeks, and Hall packing. Sign Eric Brynes and see if he can play center or right (instead of his leftfield position). I love that guy. He’s a hustler who had a tough season this past year (injuries too). He would bring great work ethic to the club and provide a great base runner. Remember him stealing with ease when Lazy Bean was catching (estrada)? The guy can still play.

    I think Hart is a flop. Screw him and his good first half. Hall is horrid and Weeks is weak (get it?). I am going to the game now and scream and yell so that I lose my voice for game 4. Go Crew!

  8. Joe Says:

    Wow. Hart’s a flop? In the second half? Definitely. His career? Ridiculous. Jumping a bit soon on that one. Hart is here to stay, as is Hall. Who’s going to take his salary?

  9. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    Tyler- Thanks for the credit, buddy.

    I’m hoping JJ is a brewer for life… at 3rd.

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