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Feel Good Inc - Capuano

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

In feel good news, Chris Capuano pitched today and threw back-to-back strikeouts in a Brewers uni for the first time since September 28, 2007. That’s two years and 159 days. The non-roster invite is trying to prove to everyone he can still pitch, but even if he doesn’t make it, that still has to feel good.

Is Vargas Swiping The Ignitor’s Number?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

In the online store, if you select Claudio Vargas from the players list for authentic personalized jerseys, his jersey number is No. 4.

This is obviously a mistake as Paul Molitor’s No. 4 has been retired for years and Vargas is still listed as No. 46 on his player’s page, but on a slow Wednesday at the start of Spring Training, it’s somewhat interesting nevertheless.

Thanks to commentor Hoffman 51 on JSOnline who pointed out the mistake in JSOnline’s Brewers Blog comments.

10 Things to Look Forward to Before Opening Day

Monday, February 8th, 2010

This week is possibly one of the most boring in sports. There’s no more football, no baseball, no Olympics…just basketball. To get you over the hump, I’m going to try to post something new each day this week and open up some discussions.

Let’s start the week of on a positive note:

Here’s a list of 10 Brewer-related things I’m excited for before opening day

10) Brewers Winter Tailgate - What started off as nutjobs freezing for baseball tickets has been embraced by the team and the fans.

9) Pitchers and Catchers report - The four magical words in the middle of winter that make you feel like digging out of your hole. Anyone else start working out again once these words are said? Anyone else just have a good day on PaCR day? Yeah, didn’t think it was just me.

8) Promotional Schedule released - This isn’t a big deal, but it’s always fun to see who their going to make into a bobblehead this year. We already know there’s a Bernie Brewer one…perhaps a Prince as the HR Derby Champion bobble? Doug Melvin was a hit last year, how about a Mark Attanasio bobblehead?

7) This Year’s Breakout at Spring Training - Two years ago, it was Gabe Kapler. Last year, it was Casey McGehee. Who’s it going to be this year?

6) Ryan Braun’s Tavern and Grill - I know I’m lame, but I’m so close to Lake Geneva that it’s probably more exciting to me than others. And it can’t be any worse than Remitee, right?

5) Fantasy Baseball Draft - I love having all the guys get together for the draft, talk baseball, and speculate about players and teams.

4) Getting out the Grill and getting it ready for the season - This usually happens once most of the snow has left and it usually starts out as wanting to clean the grill and it usually ends up making burgers and brats…you know…to warm it up before the season.

3) Watching the pitching staff come together - Will the Crew have three lefty starters or will Manny and his fragile psyche get sent to AAA? Will the Narv-Dog be a reliever, long reliever, or AAA starter? Will Riske be ready? Will the relievers from last year still be worn out (already lost DiFelice for the year)? Will Jeff Suppan start? If so, it will because of two reasons; he will either have rocked in spring or there will be laugh-worthy reasoning from the managerial staff.

2) Spring Training Games - I love getting updates during the day about the team, not to mention seeing how prospects are doing this year. Plus, this year’s team has been through the biggest overhaul since 2006. It’s going to be interesting to see how all the new pieces work.

1) The night before Opening Day - The excitement has been bubbling for a long time and comes to a climax the night before.

Bryan’s News and Views: Beginning of Spring Training

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

- So, Joe Blanton’s trade stock just took a tumble, eh?

- Did anyone else try to order tickets online on Saturday? Let me tell you, it’s basically like waiting in line with yourself. It took over an hour and a half to order tickets and the reason I finally ordered tickets was I decided to stop waiting online and call. (Not that calling was much better, I had a busy signal for most of the morning there too). At least those who braved the weather got a hot dog and a t-shirt. Those waiting online get the Virtual Waiting Room of DOOM. It’s basically a screen that refreshes itself and never goes anywhere.

- I love that the team is doing well and that the state finally has some Brewer fever again, but not being able to get extra opening day tickets really ticked me off. I feel bad for those who are big Brewer fans but couldn’t get any opening day tickets. By the way, the lowest price for opening day tickets on StubHub was 71 bucks on Saturday.

-I usually name someone as most underrated. I’d like to say Corey Hart, but he’s become somewhat rated; he’s been getting a lot of well deserved respect. I’m going to say Bill Hall. He had a letdown of a year last year in center. I just have a feeling that he’s going to have a better season since he’s back in the infield. I also hope he’s gotten better at making adjustments at the plate.

- I can’t believe how much faith I have in the bullpen already. I feel that even if someone flounders, there’s at least 2 people to take their spot. If Gagne repeats his Boston miscues, we still have Torres, Riske, and (gasp) Turnbow. If Gagne lights it up as a closer, we have many different set-up options to keep the arms fresh. It’s great to me that Guillermo Mota, who was New York’s hope to be a great set-up man, is about our 5th option, behind Torres, Riske, Turnbow, and Shouse.

- Does anyone else think Prince Fielder’s bobblehead is way too reminiscent of the creepy Burger King? I completely can see Burger Prince sneaking around giving away Whoppers (or Boca burgers now).

I'm the anti-Burger King. Don't you dare eat that Whopper, son. Get your a$$ some Boca, pronto.

- Since we’re going with bobblehead gripes, when is that last time we’ve had a real quality likeness for bobbleheads? It’s been at least a year and a half. This year’s crop doesn’t look much better. Ryan Braun’s looks more like Drew Anderson (Give the man his signature scruff). I’m scared as to how Corey Hart’s bobblehead will look. It’ll either look like a tall Scott Podsednik bobblehead or like a character from Caveman.

- Yovanni’s injury, while it is a setback, could have been a lot worse. It’s better it happened now before we traded away Capuano, Bush, or Vargas.

- Yost is considering batting the pitcher 8th. Does he have some kind of man-crush on LaRussa? It didn’t work for the Cardinals, it probably won’t work for the Brewers.

- Cub fans are unhappy that the owner wants to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field. While it could be funny to think about who could buy the rights (PBR Presents Wrigley Field, Boeing Field, etc…), but since we in Wisconsin are blessed with Lambeau Field I might actually feel their pain on this one. I would hate the owner talking about selling the naming rights to Lambeau and I would hate to see Wrigley or Fenway to turn into Stadium or Sobe LifeField.


Friday, February 16th, 2007

I have to make this quick because a magical evening of Valentine’s Day make-up celebration with Lady Jarjohm awaits but it would be sacrilegious to not do a post about the day Brewers pitchers and catchers report for spring training.

The mere mention of spring training got me all tingly and kept me going through the long, cold baseball-less months, but we made it! It’s finally here! YES! BASEBALL!

I had to scream it to some people who would understand… The people at work balked at my suggestion that today should be a paid holiday and laughed when they heard my proposal for Brewer Fever Day, which would, of course, begin a six week celebration leading up to the greatest holiday of them all, OPENING DAY. But I know you all understand.

Cactus League updates are just around the corner! Woo!

Spring Training and History

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Hello, (what I hope to be) loyal blog readers! My name is Tyler and this marks my maiden post on, what is destined to be a long-term, year-round, relentless blog honoring the team to end all teams, the Milwaukee Brewers. As important as this, one of the first posts, may be to our young blog… discussion of it must yield to the exceedingly important mention of SPRING TRAINING! A bit more than one hour ago, the date changed and marked this… the sixteenth day of February as the day the Brewers pitchers and catchers are to report to camp. I understand that most of the players have been working out at the team facility for a week or two now, but I cannot help but feel like a little boy with this etching into stone, albiet minimal.

I will be taking an exam, then working into the night, so I won’t know much about the events of day one, in what shall be a magical season. I can only hope nobody falls out of a hot tub.


Insomniac Ink