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Uecker on Twitter

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Conversations like this one from the bottom of the first inning in Wednesday’s game are what make me love listening to Bob Uecker:

I guess it’s not belly-ache-laugh inducing or anything, it’s just classic, seamless, self-deprecating Uecker humor.


In the News (4/30)

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Wednesday’s Game: Brewers 1, Pirates 0
Record: 11-10, Tied for Second Place


Wednesday’s Game

- Yovani Gallardo just became an ace. Eight innings, two hits, one walk, zero runs and 11 strike outs. He took a perfect game two outs deep into the fifth inning. Simply dominant.

We all knew he had the stuff and the moxy to be a no. 1 pitcher eventually, but he showed Wednesday that he’s ready now.

- And, as if that wasn’t enough, he stroked a home run in the seventh on an 0-2 count for the only run of the game. That’s two home runs this season in only 12 at bats. To put that into perspective, if he were to continue that pace and he collected 550 at bats this season, Gallardo would hit 92 home runs while also maintaining his .333 average, of course.

- Baseball Musings puts Gallardo’s feat in perspective:

It’s the first 1-0 game won by the starting pitcher’s home runs since 8/28/2002, when Odalis Perez homered off Rick Helling to lead the Dodgers over the Diamondbacks. It’s the seventh time it’s happened in the last 50 years, with Early Winn, Milt Pappas, Jim Bunning, Juan Pizarro and Bob Welch also completing the feat.

- Jesse Motiff of Bleacher Report says, “CC who?”

- Andy Smith at Bugs and Cranks says Gallardo “is like that kid that hits puberty first.”

- Carlos Villanueva closed out the tight game with a very nice inning. Villa has been shaky so far this season, but he’s a very important part of the bullpen and hopefully this is a step in the right direction for him.

- Ryan Braun went 0-4 and struck out three times. Ian Snell made him look bad.

- The Brewers are over .500 for the first time this season. Who would’ve thought they’d get back to .500 before April was over after that horrible start? They’ve won seven out of their last eight to do it.

- That’s 15 wins in a row against Pittsburgh and 18 in a row at Miller Park. Can we please play the Pirates more often? The weirdest part about the streak is that most of the games have been close and the Brewers just always find a way to pull it out. There is no question that the Brewers are in the Pirates heads now.

- Here’s the take from the Pittsburgh paper.

- Some audio from today’s game.

Brewers News

- Pirates fans are whining about a complete Brewer beatdown by calling Braun “Cryin’ Braun” because of his comments related to getting intentionally hit with a high fastball. Look Bucco backers, the pitch Ryan got hit with was complete BS. Braun spoke out about it because he has guts, something your weak ass team clearly lacks. You want to hear crying? Look no further than your whimpering excuses for hitters after they pouted to the home plate umpire as Yovani dominated them. And it didn’t end on the diamond. Check out this comment from after the game:

“Go talk to the home-plate umpire,” (Adam) LaRoche said, referring to Marty Foster. “He seemed to like him (Gallardo). See what he has to say about it. Old Marty back there, he was on his game today.”

WAAAAH! (sniffle, sniffle)

- And while we’re talking to you Pirates fans, the untucking of the jerseys really bothers you? Seriously? I’ve never understood why players untucking jerseys after a game upsets opposing  teams’ fans (and even some players) so much. How is that more offensive than jumping into each other in celebration, fist pumping, high-fives, fist bumps, acting like a deranged douchebag on heroin (Jose Valverde) or any number of other celebratory acts players in MLB do? Please explain.

- Corey Hart is taking walks? Anything is possible!

- Mike Rivera was put on the DL and Carlos Corporan was called up. More HERE and HERE.

- Rivera currently has a higher batting average than on-base percentage.

- Jorge Julio will be a lot more valuable to this team if he can control his pitches. There’s no question the guy has good stuff. He just hasn’t been able to throw strikes, until Tuesday. More HERE.

- Jesse Motiff of Bleacher Reports asks why J.J. Hardy is getting a free pass from criticism. I don’t think he’s getting a free pass, but he’s certainly received less criticism than other guys…

- Speaking of Hardy, he has the seventh worst BABIP in MLB. BABIP is mostly luck and, as the announcers have been pointing out, Hardy is hitting into a lot of hard outs. It’s very likely his luck will turn and he should start getting a few “cheap” hits to even this out.

- Trevor Hoffman is included on a list of free-agent acquisitions off on the wrong foot to start 2009. Hopefully he’ll make us all forget his “slow start” with a bunch of “Hell’s Bells” this season.

- Ken Macha is from the Pittsburgh area and he got some press from his home state. One of the questions about Macha coming in was how he would be able to handle his reported rift with catcher Jason Kendall. Not a problem, according to Kendall:

“It was all blown out of proportion. We have zero problems. There was nothing to (smooth over).”

- Rickie Weeks is Mickey Rourke?

Minor Leagues

- The Rattlers beat Great Lakes 6-3. I was at the game and Wily Peralta was really impressive. Stats aside, he just looks like a powerful pitcher. He threw three innings allowing one hit and no runs. Catcher Corey Kemp hit a home run and drove in four and Brett Lawrie hit the ball hard all night, going 2-3 with a double and a walk. Cody Adams did not have his best stuff. He gave up 10 hits and three runs (two earned) in five innings. He didn’t walk anyone though. More HERE and HERE.

- The Brewers still see Nashville Sounds third baseman Mat Gamel, the organization’s top prospect, as a third baseman despite his high error total. Gamel is an offensive force, but his liabilities at third make many suggest his future is at first base or a corner outfield spot. It’s somewhat encouraging that Gamel’s errors are mostly coming on throws because that should be more fixable than shoddy fielding, but you’d think he would have made more progress by now.

- Huntsville lost in the 10th to Chattanooga. More HERE and HERE.

- Chris Cody of the Stars won the Southern League Pitcher of the Week award after recording two road wins last week. He lowered his ERA to 1.29 after allowing just one earned run over 12 innings of work during the week and has 20 strikeouts and a .182 batting average against after allowing only three earned runs in 21 innings of action.

- Pitcher Mike Jones of Brevard County went seven innings, allowing two runs and four hits, to lead the Manatees past the Dayton Cubs today. The Manatees took eight walks in the game. More HERE.

- There’s an article we missed on Evan Anundsen’s no-hitter that commenter Joe (no, not  that Joe) pointed out. Check out Evan’s quote: 


“This is going to be our rival team and we had a tough (4-2) loss (Monday) night, and I’m just proud that we came out and fought our (butts) off,” Anundsen said after he was mobbed by his teammates in the on-field celebration.

“I’m just proud of the guys behind me and my catcher. . . . (The Cubs) better get used to this. That’s all I can say.”


NL Central

- The Cubs got blasted 10-0 today by the Diamondbacks. They went 2-4 on their road trip. The baby bears are now at .500, a half-game behind the Brewers. Ryan Dempster has a 5.4 ERA through his first five starts. Yeah, it’s early, but can we officially proclaim last year an aberration for this guy? How’s that four-year $52-million contract going to look if he keeps this up?

- Cubs followers seem surprised that Jim Hendry’s offseason moves were foolish. Everyone else already knew this.

- The oft-injured Aramis Ramirez is hurt again and might be headed to the DL.

- Alfonso Soriano says the Cubs are too relaxed.

- Thank you again Cincinnati Reds for bringing Dusty back to the NL Central.

Other News

- Former Brewer minor leaguer Steve Bray is now with Jack Z again in the Mariners system.

Untitled Mid-Week Post

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Sometimes you just need to unwind…sometimes you just need to vent..that’s the thought behind this series of posts.

Mid-Week Mindless Vent:

Was it only two weeks ago? It was…Wow…

Two (Rickie) weeks ago, I had two adult Brewer fans come up to me to discuss the team. It went like this:

“Your team isn’t looking so hot” “This team is awful…simply terrible!” “How can you still wear a Brewers hat? They’re embarrassing!” “Yeah, Jeff Suppan and Jason Kendall should be cut.” “I really don’t think this team is as good as everyone thought…they’ll be lucky to get to third place.” “I just don’t think Macha is going to be around by August…I don’t know…he just hasn’t proven anything.” “If they we’re going to throw $100 million at Sabathia, they should have at least signed Jake Peavy”.

As you can tell, this was an awkward and annoying conversation, but I can’t help but think that other Brewers fans were being accosted by people like this all over Wisconsin. I tried to educate them. I tried to tell them it was early in the year and I would worry about this if it was, say, August. I tried to tell them that there are more than just 16 games in a baseball season and it’s a game of streaks, hot and cold. I tried to tell them Jake Peavy was not a free agent. I tried and tried and explained and explained, but it went no where. The same duo came up to me last night. This was how it went:

“How about our Brew Crew!” “Oh man, they are hitting a ton and that Braden Looper?” “Yeah, he’s been worth all that money.” “I can’t believe they aren’t .500 yet…I mean they’ve been playing really good.” “I knew Weeks was going to have a good year…I totally called it.” “Do you think they’ll catch the Cubs with Hoffman back?”

I smiled and nodded. It was at this moment that I realized that I should be annoyed, but entertained by these types of “Chicken Little” fans. I might even have thoughts or feelings like this myself! I realized that maybe I should stop focusing all my negativity on other less-informed Brewer fans and start focusing on whoever chooses many of the music beds this year for in-between innings on the radio broadcast. I’m guessing from all the country and 80’s hits that it’s Corey Hart.

Mid-Week Fake Headlines:

Local Man Sure Todd Coffey is Dan Kolb
A local man from Oswego is convinced that Brewers reliever Todd Coffey is Dan Kolb. “Seriously, guys…they look identical”. A not as drunk bystander isn’t as sure: “Well, I haven’t seen the two of them together ever at the same time, but I highly doubt they are the same person..”

Johnny Estrada Still Befuddled by Sudden Loss of Career
Free Agent Johnny Estrada doesn’t understand how he went from an All-Star to jobless. “I just don’t get it, man. I mean I hardly run, I never swing at a first pitch, and I’m slower than Mike Pizza even with his terrible knees! I just don’t understand…”

Product Placement Goes Too Far?
A fan in Waupaca was listening to the game in his car, when suddenly his car went off the road. According to reports this is what happened: During the LuxAire home run inning, the Brewers grabbed two Bagder Mutual Insurance Runs with a Wisconsin Lottery Powerball home run, but the driver wasn’t sure what was going on because they were checking the Bank Mutual Scoreboard. He was hoping for an explanation, but what he got was a field and game report from the Fields Automotive Group followed by the pitch speed brought to him by Road Runner High Speed online. The driver was so irked by not knowing what happened that he lost control of his Chevy, an American Revolution, car right outside of the local Kwik Trip, where you can buy bananas at 99 cents a pound.

Mid-Week Comic

In the News (4/29)

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Bill (Clap Clap, Clap Clap) Hall


Tuesday’s Game: Brewers 6, Pirates 5
Record: 10-10, T-3rd Place

Tuesday’s Game

- I wasn’t able to see it, but was the plunking of Sanchez, Hinske and LaRoche payback or just bad pitching?

- Hoffman gets his first save as a Brewer! It was Trevor’s first save not as a Padre since June 7, 1993!

- Don’t you wish the Brewers could play the Pirates every week?

- Bush struggled, but the bullpen held the Pirates scoreless for 4 innings.

- Rickie Weeks hit another home run tonight as part of the go-ahead 6th inning. Bill Hall hit one too. Ryan Braun hit Corey Hart in twice.

Brewers News

- Bill Michaels of 620 WTMJ talks more about Braun being beaned

- Quevedo at the Buffet asks who do you even throw at? I’ll go with Sanchez, Hinske and LaRoche, then we’re even.

- Mike Cameron is close to being a member of the 250/250 club. And no, that doesn’t stand for batting average. Mike Cameron has been absolutely great this year while Melky Cabrera lost out on a starting role in NY.

- Haudricourt has a chat transcript.

- spotlights Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder…and I agree. After hearing some of the other commentators on, they are a good combo and do a quality job.

- WTMJ has a little report on Trenni as well.

- Joe Posnanski figured when the last time each team was featured on the cover of SI. Not including the Ryan Braun with Tulo and Upton, you have to go all the way back to April 27th, 1987 with Rob Deer on the cover for the Brewers.


- Brew Crew Ball had a great stat - Jason Kendall is only the second player to get plunked by every major-league team.

- I honestly don’t understand how Rickie Weeks hitting the ball is bad, but here are some numbers that I’ve tried putting into my TI-89 and it didn’t help. I’m wondering if Rickie not stealing is more Macha than him hitting the ball.

Minor Leagues

- The Sounds beat the Iowa Cubs 7-4 and Tim Dillard is 4-0 now!

- First of all…what the f**k? Second of all, I didn’t know they made mercenary mascots.

- Oft-Injured pitcher Mark Rogers ran into a wall, but will be fine after missing one start.

- John Delaney of the T-Rats was moved to the DL and  infielder Jose Duran was brought up from Helena.

- Huntsville lost to Chatanooga 7-2.

NL Central

- The Reds put Edwin Encarnation on the DL…finally a player on the DL NOT on my fantasy team!

- Ever want a Gil Meche bobblehead? Well vote here, Timber Rattler fans. If Meche is not the head you’d like to have bobble, there are many more choices.

- 2008 Rookie of the Year Geovany Soto is having some sophmore slump problems.

- Kevin Gregg only has had two save ops.

- Albert Pujols might have fixed something at the plate…

- Lance Berkman is trying to bust his slump as well…what does it tell you about Cincinatti women when Berkman shines in Cinci? I’m not implying, I”m just asking…

- Valverde also isn’t feeling right…which means it was a good time to visit Houston with those two not performing

Other News

- This years MLB draft is at 6 p.m. ET this year.

- How long will Cleveland leave LaPorta in the minors?

Anundsen Throws No-Hitter

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Righty Evan Anundsen of the Brevard County Manatees threw a no-hitter today against the Daytona Cubs. Here’s the box score. The 20-year-old is #22 on’s Power 50.

Congrats Evan!

UPDATE: Here are some details from the game from Mass Haas at


That was a great listen.

Anundsen walked one, hit one batter, and survived two Brent Brewer errors. Amazingly, one of those errors came with two outs in the 9th, on a pop-up behind short towards the left-field line that clanked off Brent’s glove while he fought the sun.

Evan then struck out the final batter, the ball scooted from catcher Anderson Delarosa, who made a shaky throw to first that managed to get the runner.

Anundsen struck out ten, got 11 groundouts, just wow. Don’t know what the pitch count was, but it had to be up there.

UPDATE 2: Read a game story HERE.

Anundsen’s no-no was the first in the Florida State League since 2006.

UPDATE 3: has a story now HERE.

Here’s a quote from Anundsen on what he’s going to do to celebrate the no-hitter he notched in the early game:

I think my roommates and I are going to have a cookout. But the first thing I want to do is take a nap”

UPDATE 4: Baseball America chimes in with an update HERE.

They provided a brief scouting report on Anundsen:

A groundball pitcher, Anundsen throws his fastball in the mid-80s but with good sink. Last year he compiled a 2.71 groundout-to-airout ratio; this year, it’s a healthy 1.82. He’ll mix in a curveball and a changeup, but he relies on inducing opponents to put the ball in play, usually on the ground, early in counts. This morning, he recorded 11 outs via the ground, and just six in the air.

In the News (4/28)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Monday’s Game: Brewers 10, Pirates 5
Record: 9-10, Fifth Place

Monday’s Game

- Tonight was an interesting game. The offense was homer happy early w/ taters from Braun, Weeks and Cameron. The bullpen gave up the lead in the top half of the eighth. The Crew then came out, batted around in the bottom half and gave the team a 10-5 lead. Trevor Hoffman came on and worked a 1-2-3 top of the ninth to secure the victory.

- The Brewers have now won 16 straight against the Pirates at Miller and 13 in a row against them overall.

- Brewers starter Braden Looper wasn’t as sharp as he had been previous to tonight. That being said, he did strike out seven batters and put the Brewers in decent position to win the game.

- During Bruan’s second at bat he was clearly hit intentionally by Pirates starter Jeff Karstens. Both benches were warned and nothing further happened during the game. That being said, it’s certainly something to watch the rest of the series. The Brewers and Pirates have a history of scuffles. Remember the whole Prince vs. Matt Capps spiff from the ‘07 season?

Brewers News

- An interesting story about Richard Paul “Red” Smith who played for both the Green Bay Packers and the old-school Milwaukee Brewers.

- Brew Crew Ball wonders if Mike Rivera should catch Manny Parra. As I’ve said before, I totally believe Parra is a head-case, so why not? I guess it can’t hurt.

- Miller Park Drunk doesn’t like booing. Thank you. However, I have to disagree with the list of appropriate times to boo. Unless Gary Sheffield is at bat or Corey Hart has control of the Miller Park playlist, I don’t want to hear it.

- The Brewers aren’t interested in signing Pedro Martinez. Personally fine with that.

- The Baseball Analysts check on which pitchers have the “best” pitches thus far this season. Yovani shows up on the slider list.

Minor Leagues

- Check out the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 2009 Team Intro here.

- Good news…Brewers prospect Lorenzo Cain didn’t tear his ACL. He’s expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

- More good news on the minor-league front… Mark Rogers is not injured. Rogers missed his last couple starts, which was obviously alarming. Note to players shagging fly balls: don’t fricking run into walls!

- The Huntsville Stars took the loss Monday.

- The T-Rats lost game one of Monday’s double header to the Quad Cities River Bandits. And then got straight-up murdered in game two.

- Brevard County Manatees Caleb Gindl was named the Florida State League’s Player of the Week for last week. He hit .522 with two homers and 11 RBI. Impressive.

- Chris Smith is Between the Green Pillars Brewers Prospect of the Week for last week.

NL Central

- Statistically speaking, the Pirates currently have the best starting rotation in baseball. That won’t last.

- Man, Milton Bradley is a head-case.

- When Albert Pujols was struggling a couple weeks ago, he found his flaw through watching video. My first thought was, “Pujols was in a slump?” Then I saw the slump: one for nine. I guess that’s a slump for him.

- Astros closer Jose “Big Douche” Valverde will miss at least two more games after tweaking his right calf injury during Sunday’s game against the Brewers.

- In other NL Central calf injury news, Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez may be headed to the DL.

- Milton Bradley is apparently ready to play again. Do you think he gets injured again or thrown from a game again first?

- Goat Riders of the Apocalyse thinks the “Woe is Cub” attitude of Cubs fans has got to go. Funny how most Cubs fans do have that attitude but still think they are the best thing to ever exist.

Other News

- Like you wouldn’t cop a feel?

Dissecting Mike Cameron’s Hot Start

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Taking a look at FanGraph’s Value Rankings, we see Mike Cameron currently leads the NL, tied with Albert Pujols. With 1.3 value wins so far, Cameron has already been worth 6 million dollars to the Brewers this season. So what’s behind this great start for Cameron?

First, let’s take a look at Cameron’s basic line. Through 72 plate appearances, he has 9 1B, 7 2B, 4 HR, and 11 BB, leading to a .328/.431/.639 line. His 1.070 OPS places him 4th in the NL, behind Albert Pujols, Kosuke Fukudome, and Adrian Gonzalez. His high power numbers combined with the ability to get on base has resulted in a .462 wOBA for Cameron, worth 7.6 runs above average.

Quite often, when we see hot starts like this, it is due to abnormally high BABIPs, or Batting Average on Balls In Play. A ball in play is any result that isn’t a strikeout, walk, or homerun. League average BABIP is .300, and there is usually heavy regression towards the mean. Occasionally, players will hit for higher BABIPs for their career if they’re very fast and can beat out bunts and ground balls (Ichiro has a .356 career BABIP, a top 10 career mark), as well as those who hit a very high amount of line drives (Matt Kemp’s .363 BABIP in 2008 was driven by a 23% LD%, 3% higher than average).

An example of a hot start fueled by a high BABIP in 2009 is Freddy Sanchez. So far, Sanchez is hitting .351/ .377/.608 to start the season, with slugging numbers powered by 13 extra base hits in 74 ABs. With his 2 HRs and 15 Ks, that means that Sanchez is 26/57 (.421) on balls hit in play. If Sanchez’s BABIP was consistent with his career mark of .328, we’d assume Sanchez would have 19 hits on these 57 balls in play. So Sanchez would have 7 fewer hits, and based on his rates so far, that would be 3 fewer 1Bs, 2 fewer 2Bs, and 2 fewer 3Bs. Judging by this, we would expect to see Sanchez have a line of 19/74 with 7 2Bs, 0 3B, 2 HR, and 2 BB. This performance would be good for a .257/.276/.432 line. Simply put, Freddy Sanchez will not continue this performance throughout 2009, and we can expect a slump from Sanchez sooner rather than later.

Let’s take a look at Mike Cameron’s performance on balls in play. In 61 ABs, Cameron has hit 4 home runs out of his 20 hits and has struck out 12 times. So Cameron has 16 hits on 45 balls in play, good for a .356 BABIP. If he had a BABIP of .300 to this point, we’d expect 14 hits on 45 balls in play, taking away 1 single and 1 double. So his total line would be 18/61 with 6 2Bs, 4 HRs, and 11 BBs, reducing his slash line to .295/.402/.590, for a .992 OPS. So yes, Cameron has been a little bit lucky, but for the most part his performance looks real, at least based on BABIP.

Still, I’m not convinced that Cameron will put up a .992 OPS, especially considering that Cameron’s highest career OPS was a .837 mark in 2006. So what else can we look at to see if his performance is real? Taking a look at Cameron’s batted ball data, we see that Cameron has an abnormally high 28.6% line drive rate (career average: 20%) coupled with an abnormally low 20.4% ground ball rate (career average 34.9%). We should expect to see Cameron to hit more ground balls as the season progresses, and as a result hit fewer line drives and slightly fewer fly balls. This will reduce his HR rate and likely his double rate as well.

Looking at this data, we see that some of Cameron’s production is real. Although the Brewers shouldn’t expect Cam to continue putting up a 1.000 OPS, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that Cameron improves upon last year’s .809 OPS. Combine that with the best CF UZR in the NL at +3.5 runs above average, and the Brewers can be very happy with their decision to keep Mike Cameron around.

InReview - Week 3

Monday, April 27th, 2009

This week’s photo:

The Brewers played hard baseball this week...Humberto Quintero would agree

Weekly Record: 4-2

Current Record: 8-10


  • Finally, a winning week!
  • On the road too!
  • Ryan Braun getting his groove back in a big way
  • Mike Cameron playing good, hard baseball…the collision at home on Friday, then the good hard slide on Saturday!
  • The Pitching Staff keeping the team in the game
  • Yovani’s first career complete game. Hopefully we’ll be able to see his first career CG shutout this year too
  • Trevor Hoffman finally ready
  • The Brewers were manufacturing runs!


  • Manny Parra…yeah he had a much better day on Sunday, but the Brewers can’t live on 1 out of 4 starts being alright while the other 3 are gawdawful
  • As great as Saturday’s win was, it could have been much easier without the errors…especially for Villa’s psyche

This Week in Stats

Weekly ERA: 3.50    YTD: 4.59
Weekly BA: .299    YTD: .251
Weekly Opponents BA: .221    YTD: .249
Weekly Slugging Percentage: .458   YTD: .419
Weekly Fielding Percentage: .978    YTD: .982

Quick Hitters:

Ryan Braun hit .565 last week and accounted for 20% of all the Brewers hits and 27.5% of all the Brewers RBI’s

The Brewers have homered in 14 out of 18 games this year

In the News (4/26)

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Sunday’s Game: Astros 3, Brewers 2
Record: 8-10, Fifth Place


Sunday’s Game

- The Brewers lost Sunday, but finished a tough nine-game road trip with a 5-4 record.

- Mike Cameron went 5-11 in the Astros series.

- Manny Parra only gave up one earned run in five innings, but he was not sharp.

Brewers News

- Trevor Hoffman is back. More HERE.

- Gallardo threw a gem Friday, but the PitchF/x data shows that his location will likely have to improve for him to repeat the success. Bernie’s Crew looks at the Pitch F/x data and finds some encouraging trends. More HERE and HERE.

- The Junkball Blues compares Gallardo’s first career complete game to other first-time complete-game efforts by Brewers pitchers.

- Mike Cameron’s collision with Humberto Quintero on Friday was pretty brutal:

Luckily Cam is OK, but Humberto Quintero was sent to the DL after the hit. Here’s a photo gallery of the play.

- Dave Bush has taken a no-hitter into the eighth inning three times and former Brewers broke up the no-hit bids each time.

- That was a wild game on Saturday. Thankfully, the Brewers came out on top. More HERE.

- Ken Macha is trying to help his starters out by having them give advice to each other.

- TwinsBrewersWorldSeries at points out the Ryan Braun’s more patient approach at the plate has put him on pace to get more than 100 walks this season. mls4 posted an interesting fact: No Brewer has ever had 100 walks. Jeromy Burnitz holds the Brewers record for walks in a season with 99. Prince Fielder and Braun could do it this year if they can keep taking walks.

- Todd Coffey was caught searching for an illegal substance to bring with him to the mound:

- The Brewers interested in Pedro Martinez? I’d say it’s pretty unlikely, but it’s worth mentioning at least.

- The Boston Globe says the Red Sox have been watching Mitch Stetter closely as they might be interested in trading for the left-handed relief specialist. I’m not sure why the Brewers would look to move Stetter right now, but it’s something else to watch.

- The Brewers like each other.

- Al at Al’s Ramblings says Parra’s problems are mental.

- The Brewers-Cubs rivalry receives an honorary mention in this list of MLB’s top eight rivalries.

- While Ryan Braun is unquestionably confident with a bit of a swagger (some would say cockiness), he does not seem to be letting his success go to his head off the field. He seems very down-to-earth when it comes to things like charities and going out of his way to sign a few autographs. Here he is signing a few autographs before a recent game:

Minor Leagues

- Nashville’s Mat Gamel and Cody Scarpetta of the Timber Rattlers made Baseball America’s Hot Sheet.

- Lorenzo Cain could miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. He’s having an MRI done today. More HERE. This is very disappointing news… We wish Lorenzo well in his recovery and hopefully we’ll get some good news today.

- The Timber Rattlers won the “Border Battle” against the Peoria Chiefs at Miller Park on Friday. More HERE and HERE and HERE.

- Speaking of the Border Battle game, Cute Sports has some thoughts on the game. And here are some photos: The Post-Cresccent, Steve Schar, Cute Sports 1 and 2 and Saberilliterate at Brew Crew Ball.

- Pitcher Cody Adams of the Timber Rattlers was hoping to pitch against Quad Cities this week since he grew up near the team’s home field, but his turn in the rotation won’t come up while the Rattlers are there. Fortunately for Cody, however, he was able to pitch in the Border Battle game Friday.

- The T-Rats lost 9-8 on Saturday against Quad Cities. More HERE.

- The Rattler offense was anemic early on this season, but Rattler Radio points out that “over the last five games, the Rattlers have scored 31 runs and have tallied 46 hits” and “the Rattler team batting average has gone from .189 to .228 over the last five games.” That’s encouraging.

- The Timber Rattlers were rained out Sunday. There will be a double-header today. More HERE.

- Brewers Director of Player Development Reid Nichols talked to the Post-Crescent.

- The Nashville Sounds lost to the Iowa Cubs 3-0 Sunday. The Sounds only had three hits with two coming from Mat Gamel.

- The Sounds won 6-3 on Saturday behind a Mat Gamel home run.

- Here are some photos of the Sounds playing against the Iowa Cubs.

- Chris Cody of the Huntsville Stars threw six innings of  two-hit baseball to push the Stars to a 3-1 win over the Chattanooga Lookouts Sunday. Cody also hit a triple in the game. More HERE.

- The Stars won 5-4 on Saturday.

NL Central

- Cubs first baseman Derek Lee was taken out of today’s game with neck spasms.

Other News

- Tyler checks in on Kevin Mench’s Japan experience.

- Hank Aaron’s “Chasing the Dream” exhibit opened in baseball’s hall of fame. Not that I needed it, but I have a new excuse to get back to Cooperstown.

- The Mets signed former Brewer third baseman Mike Lamb to a minor-league deal.

- The NCAA Division III Baseball Championship might move out of Appleton after this year’s event. That’d be a shame.


Friday, April 24th, 2009

CG, 5 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 7 K

Insomniac Ink