“The Maniac” Interview

RFB's Johnny with "The Maniac"

Robert T. Beaudoin, a.k.a. “The Maniac,” was kind enough to answer some questions for Right Field Bleachers. Beaudoin is well-known for his unique cheering style and boundless enthusiasm for the Brew Crew. The longtime Brewer fanatic talks about his love for the Crew, how he became “The Maniac” and what the Brewers need to do down the stretch.

You went to most of the games this past week, right? That had to have been a pretty tough stretch to go through. I know it was tough watching most of those games from home.

Yes. I had the whole week off of work last week and went to all the games vs. the NY Mets and San Diego. I felt we could have won a few of those games. Our Brewers need to start winning now.

But the season so far has been exciting. Have you enjoyed seeing playoff-caliber baseball for the first time in a long time in Milwaukee?

Yes. This has been the most exciting season at Miller Park ever. At County Stadium, the last exciting year was 1992.

How long have you been going to Brewers games? And do you have a favorite game
of all time?

I’ve been going to games at County Stadium and Miller Park combined for 20 years. Although we lost that game, my most memorable moment was September 9, 1992, when my all-time favorite Brewer, Robin Yount, hit his 3,000th career base hit.

When did you become “The Maniac”? And what is the story behind it?

I started out as a nobody in September 1988. It took some years to develop my style of cheering, as well as becoming “The Maniac.” Some like the way I cheer for the Brewers and some don’t. In the 1990s is when I became famous. I was on TV a lot for a lot of things such as for my headbanging days on the fence in the County Stadium bleachers. I used to wear a major league helmet on my head and banged my head on the fence whenever the Brewers scored a run. Not in a negative way, but in a positive way. For doing the Macarena in front of millions of people in 1996. LOL! That was fun. I’ve been to a lot of season ticket luncheons since I first became a season seat holder in 1994. I’ve been to the Diamond Dinners back when they had them at the Pfister Hotel. In May 1997, from a Brewer Wives raffel, I won an autographed bat from Jesse Levis. In June 1997, I was interviewed by Fox 6. In June 2000, I tried to do a frisbee toss for trips and stunk at that. LOL! At least I got two in. In July 2002, I went to the All-Star game. The ending of the game may have been controversial, but I enjoyed the experience. In August 2003, Game Day host Ginger Jordan named me “Fan of the Game,” an honor that I’ll never forget.

Is there any significance to the number 94?

The # 94 stands for my home on 94th and Bluemound.

Have you always been so animated at games?

Other than what I stated in #4, I like to get as crazy as I want to be, and like to get into the game as I like to be.

Have the fans been more into the games this season than in past years?

Of all the years I’ve been to games, the fans this year have been very supportive and into it more that I’ve seen.

You watch quite a few games from the right field bleachers. Is that your favorite spot to catch a game? If not, where is your favorite section to watch a game?

Yes. It’s my Saturday-Plus seat (20 gamer) in the Field Bleachers, where I’m at every Saturday plus some night games. I also have a Sunday-Plus seat (20 gamer) in the Club Level and a 4-gamer in the GEHL Club.

We’re in the home stretch. There are less than 20 games left and the Brewers are holding onto a three-game lead in the Wild Card race. Do you think the Brewers will reach the postseason? If so, how far do you think they’ll go in the playoffs?

I think we can make it to the playoffs. But, our Brewers need to start winning now! After this homestand, the final road stint at Philadelphia, Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati will be a test. Our Brewers cannot afford a bad road trip. If that happens, the chances of making the playoffs will look bad. Let’s hope for the best. Thanks!

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2 Responses to ““The Maniac” Interview”

  1. Johnny Says:

    We both got mobbed by chicks after that photo.

  2. Tyler Says:

    The M should be a K there, right Johnny?

    Or was that another game I’m thinking of. Regardless, when you and Maniac get together, only sexy things can happen.