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In the News (6/1)

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Sunday’s Game: Brewers 5, Reds 2

Record: 30-20, First Place

- The Brewers scored two in the first and one in the second to set the tone.

- Yovanni Gallardo’s pitch count got high, but he pitched 5 1/3, allowing two runs (one earned) and striking out nine.

- Mike Cameron went 2-4 with a home run, his second in two games. He’s hot again.

- Cameron committed an error when Braun didn’t get out of the way on a fly ball. It was a tough error for Cam as Braun should have let Cameron catch the ball, but instead nearly ran into him causing Mike to drop the ball.

- Mat Gamel had two hits in the game and will remain with the team through the interleague games at least.

- Trevor Hoffman remained perfect and got the save on his bobblehead day. Here’s some video of his entrance and the save.

- Peter Gammons says Trevor Hoffman has stabilized the Milwaukee bullpen:

- The Brewers reached 30 wins quicker than they ever have in franchise history.

- This is the first time the Brewers swept the Reds in Milwaukee since July 3-5, 2006.

- Reds’ second baseman Brandon Phillips is one of my least favorite players in the game, mostly because he’s always talking and generally being a dick. Well, he struck again:

“I feel we’re a better team than the Brewers,” he said. “We lost because they did the little things and we didn’t do the little things. They’re a good team, but this should never have happened.”


“Hey, they’re a good team, but we’re better.”

Nope. You’re not better. You just got swept convincingly. Shut your mouth and get out of town. We’ll see you again in late August when your team will inevitably be out of the playoff race…

- Some post-game audio.

Brewers News

- Keep in mind that Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe  seems to be wrong far, far, far more than he’s right, but he’s reporting that teams are asking about Corey Hart and that the Brewers could move him for a starting pitcher. Cafardo says the Tigers, Giants and Red Sox have scouted him. Since the Brewers would have no legitimate replacement for him (on the team now or ready to come up from the minors), I sincerely doubt they’d consider moving Hart. Plus, the pitching has been very good and if another arm is needed, they have Seth McClung ready to slide in.

- Russell Branyan is having a career year and could be available via trade. Would the Brewers be interested? Unlikely… But that doesn’t mean I won’t dream of The Muscle in Brewer Blue again.

- If the Reds fall out of contention, would they look to trade Aaron Harang? And would  the Brewers be interested?

- Danny Knobbler of CBS Sports says the Brewers will probably be active in the trade market this season.

- The Brewers have FINALLY figured out how to handle Trevor Hoffman’s entrance.

- Manny Parra’s start to the ‘09 season looks a lot like his start to his ‘08 season, except a little better… It’s frustrating watching Parra pitch because it’s easy to see that he has very good “stuff,” but can’t quite seem to put it all together. We have to be patient with him though as lefties mature a little slower and he is in just his second full season in the bigs.

- The Brew Town Beat asks for some love for the NL’s leading RBI man, Prince Fielder.

- Todd Coffey continues being awesome. There’s some background on the Ultimate Warrior theme song music choice.

- Many, including me, were skeptical of the choice of Bill Castro as the pitching coach at the beginning of the year. So far, I have had no reason to second guess the decision…

- Brewers third base coach Brad Fischer is “living out a dream” as he gets to be a coach on his home-state team.

- Al’s Ramblings points out how spectacular Carlos Villanueva has been since a bumpy start. He hasn’t been quite as good as Al pointed out though, he gave up two runs on May 1. He was not scored upon the rest of the month though.

- Macha is not sure who will hit leadoff against lefties. He hinted it could be Casey McGehee.

- Rickie Weeks will rehab his injury at home. Prince suggests he’ll try to make it back at the end of this season like Gallardo did last year.

Minor Leagues

- The Timber Rattlers swept the West Michigan Whitecaps this weekend. It was the first time an Appleton baseball team swept the Whitecaps in Comstock Park since the Whitecaps joined the Midwest League in 1994.

- Alcides Escobar will not be starting at second for the Brewers. He has moved back to shortstop at Nashville.

- The Brewers could add some pitching to the system in the MLB draft next week.

- Justin’s Brewers Blog takes a look at how the Brewers minor leaguers have done so far this season.

- At the Old Ball Game takes a look at the first third of the Sounds’ season.

- Pitcher Mark Holliman, a minor-league Rule 5 Draft choice, is “starting over” with the Stars.

NL Central

- Cardinals shortstop Khalil Greene was sent to the DL as he battles social anxiety disorder. I wish him the best in his recovery. It sounds like a tough spot to be in.

- Roy Oswalt could be hoping for a trade out of Houston. And he is apparently not interested in pitching for the White Sox.

- Jose Valverde is making some progress in his rehab from a calf strain.

- The Cubs will be replacing their oft-beaten Gatorade machine.

- Alfonso Soriano has a sore knee.

- Edinson Volquez is set to return today.

Other News

- Worst case scenario. Tony Gwynn Jr. has started out OK in San Diego so the Brewers fans that held onto the idea that TGJ should have been the future leadoff hitter/centerfielder on the Brewers will bitch. Look, the guys’ upside is a below-average starter or fourth outfielder. The trade was excellent.

- Joe Morgan drinks on the job? That would help explain all of the stupid things he says.

Weekend at Bernie’s

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Do you like In the News, but find yourself falling asleep at your desk by the time you get to the 40th link in the Minor Leagues? Allow me to introduce RFB’s newest whenever I feel like posting something on the weekend-type link dump.

It’s to be short, disorganized and lazy. But it’s a post on a Saturday. Enjoy it, all dozen of you reading.

Things I was e-mailed links to

- Brewers Bar selected high school pitcher David Hobgood at No. 26 in the MVN Mock Draft. He explains his reasoning.

- More Hardball asks which team has the best outfield in baseball. They’ve narrowed down the choices to five teams, including Milwaukee. At the time of this post, Milwaukee ranks 4th with 6 percent of the (32 total) votes. If you feel lame enough, let us unite and bring home this meaningless and undeserved victory for the Brewers! LET’S DO THIS SHIT!!! You know, or not. Whatever.

- Major League Jerk likens AL West teams to sitcoms. I have a soft spot in my heart for posts that corelate baseball things to non-baseball things.

Other things

- Mark Townsend names Bugs & Cranks’ Fan of the Week. Surprise! It’s some choad Cubs fan in a Batman suit.

- Why AT&T Park Sucks.

- Now that Brett Myers is done for the season, will the annoying Jake Peavy trade rumors funnel from Milwaukee to Philly? I sure as Abraham hope so.

- Miller Park Drunk hates on Remetee. I wholeheartedly agree.

- Clint Hurdle’s out of the Rockie dugout. Get it? You just got double entendre’d!

Do you know what appears on the top row when you Google image search ”Right Field Bleachers Jared”? I do… it’s this:

“The Breuben” - a brat and reuben hybrid. 

Have a good weekend.

Drink Up and… AWW!!! SICK!!!

Friday, May 29th, 2009

In the immortal words of the Backstreet Boys “Oh my God, we’re back again!” Our own Jared and Bryan joined forces to totally double-stuff another “Out of Right Field” at The Daily Drink.

In it, they speak the sweet gospel of: • Baked Beans, • Cornrows, • Craigy McCounsell, • Childhood recollections of B.J. (Surhoff), • Nerdy Bobblehead Fuckers.

Read it HERE.

UPDATE: I almost forgot I had no shame. When you’re done reading the newest “Out of Right Field,” I recommend taking a look at Photoshops I made of Todd Coffey and former Brewers slugger Matt Stairs. And consider buying a Right Field Bleachers shirt before we, too, are sold to Fiat.

In the News (5/29)

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Thursday’s Game: OFF
Record: 27-20, Second Place

Brewers News

- Chris Capuano IS COMING BACK!!! Eventually. The southpaw has eliminated timetables, but looks to make an impact sometime before season’s end. I think many fans forget him when looking over the state of Milwaukee’s rotation.

- Fangraphs revisits the Gwynn/Gerut deal. The Brewers still win.

- Miller Park Drunk wonders where the love for Prince Fielder is.

- Brewers fans are drinking the all-star Kool-Aid, reports some Bleacher Report writer. This Brewers fan could care less about the all-star game as long as fan voting still exists.

- Windell Middlebrooks “The High Life Guy” will throw out the first pitch in Saturday’s game. Am I the only one who saw him on “Parks and Recreation” a few weeks back?

- Trevor Hoffman apparently rules off the mound too.

- I hate to say it, but this raises a good point. I love Milwaukee’s loyalty in fan voting… but fan voting in general keeps players with numbers like Raul Ibanez’s out of the mid-summer classic.

- CZWIEF says no to Jake Peavy. Agreed.

- Tim Seeman, not to be confused with the Tim Ceman RFB Johnny and I went to high school with, considers Dave Bush to be Milwaukee’s silent ace. Ace? Maybe not. Hell of a pitcher? No question.

- A Brewers-related ghost story.

- Sheffield’s House doesn’t see any Peavy deal in Milwaukee’s future – but possibly an Erik Bedard deal.

- Winks Thinks… something about Peavy.

Minor Leagues

- Nope.

NL Central

- The Pirates and Astros have less than 10% chance to make the playoffs, according to this post.

- Bad news for the rest of the NL Central, Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit has been cleared to resume baseball activities.

- Good news for the rest of the NL Central, Carlos Zambrano has been suspended for six games after his tirade Wedneday.

- Richard Justice thinks the time for Houston to fire Cecil Cooper might be now.

- The Cubs are looking for hitting. WOW look at those big names!?!

Other News

- A hole tore in the universe Thursday when one former Brewers pitcher was optioned to the minors to make room for another. Cleveland sent down Zach Jackson and called up Tomo Okha – two guys I pull for. More HERE.

- Russell Branyan continues to tear the cover off the ball. Keep it up, Russ.

- Branyan’s GM Jack Zjeegfsgsfdslfjshfailk is in no hurry to trade away his team.

- Our guy Jack is featured at Beyond the Box Score. Keep those complicated, detailed and quality goodies coming.

In the News (5/28)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Wednesday’s Game: Cardinals 3, Brewers 2

Record: 27-20, Second Place

- Manny Parra pitched 6 2/3 innings and gave up three runs to earn a quality start, but he also took the loss.

- More video highlights HERE.

- Ryan Braun returned to the lineup after getting hit in the wrist on Tuesday, but he went 0-4.

- J.J. Hardy returned from his back spasm issues and went 3-5, but grounded out to end the game.

- Frank Catalanotto went 2-3 with both Brewer RBIs on a triple.

- Where has the Brewers offense gone? The team simply is not swinging their bats well right now. More HERE.

- Some post-game audio.

Brewers News

- Corey Hart knows he sucks right now. Hopefully getting a few off days will help him get his head straight.

- Todd Coffey’s sprinting entrance is bad ass. And he has apparently added the Ultimate Warrior’s theme song to his entrance, which only makes it more BA.

- The Cardinals/Brewers match-up is turning into a heated rivalry, according to Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal.

- Padres assistant Paul DePodesta discusses the Tony Gwynn Jr./Jody Gerut trade from the Padres perspective. Basically, it was a way for the Padres to cut some payroll…

- The Brewers get mentioned as a possible destination for Mark DeRosa again. Freddy Sanchez is also mentioned as an option.

- The Brewers could be interested in Brad Penny, but I sure hope they’re not foolish enough to consider giving up Angel Salome for him… Penny is certainly not an ace-caliber pitcher anymore and the team could have signed him this offseason if they were interested. Melvin will not give up a highly regarded catching prospect who is nearly MLB ready for Penny.

- Several opposing teams have apparently been haunted at the Pfister Hotel. So, we can assume the ghosts there are Brewers fans?

- More Hardball says Kendall is probably not a Hall of Famer, but is “a damn fine catcher nonetheless.”

- Braun’s throwing a party (h/t Brew Crew Ball):

Minor Leagues

- The Amateur Softball Association of America named Brett Lawrie’s sister, Danielle, the top collegiate softball player. She plays for Washington.

NL Central

- Zambrano being Zambrano:

Imagine how good this guy could be if he learned how to control his emotions… Thank God he can’t seem to do it. Carlos Zambrano absolutely lost it after a close play at the plate, bumped the umpire, was tossed, threw the umpire out of the game, screamed, threw a baseball into the outfield and smashed a Gatorade machine with a bat. You truly are an epic headcase, Carlos. And he should be seeing a fairly lengthy suspension for that tirade.

- The Cubs are a bunch of whiny, uncontrollable douchebags. This is not news. Everyone knew this.

- Cubs GM Jim Hendry defends the Mark DeRosa trade. I still say it was stupid…

- MLB wants the Cubs to hurry up and finish their sale.

- The Reds swept Houston and the Astros have lost seven in a row. I think this says more about how much Houston sucks than it does about how good the Reds are.

- Khalil Greene could be headed to the DL with anxiety related issues.

- Gerry Fraley on says the Cardinals are a “different team with healthy Carpenter.” Really? Do you think a guy that is Cy Young caliber when healthy helps the team when he’s healthy? That’s a pretty big leap… In other news, my car runs better when there is gas in it.

- Pirates pitcher Ian Snell says stupid things… (You can add his comments about Braun earlier this season to the list…)

- Pirates closer Matt Capps could be back from injury this weekend.

Other News

- Former Brewer Russell Branyan is a blossoming star at age 33… I love seeing The Muscle playing well. I hope he can keep it up.

- Former Brewer Keith Ginter is not only (surprisingly) still playing baseball, he’s raking. He is hitting .400/.451/.600 in 75 at-bats this month for the White Sox AAA team. He has not played in the majors since 2005.

- Former Brewer Eric Gagne says he’d welcome a return to the Dodgers.

- Former Brewer Scott Linebrink is serving as the White Sox closer while Bobby Jenks battles the flu.

- Former West De Pere High School pitcher Jason Berken made his major-league debut on Tuesday night for the Orioles. He allowed two runs and seven hits over five innings to earn the victory.

In the News (5/27)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


Not Quite

Tuesday’s Game: Brewers 1, Cardinals 8
Record: 27-19, T-1st Place


Tuesday’s Game

- Suppan and McClung were roughed up as the Brewers dropped the game on Tuesday.

- Ryan Braun was hit by a pitch and left the game with a contusion. It isn’t believed to be serious.

- Craig Counsell is still hitting the ball well

Brewers News

- I’m really annoyed with how much press the untucking of shirts “story” has got, so I’m not going to link to any. The newspapers who are reporting these events should realize they are reporters and not gossip columnists.

- David Riske might need Tommy John surgery. Seems kinda risky, doesn’t it? Sorry… I had to…

- As Tyler posted, Chris Duffy is still in the organization and is on his way to Nashville. Good… Let him work some things out while the Brewers experiment with Frank Caliendo…er…Catalonotto. I highly doubt FC will be on the team in September.

- Ryan Braun has an incredible bat, is doing well in left and is seemingly becoming more and more patient at the plate.

- Hoffman goes Alone with Rome.

- The Brewers are doing well in fan voting so far… Maybe I’m becoming a cranky old man, but after Sheets and Hart’s All-Star Hangovers last year, I don’t mind if only a couple make it.

- Interesting question: LaPorta or Gamel? I’d have to agree that a power hitting lefty who can play corner infield is more valuable.

- FanGraphs has a nice Brewers draft Review and small Preview.

- Should fans be worried about the health of Mark DiFelice? This scares me a little, but I’m hoping the Brewers have done everything possible to keep their pitchers’ arms and motions healthy.

- How good was Monday’s pitchers duel? Here’s a link comparing it to the 1959 Braves.

- ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick is impressed with the Brewers resiliance. Even Buster Olney came on the radio this morning saying that the Brewers were quite a surprise and the Cubs will have to work hard to catch them and the Cardinals.

- Bob Ryan believes Brad Penny will be traded and I hope that it won’t be to the Brewers.

- I would much rather have Erik Bedard. Two Fisted Slopper makes the case for Bedard over Peavy.

- Jimmy Gantner will broadcast the draft. The only problem is that he does commercials in central Wisconsin since he’s the Woodchucks coach and he’s kind of awkward in those commercials.

- Speaking of stuff from Wausau, the Wausau Daily Herald is finally excited about the Brewers, but perhaps a little too excited. Playoffs talk in MAY?!? Even the Maniac is saying, “Maybe that’s overdoing it a bit.”

- The Great Gagne comeback starts in Canada.

- Gamel visited a school in Racine.

Minor Leagues

- Mike Jones, a pitcher drafted in 2001 who had two surgical procedures to work through, is throwing 94-MPH heaters and was recently called up to Huntsville.

- Alcides Escobar is this week’s Sports Bubbler prospect of the week.

- While your at it, get to know Nashville Sound Patrick Arlis.

- Brevard County’s Rob “Woot-Woot” Wooten has already broke the club’s save record with his 15th save of the year.

- Meanwhile, T-Rats pitcher Wily Peralta was named Pitcher of the Week. In two outings, he didn’t allow a run, struck out 17 and walked only two. Nice job!

NL Central

- Marmol left the Cubs to be with his pregnant wife…and you have to click on this to see the headline.

- Big Lou also doesn’t like his team watching video of bad at bats. They should only visualize good at bats and what the pitcher is currently doing…so all those little league coaches telling their players to learn from their mistakes is wrong?

- A-Ram says the Cubs are frustrated. In other news, water is wet.

- Ankiel is still on the DL, so Nick Stavinoha is still around. It’s fun to hear Ueck say his name; sounds like Stab-in-oh-wa.

- Glaus might be out for all of 2009. Which alleged former PED user would you rather have back?

- The Brewers might have to deal with Brandon Phillips back in the Reds’ lineup.

- Rosenthal believes the Astros should just rebuild, which inlcudes trading their only pitcher left (Roy Oswalt). I’m fine with the status quo…you know…middling around the bottom of the division.

Other News

- This Week’s Power Rankings: ESPN (6) and CBS Sports (6)

- Former Brewer Matt LaPorta has been demoted. Not big news… yet…

Duffy’s Decision: A Step by Step Process

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Tom Haudricourt reports Chris Duffy, pictured left during his stint playing Frank Lambert on the long-running sitcom “Step by Step,” has accepted his assignment to triple-A Nashville. Haudricourt believes Duffy accepted after clearing waivers.

Good news, as his presence gives Milwaukee an experienced body to call upon if needed.

No word is immediately available on whether Sounds officials will allow Duffy’s edgy, but kindhearted nephew Cody to park his van outside Greer Stadium.

I know, it’s a stretch

In the News (5/26)

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Monday’s Game: Brewers 1, Cardinals 0
Record: 27-18, First Place

Monday’s Game

- Ahh…it’s nice to have the Brewers back home. The Brewers edged the Cardinals Memorial Day with a 1-0 victory in 10 innings.

- Yovani Gallardo and Chris Carpenter had an awesome pitchers battle. Yo brought a no-hitter into the sixth inning and Carpenter had a perfect game until Craig Counsell broke it up to lead off the seventh. Each pitcher worked eight innings and each gave up no runs on two hits.

- The big news was Billy Hall’s walk-off single in the bottom of the tenth. Hall had been (and still is I suppose) in a terrible slump. Way to go Billy!

- Post game Hall interview here

- Yovani made two great catches on line drives up the middle. Check out the video

- The Brewers called up veteran Frank Catalanotto prior to Monday’s game.

Brewers News

- Ken Macha reacts to critisism from ESPN’s Sunday Night crew.

- Perhaps there is bad blood brewing between the Crew and the Twins? This thread touches on the subject. It’s total BS. The second commentor makes a good point.

- OnMilwaukee asks if Dave Bush is part of Milwaukee’s long terms. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be. I sure hope he is. He’s been really solid over the last couple years.

- There is more Peavy trade talk. We’ll be hearing about this until either he is traded or the trade deadline has passed.

- Wisconsin Sports says the Peavy rumors signals a new era in Milwaukee.

- How good has Carlos Villanueva been as of late? Very!

NL Central

- Everyone is against Milton Bradley. Just ask him. What a loser.

- The Reds Brandon Phillips is likely to play through his thumb injury.

- The Doorman has an interesting post about Tony LaRussa.

- The Cardinals are apparently exploring trades for SS Khalil Greene. He has been pretty terrible this year. I’m not sure what he’s making and am currently too tired to look, but I can’t believe it will be easy to trade him without picking up at least part of his contract.

Other News

- Are the Giants shopping Matt Cain? Of course Cain’s name came up a lot late last season and early in the last offseason regarding the Brewers. No mention of Milwaukee in this post.

In the News (5/24)

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Saturday’s Game: Twins 6, Brewers 2
Record: 26-17, Tied for First Place


My sister is getting married today so your weekend wrap-up In the News is going to be a bit earlier than usual.


Saturday’s Game

- The Twins are probably my second favorite team in baseball. I root for them all the time when they’re not playing the Brewers. But they’re making it hard for me to cheer for them the way they keep bludgeoning the Crew… Do the Brewers EVER win in Minnesota?

- And does any team in baseball get more bloop hits than the Twins? I’m not saying that’s why the Brewers lost either of these first two games (since they gave up more than enough runs on legitimate hits), but I can’t stand how many bloops the Twins get…

- Anthony Swarzak made his MLB debut against the Brewers Saturday and pitched seven shutout innings. Unfreakingbelievable…

- The Brewers scored a couple runs after that, but were not able to mount a comeback.

- Braden Looper gave up five runs in six innings.

Brewers News

- The Twins crushed the Brewers 11-3 on Friday. Manny Parra struggled…

- J.J. Hardy is battling a sore back and Corey Hart has a sore hand. These injuries could stop piling up any time now… 

- The Brewers have walked the second most times in MLB and Prince Fielder is on pace to shatter the Brewers record for walks in a season.

- Forbes says the Brewers are the second best in baseball in a “crude revenue-per fan ranking.”

- Keith Olbermann doesn’t like the way the Brewers have been using Mat Gamel.

- Jordan M at Brew Crew Ball analyzes Manny Parra and fatigue.

- Nate Roth at Two Fisted Slopper takes a look at who Trevor Hoffman has been facing so far in his outstanding start to the season.

- Did Corey Hart mock Miguel Tejada?

- The Happy Youngster won’t go away. This guy is clueless… If he’d just shut up, the whole shitstorm he created would go away, but he just can’t help himself. He needs that spotlight, even if it highlights him making a fool out of himself.

- Lange at Sheffield’s House wonders what the Brewers would look like as a football team.

- Will Chris Duffy accept his demotion to Nashville? We’ll know by Tuesday.

- Inside Edition discovers that baseball fans like to drink at the game. In related news, this report is a complete waste of time.

Jake Peavy Discussion

- Yep, there’s enough of this out there that it got it’s own header… Of course Peavy would be a nice addition for the Brewers, but the big contract, injury concerns and cost in prospects still remain very big hurdles to getting anything done. I’d say it remains a long shot at best, but it’s beginning to seem a bit more likely than it was this offseason.

  • Jon Heyman at SI says the Brewers and the Cubs are the most likely places Peavy will end up.
  • Big Rygg at The Brewer Nation says Peavy has added the Brewers to the list of teams he’d accept a trade to. Since this is the only place I’ve seen this reported, I’m a bit skeptical, but if it’s true, that’s certainly good news for those hoping to land Peavy.
  • Tom Haudricourt says a Peavy deal to the Brewers is not impossible. He points out that Suppan’s salary coming off the books after next season will help some in fitting Peavy’s salary into the payroll and also points out the Trevor Hoffman connection. Braun and Peavy have apparently exchanged e-mails as well.
  • Chris Bahr of Sporting News lists the Brewers as one of five “fits for the Pads pitcher.” He says the Brewers could use the money slated for CC Sabathia to fit Peavy into their payroll and that Trevor Hoffman could make a nice pitch to Peavy to accept a deal to the team.
  • Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal says, “…one of the best pitchers in baseball remains on the market with Milwaukee as a potential landing spot.”
  • Jorge Says No! says the Brewers are the perfect fit for Peavy and lists the reasons why.
  • Craig Calcaterra says, “..If I were Milwaukee, I’d move quickly, because the faster they move, the more likely it is that the pressure will increase on Peavy to finally approve one of these trades lest he look like a prima donna. If they wait too long, that pressure will dissipate.”
  • Jesse Motiff of Bleacher Report says “no thanks” to a Peavy trade.

Minor Leagues

- has a new Power 50 up.

- T-Rat Brett Lawrie broke his nose on a bad hop grounder. He’s not expected to miss significant time.

- Taylor Green’s stay in Appleton was short.

- Al’s Ramblings points out that Angel Salome is stepping his game up.

- Huntsville Stars GM Buck Rogers tries to make the game fun for fans.

- Brevard County Manatees commercial:

NL Central

- The Cubs have lost six in a row. The 120-win season is quickly fading out of the picture…

- The Cubs were somehow surprised Rich Harden got hurt and landed on the DL.

- Carlos Zambrano returned from the DL.

- Alfonso Soriano offered to play second base for the Cubs. Ha… Please do this Lou. Soriano is a butcher in left field, was even worse at second when he played there and hasn’t played the position in years. I see no reason why this wouldn’t work splendidly…

- Cubs prospect Jake Fox is killing the ball in AAA, but the Cubs don’t have anywhere for the first baseman to play.

- Rick Ankiel will be joining the Cardinals again soon.

- Tom Gorzelanny is a Pirate once again.

Other News

- Former Brewer Corey Koskie was honored by the Twins.

- Yu Darvish is going to have a lot of MLB suitors this offseason.

Uecker Channels Minnesota

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Just in time for the Minnesota Twins series, which begins tonight, I give you Uecker doing his best Minnesotan impression (from the Brewers/Marlins game on 5/14/09):

Another classic Uecker sound byte. I love how he can turn it on and off without missing a beat in the game (or at least not missing much in the game…).

I share Ueck’s disdain for the Humpty Dump Dome. Aside from the fact that it’s a horrible baseball stadium, I’ve never seen a Brewers win there (four losses, including three that Turnbow blew). Hopefully the Crew can continue their hot streak and take their last series ever in that dump.

Insomniac Ink