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RFB’s Third Annual First Pitch THIS Friday!

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Baseball is finally back.

And what better way to kick off another Brewers season than a night of booze, great live music and dirt cheap shirts? That was a trick question. There is no better way.

This Friday, for the affordable cover price of FREE, you can ring in a new baseball season with fellow Brewers fans. Beyond Right Field Bleachers selling its remaining shirt stock for $3 per shirt (or two for $5), some of RFB’s favorite bands will be on hand to perform:

SUNDAY FLOOD - Appleton rock, Blueworm Records
THE RESPONSE - Milwaukee’s own
DROP DEAD GIANTS - Oshkosh rockers
SCARLET ESCAPE - Original lineup reunion

Show starts at 10 p.m. sharp at Maritime Tavern, 336 W. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton, WI.

Check out the Facebook event page HERE.

See you there!

RFB Bracket Challenge Update

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

After the first two rounds, Bobby Modlinski leads the RFB Bracket Challenge with 47 points and 37 games correctly picked out of 48. Lukas Knepfel is in second with a score of 44. Dave Gahagan and Ryan Stone are tied for third with a score of 43. Justin Hull, who is currently in sixth, has the highest “Best Score” with a possibility to get 161 points. Knepfel, Gahagan, Stone and Hull all have Kentucky winning the final.

Of the 82 entered brackets, 43 people chose Kansas as their champion. Whoops… The next highest pick for the champ was Kentucky with 14. Two people picked Wisconsin and one picked Baylor.

As far as our “celebrity” picks go, here’s a rundown:

10. Scott Segrin of In-Between Hops - 40 points with Ohio State as his winner

21. Chris Mehring, the Timber Rattlers announcer - 39/Kansas

30. Cory Melvin, son of Doug/Brewers scout - 38/Kansas

30. Jared RFB, me - 38/Duke

30. Joe RFB - 38/Kansas

30. Kyle Lobner of Brew Crew Ball - 38/Kansas

40. Sam Brylski a.k.a super poster sbrylski06 - 37/Kansas

40. Tyler RFB/Doctors of Za - 37/West Virginia

51. Bryan RFB - 36/Kansas

58. Adam McCalvy of - 35/Duke

58. Nicole Haase of Cute Sports - 35/Kansas

58. Ross Salchow of Milwaukee Shirt Guys - 35/Kentucky

69. Brae Wright of the Milwaukee Brewers minor-league system - 33/Kentucky

83. Jeff Cirillo, Brewer legend - 0/- (Didn’t enter bracket)

83. Johnny RFB - 0/- (Didn’t enter bracket)

83. Kade Connell a.k.a. RFB commenter Kade in Dubuque - 0/- (Didn’t enter bracket)

N/A. Trenni Kusnierek, former FSN Wisconsin reporter, now MLB Network reporter - No show

N/A. Joshua Kusnick, agent of many Brewers minor leaguers - No show

My bracket is all but hopeless with three of my Final Four teams out. I still have my champion in the running (Duke), but with Kansas getting upset, my homer pick losing (Wisconsin) and my upset special only winning one game (BYU), it doesn’t look good.

How does your bracket look?

Ueck’s lists keeps growing; gets honored by WWE

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I don’t know if anyone else put this up, but it’s worth a view:
Bob Uecker will be going into WWE’s Hall of Fame for his broadcasting work on Wrestlemania III and IV. Vince McMahon points to the scene where Andre the Giant puts his hands on Uecker as a “classic” pop culture moment. Bob will be inducted with “The Million Dollar Man” (Which doesn’t seem that excessive anymore, huh?)

Two Movie Stars Slumming in the WWE...

…by the way, did anyone else catch Uecker riffing with Bob Costas last weekend? It was a treat, especially with the always perfect Costas having fun with Uecker making calls like “Some guy in a Giants uniform hit it to some guy in a Brewers uniform and there are two outs!” Later Bob stated that they won’t be around in a couple weeks anyway, so it wasn’t important to get the names right. They also told stories about each other and I learned that Uecker gets calls and texts from Costas on a seemingly regular basis.

Still Time to Join the RFB Bracket Challenge!

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

There is still time to join the Right Field Bleachers Bracket Challenge. And we’ve added a few more names you’ll recognize to the pool of players.

For some background on our NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket competition, visit this post.

Here are the new notable commits:

  • Son of The ‘Stache/Brewers Scout Cory Melvin (Marquette grad, likely Golden Eagle fan)
  • reporter Adam McCalvy (a graduate of Wisconsin, probable Badger backer)
  • Kyle Lobner of Brew Crew Ball (Drake grad and lives in Iowa so possibly a Missouri Valley Conference basketball fan? University of Northern Illinois backer? EDIT: Kyle informs us he’s a Wisconsin native, is back in America’s Dairyland and is a big-time Badger backer)
  • Nicole Haase of Cute Sports (Based on blog posts, a fan of both Wisconsin and Marquette)

And they’re joining some noteworthy early commits:

  • Brewer Legend Jeff Cirillo (Went to USC, but they’re not in… Possibly a Pac-10 fan? Cal? Washington?)
  • MLB Network Personality Trenni Kusnierek (Marquette homer)
  • Brewer Minor Leaguer Brae Wright (Went to Oklahoma State, probably a Cowboys fan)
  • Agent Joshua Kusnick, who represents several Brewers minor leaguers (Florida State alum, likely Seminole backer)

To join, click on this link:

Enter this password: rightfield

We’re still chasing a few more possible celebrity entries so watch for those. And spread the word. The more, the merrier.

Good luck!

Right Field Bleachers Bracket Challenge

Friday, March 12th, 2010

The Brewers are the focus here at Right Field Bleachers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate other athletic pursuits (or at least the athletic pursuits of others…). And after however many years we’ve been running this ragtag operation, we’ve finally managed to find a way to (very loosely) connect the Brewers with one of our other favorite sports — college basketball.

We’ve put together a bracket competition for the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament. Sure, that alone has absolutely nothing to do with the Brewers, you’ve probably been invited to 5,000 of these already and almost all of those other NCAA tournament challenges are probably more lucrative too (since there is no entry fee and no money or prizes at all in ours), but can you test your college hoops knowledge against a handful of Brewers-related celebrities in those? Didn’t think so.

We’re still working on utilizing some of our vast network of Brewers connections (read: next to none) to try to pull in a few more Brewers-related celebrities, but we’ve already got a few nice names on the list. Here are the early commits:

  • Brewer Legend Jeff Cirillo (Went to USC, but they’re not getting in… Possibly a Pac-10 fan? Cal? Washington?)
  • MLB Network Personality Trenni Kusnierek (Marquette homer)
  • Brewer Minor Leaguer Brae Wright (Went to Oklahoma State, probably a Cowboys fan)
  • Agent Joshua Kusnick, who represents several Brewers minor leaguers (Florida State alum, likely Seminole backer)

If you want to be able to tell your friends you schooled Rillo in the RFB Bracket Challenge, you’re going to have to get in while we still have spots. Here’s what to do:

Click on this link:

Enter this password: rightfield

And after the seeds are announced on Sunday, you can fill out your bracket.

Then check back here for updates throughout the tournament. And talk some smack in the comments. Everybody loves NCAA Bracket Guy.

Good luck!

Feel Good Inc - Capuano

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

In feel good news, Chris Capuano pitched today and threw back-to-back strikeouts in a Brewers uni for the first time since September 28, 2007. That’s two years and 159 days. The non-roster invite is trying to prove to everyone he can still pitch, but even if he doesn’t make it, that still has to feel good.

Insomniac Ink