Evan Frederickson Interview

Evan Frederickson

With the 35th overall pick in the First Round (Comp. Round A) of the 2008 MLB First Year Player Draft, the Milwaukee Brewers selected pitcher Evan Frederickson. The 6′6” southpaw pitched at the University of San Francisco this season and went 5-3 and with 109 strikeouts in just 75.1 innings of work. He was the first collegiate player selected by the Brewers in the ‘08 draft and he could be the first of the 54 players Brewers selections to make it to the show.

But perhaps most notable, Evan Frederickson is the first player to be interviewed for our Web site.

Right Field Bleachers: First, congratulations on being drafted on Thursday. But this wasn’t your first time being drafted. How does it feel to not only be drafted again, but to be drafted significantly earlier than you were by Minnesota (27th Round) in 2005?

Evan Frederickson: As you can probably guess, it was a great feeling to hear my name called on ESPN so early. Based on this year’s result, it was definitely the right decision to not sign in 2005 and go on to play college ball, although during my first two years at Virginia Tech I sometimes wondered if I had made the right decision.

RFB: Do you plan to sign with the Brewers, or have you already?

EF: I have every expectation to sign soon, but I’ll leave it up to the Brewers to announce it when it occurs.

RFB: Beyond enabling you to be selected earlier this season, what were some of the other benefits of your decision to attend college instead of joining the Twins?

EF: Based on my experiences in college, I can look back now and know that I’ve matured in the past three years and am more ready and focused to start my career, including having a better mental and physical routine for baseball, and simple things like living on my own, cooking, and washing clothes

RFB: Looking back, were you happy you went to school instead of straight to the minors?

EF: Yeah I’m definitely happy that I went to school, not only that I improved my draft position, but that I didn’t miss out on the college experience.

RFB: Speaking of school, what led you to transfer to the University of San Francisco from Virginia Tech prior to your Junior season? Was playing time (56.2 innings in first two seasons) a factor, and did the move work out as well as you’d hoped?

EF: To put it simply, I wasn’t pitching as well as I knew I’m capable of, so a major change was needed. In the summer I started looking for a new place to play with the quality of pitching coach and the program the major factors. Brian Anderson, teammate and friend from the past two summer years of summer ball, frequently spoke highly of Greg Moore, the Dons pitching coach. My summer Coach, Sal Colangelo, knew Coach Moore as well and was also very enthusiastic about his character and approach.

Towards the end of summer ball, Coach Moore flew out to see me pitch. We met the night before my start for dinner, and after talking pitching for hours, I knew I wanted to pitch for him. In fact our conversation carried over to my start the next day and I believe was a big reason that outing was by far my best of the summer. The playing time at Virginia Tech was not a factor. Overall the move to San Francisco worked out as best as I could have hoped for and it was the right decision.

RFB: I noticed you pitched a lot more in San Francisco. I also read an article that credits the move to USF as helping you regain your confidence and improving your accuracy. Why is that?

EF: Moving to USF definitely helped regain my confidence and accuracy. Coach Moore was a big reason for that, as well as just a change of scenery and a ton of hard work. Also, my catcher Ryan Lipkin stuck all of my pitches as well as I’ve ever been caught. It helps a ton having a solid catcher behind the dish.

RFB: Have you ever been to Wisconsin? If not, what do you know about it?

EF: My first visit to Wisconsin was the Saturday before the draft for a workout at Miller Park. My first experience in Wisconsin was definitely a positive one.

RFB: Tell about yourself. What do you do for fun? What are your interests?

EF: Unfortunately, I spend most of my time training in some way or recovering from working out. In the free time I do have, I like to play poker and hang out with friends. I also take on all challengers in ping pong.

RFB: When are you to report to the minors? Which club?

EF: I’m not sure quite yet.

RFB: When will you know you’ve finally arrived as a big leaguer?

EF: I’d have to say sitting in the Brewers’ locker room putting on the uniform for the first time.

- Interview by Tyler Maas


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