Well, That Sucked

I felt real good with CC coming to the mound tonight. I felt like I split in Philly would set the Brewers up nicely. They’d have two games in Milwaukee and CC would pitch Game 5 if it was necessary.

It looked like the big guy just ran out of gas. He was clearly not himself. It’s understandable. It certainly has to wear on a pitcher to always be THE guy, the stopgap that HAS to get the win… Not to mention the whole pitching on three days rest four times in a row thing…

The really disappointing thing for me though is that the game came down to just one big inning again. In two games, the Brewers have held the Phillies scoreless for 14 of the 16 innings they’ve played (the Phillies haven’t hit in the ninth in either game). On Wednesday, they allowed three unearned runs because of two horrible defensive miscues on one play and another would-be catch that wasn’t made. Today, CC gave up a grand slam to Shane Victorino of all people in a five-run inning. Just disappointing…

As great as CC has been, it sucks that this was in all likelihood be his last game in a Brewers uni. Despite only pitching in 18 games for Milwaukee, he certainly did not leave any shortage of great moments here. I will forever be a huge CC fan, wherever he winds up.

The bullpen has been outstanding. Nice to see, despite the lack of Ws in the first two games.

Unfortunately, the Brewers’ bats remain quiet. It’s hard to believe the team fell so far from their hot August in such a quick amount of time and just never came back. I can’t explain it, but it’s clearly been the team’s achilles heel.

And Corey Hart… What can you say? Would it be possible to be more horrible than he has been? A bases loaded double play? Seriously? Could you please just continue to strike out by missing the ball by two feet? How is he still in the line-up? What happened to him after the All-Star Break? Just totally miffed by Corey… Who are you? The player we voted into the All-Star Game or this useless hack of a player that criticizes his own fans that we’re watching now?

Well, we got what we wanted. Playoff baseball for the Brewers. It hasn’t been everything we dreamed it would be, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have fun Saturday at Miller. Let’s go out there, cheer this team on to their first postseason victory in 26 years and pray for the most improbable of comebacks. There’s still some time to enjoy this.

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11 Responses to “Well, That Sucked”

  1. Thorzul Says:

    Holy crap, that first at bat by Hart was the worst thing I ever witnessed on a baseball diamond! Myers was clearly starting to have control problems, so what does he do? Work the count a little bit, maybe? No, he swings at the first pitch like he’s sitting in a batting cage.

    I just want one thing to cheer for from this series, and I think it can still happen. Saturday optimism all the way!

  2. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    “Well, we got what we wanted. Playoff baseball for the Brewers. It hasn’t been everything we dreamed it would be, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have fun Saturday at Miller.”

    - That’s what I’ve been reminding my self. I’m upset that I know that the Crew could have had both games of the series if not for blunders, but honestly, I’m just happy that we made it. Is that a sort of pathetic outlook? Shouldn’t I expect more? Yes and yes… but no. When the last time your favorite team was even in the playoffs was when you were a 3-week-pld infant, you’ll take this year as a happy memory.

    BTW- Next years rotation IMH0-

    2)Manny PARRA!
    5)Suppan… 0r perhap a free-agent that doesn’t suck

  3. Chris in PA Says:

    Yeah, awesome performance from Hart.

    Why is Mike Cameron getting a pass in this series? The guy has been a joke. Flat out joke to watch.

    CC is human, after all. It happens. I still love you, and legitimately think we can make a play for him in the offseason. At least YOU have heart…which brings me to…

    Ben Sheets - thank you for absolutely nothing. I appreciate it big guy. I’m sure your wallet will thank you, and hey, that’s what’s most important, right?

    Win or lose, this team made great strides this year and we got IN the postseason. There is surely some work to be done on this team in the offseason, but there is no reason why we can’t be right back next year. Look no further than the Phils as an example. Completely embarrassed last year by the Rockies in the first round, and now this year look like seasoned vets to our nervous nellies.

  4. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    I agree that Cameron has had a rough series… But what i can N0T stand is all the shit-talking about him from my friends.. “he’s terrible, Harts better, blah blah blah”.

    Hart is N0T better, Cameron’s the best CF we’ve had since either Yount or Darryl Hamilton (you can laugh, but Hamilton was good), and god damn it he has done exactly what he was signed to do. Play above-average D and hit about 260 and 20 dingers. Every Brewer has pissed down their leg save for Yo, Durham, and the bullpen, so… Yah.

  5. D'Amico's one good year Says:


    Not directed at you, Chris.

  6. Chris in PA Says:

    D’Amico, it’s all good brother.

    I should have prefaced my frustration with Cameron by saying that I actually like him. And I like him quite a bit. That’s what’s making his play even more difficult to take, for me personally. Corey Hart, I’m ambivalent, but I generally feel he is a dope. And when he took shots at the Milwaukee fans, I lost ANY shred of likeability for him.

  7. Joe Says:

    I hope the Matt Cain rumors (not the one about Fielder and Hardy and maybe another for Cain, which is ridiculous. Petter Gammons is a moron) are true. I’d love to have that guy with Parra and Yo.

  8. D'Amico's one good year Says:

    Joe- Who’d we give up, then? I’m ok with Fielder, as I feel he’ll leave anyway, but I want to keep JJ. Future 3rd Baseman, FTW!

    Chris- The thing about “Corey Hart” (if that’s his real name) is that even if he’d have stayed quiet, I’d be on his ass right now. He’s SUCKED since the All-Star game. It’s Fukudomeian.

  9. Kevin Says:

    Hello. Just wanted to say I like your work. I started catching it over at The Launching Pad. I’m actually your NLDS counterpart over there. Tough break for the Brewers so far. All they need to focus on now is just winning game three. Worry about game four after that. One game at a time is the way to go in the playoffs. I’m still not exactly ready to call this series over.

  10. Joe Says:

    D’Amico-I’m not sure. I think a Fielder for Cain straight up is arguably fair. Personally, I think it’d probably have to involve Fielder. I’m sure that the Brewers would consider shopping Weeks, but who knows what else they’d have to throw in to get Cain. Plus, they still highly value Weeks. (when do you give up?) Bill Hall won’t be dealt because of his money. I’m willing to bet JJ and Hart (to somes dismay) are untouchable. We’ll just have to wait. There have just been a lot of rumors involving Cain and the Brewers in the last few months. Do note: I did say that Peter Gammons rumor of Fielder+JJ+(possibly) others is the most ridiculous rumor I’ve possible ever heard. Well, besides Johnny Rivers fighting an alien or Jared having a “natural” baseball swing.

  11. D'Amico's one good year Says:


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