Thoughts On Game 1

I just got done watching the game and its tough to come away with much positive. The pitching, especially the bullpen, looked really solid. Carlos Villanueva looked awesome. Manny Parra, Mitch Stetter and Guillermo Mota also helped towards the bullpens scoreless outing. Gallardo wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either. He didn’t get his curve ball working early in the game, but what really hurt was his control. He just couldn’t place his fastball the way he needs to.

The Crew managed to make it exciting in the ninth, butthe Phillies certainly looked like the better team today. Though the Crew’s pitching staff was solid, giving up no earned runs, Cole Hamels was ridiculous today. He had his change-up working hard. In fact, I believe John Smoltz commented on how it was the best he’s seen Hamels throw it. The Phillies weren’t very good at the plate but showed better discipline than the Brewers and had better at bats. What really killed the Crew was poor defense, specifically in the third inning. Bill Hall bobbled the Hamels’ bunt that could have yielded a double play. Then Rickie Weeks dropping the throw to first was, more or less, the back breaker. Mike Cameron had a chance to make a solid play on Chase Utley’s liner but misplayed the ball and just couldn’t quite make up for the poor route to the ball. The Phillies played very sold defense and had pretty impressive plays by Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Pedro Feliz.

The Brewers need to win the game tomorrow with CC Sabathia on the mound. It’s rare that a team comes back to win a divisional series after losing game one much less after going down 0-2. With Brett Myers on the mound, I’m hoping the hitters can put together some patient, solid at bats. If they can do that, I think they’ll score enough to win with CC on the mound. Let’s go get game two!

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