Hump Day Heckler, the Views On Playoff Baseball by an Able Bodied Elated Heckler.

I waited 22 years for that? Oh well, it was pretty fun while it lasted. No, but I’m seriously, the Brewers have dug themselves in a pretty significant hole. In my opinion, the first game in a 5 game set is the worst to lose. It is by no means a done deal, but now the Crew must win 3-4 games to advance. If the Brewers can take it to 5, they will be sitting in the Catbird’s seat. The Phillies are an offensive force, but two games against Carsten Charles usually end up as two L’s. So it is pretty much contingent on game 3. Will Suppan/Bush/McClung have what it takes to get us in position to send Sabathia out for the second time? I hope so.

They had a chance to win today; Yovani wasn’t exactly Yovani, but Weeks’ costly error and Cameron’s “Gold Glove” leather proved too much to overcome against a filthy Hamels. That all being said, you can’t really expect too much when the opposition has a dealer like King Cole on the bump.

I try to refrain from piling up on Richard Weeks with Heckler posts, I thought the verbal beat downs he was accumulating from every other blogger on the web would suffice. But I can’t cork this turd any longer.

 What is the deal with this hack? How could the Brewers peg this guy so wrong? Out of all the Baby Brewers Melvin drafted, why was this pillow biter the one who received a major league contract? 3N2 is probably rolling in their fiscal grave right now. They were probably excited to get a “budding superstar” to sign a shoe deal with them. 5 years later, they are still as obscure as Rickie’s power numbers. Somebody lost his or her job on that one.

 I realize that these takes aren’t exactly fresh; Rickie huffing dong is nothing new. I just question why they insist he play in the playoffs. He always chokes in clutch situations, in the field especially. Whether it’s botching a double play ball, booting a grounder, or missing easy PO’s by tossing a lollipop 30 ft. over Fielder’s dome. The only thing you can depend on him for is being not very good. At all. What I am trying to say is that he sucks I guess. For lack of better words, he sucks big wiener. 

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3 Responses to “Hump Day Heckler, the Views On Playoff Baseball by an Able Bodied Elated Heckler.”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Nice post. Best of all, you kept it clean and sans penile reference.

    If we had to pay Timm Horn a nickel every time we’ve said “huff dong” over the past 8 years, he’d be rich enough to buy happiness.

  2. Joe Says:

    Ouch. Low blow. Hendo tell you to write that? ha

  3. Tyler Says:

    Remark aside, I’ve gotten considerable play out of the term “huff dong.” I bet I’ll still be saying it when I’m into my 60s.

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