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They’re not booing, they’re saying Bu-laga

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

We're going to need a bigger broom...

What an awesome day!

First of all, the Brewers put together their first great series against the Pirates and ended it with, oh, twenty exclamations. Not only did the offense dominate, but the pitchers shut out the Pirates (who had to be p.o.’ed)

Then, the Packers picked a player that I am very excited about. I was hoping the Packers would find a replacement for Tauscher/Clifton and they did with Brian Bulaga. Some Wisconsin sites had Bulaga as high as 5th and most national mock drafts had him around the 15th pick. It may not be a playmaker, but it fills a need.

Let’s go Brewers against those Cubs!

Favre a Jet

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Brett Favre

According to FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer, Brett Favre has been traded to the New York Jets for a conditional draft pick. You may now all focus on the Brewers playoff hunt again.

I’d give a take on all this, but I think everyone’s just sick of it all. All I’m going to say is that this has hurt everyone involved; both Brett and the Packers organization.

MVPlease come back?

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Brett Favre

A Sad Farewell, to the greatest there has ever been.

Like most of you, I was shocked and destroyed this morning when the news broke that Brett Favre informed the Green Bay Packers he intends to retire, after a career year and a being within minutes of playing in the Super Bowl.
I don’t really have any opinions about the rumors about the Randy Moss jazz at this moment, I will wait to see what else comes to light in the next few days. But, I think there is at least something to them, I find it difficult to believe that the timing between the Randy Moss deal with the Patriots and the release were totally unrelated. Maybe it wasn’t just about Randy Moss though, the Packers did let pretty much all of the top tier free agents pass them by without so much as an attempt to attract them. This is not a big shock, considering the last two years of Ted Thompson regime, but there were some young players that would have added a significant impact to the team. (Asante Samuel, Randy moss, Crumplestiltskin, Lance Briggs).

I suppose all of that is neither here nor there.

This is one of the worst days of my life, and as sad as that may sound to some - it isn’t a exaggeration.
Brett Favre is my hero-
I have never missed a Packer game in my life, and fortunately was able to see every game in his career…
And I wasn’t ready for it to end.

Brett - thank you for the memories, thanks for bringing our team back to the top, where it belonged.
I hope you find happiness and health, and that you’ll be riding that tractor for a long, long while. See you in Canton.

Ps. I hate you Aaron Rodgers.

What a game…

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Brett Favre

This is a Brewer blog, but all five of us are huge Packer fans too and we can’t let a game like this go by without saying anything.

I can’t remember a game that was more fun to watch than this one since the Super Bowl run in 1996. (Well, that Monday night game in Oakland after Favre’s dad died might be close, but nevertheless…) I never thought I’d see Favre like this again. What an unbelievable year it’s been.

Go Giants. I want to watch another Favre classic at Lambeau.

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