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Cappy Completing Comeback?

Monday, May 17th, 2010

ESPN Rumors seems to believe that Chris Capuano might be called up to replace injured Doug Davis if Adam Stern or John Axford is sent back down, which is possible since the Brewers need another starter. If this happens, it will complete one of the greatest comebacks, in my opinion, in Brewers history. And yes, this is the only positive pitching story the Brewers have had in weeks…

UPDATE: Nope…not yet…but “I’m not Johnny” Estrada apparently looked good…

Loading up on Lefties?

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Yahoo Sports reports that Dougie Davis is coming back to Milwaukee for about $4-5 Million. Ladies are already prepping themselves for the return of the “anchor” in Milwaukee.

I'm Coming Back?!?

Maybe we can trade him again for a fat, slow catcher again.

According to multiple sources on the web, Ben Sheets looked good in his “open audition”. He hit 90 on the gun and threw a solid Ben Sheets’ Curveball. Since many teams reportedly have interest in the righty, coupled with the Brewers lack of any actual interest, it seems Sheeter will definitely find a new place to call home. Will he get his crazyazz $12 Mil/Per? No. Even Maddux and the Rangers were scared off by his asking price, so I’m guessing there will be a rich and pitching strapped team who will bow down to his minimum of $6-8 Million. arm bone is connected to my shoulder bone

Finally, if Mahk Moda also signs, there will be 4 lefties competing for the starting rotation. Awesome.

Randy Wolf Reportedly Signs; So does Reliever Hawkins

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

The JSOnline poster apparently got it right this weekend…The Brewers reportedly came to an agreement with the 33 year old lefty for  3 year, $29.75 Million with a 10 million option for a 4th year.

To be honest, this isn’t exciting but it’s better than nothing and it’s better than a lot of the choices out there. The Brewers signed a guy who has been mediocre since 2002, has a great year pitching in the cavern that is Dodger stadium in a contract year, and finally pitches over 200 innings for the first time in 6 years. It doesn’t inspire confidence that he will help right the pitching ship, but that’s why the Brewers got Rick Peterson, right? At least Wolf’s career OBA, K/9, ERA, Win %, Opponent OBA, and K/BB statistics are all better the Jeff Suppan’s.

UPDATE: The Brewers also signed veteran reliever LaTroy Hawkins. Not to be confused with Sophie B., LaTroy Hawkins throws a very fast ball and figures to be the primary set-up man for the Brewers next year. Hawkins can also save should it be needed. Hawkins is in his upper 30’s and is no spring chicken anymore, but as our closer showed us, age isn’t everything. He was signed for two years and about $7.5 million a year. The two year part of the deal was how Hawkins was swayed away from Houston.

I read some quick fan reactions and many fans are relieved that the pitching staff is coming together, but it was a very expensive day.

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Pre-Winter Meeting Joy Killers

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

While waiting for the Badger game, there were two posts that might make Brewers fans a little sad before Winter meetings:

First of all, Haudricort believes that the Brewers only has about 12 Million to spend on pitching. This puts them out of Lackey’s reach and even hurts the chances of finding two decent starting pitchers.

Second bit of bad news, a writer from Baseball Prospectus has the Cubs signing Mike Cameron once they unload Milton Bradley in the “imminent” future. I really like Cam and will have issues seeing him as a Cub if this comes to fruition. Also if this comes true, will the Cubs untuckem? Please let this rumor be BS.

Finally, do the Reds read RFB? MLB Trade Rumors has the Reds interested in both Noah Lowry and Jamey Carroll today after I posted that they were my under-the-radar picks. Hey Reds…um…I really hope the Brewers pick up Jerry Hairston Jr. and, um, Sidney Ponson…yeah…Ponson…

Zaun a Brewer

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Meet Greg Zaun.

He was a backup catcher until he was 33 (so Mike Rivera, he feels your pain)

He hits about 8 home runs a year and hits around .250. He struggled for awhile offensively in Toronto but came around last year for the Rays.

He catches about 24% of base stealers (Kendall was at 29%).

He recently signed with the Brewers for the low price of 1.9 Mil, with an option for 2011 at 2.25 Mil.

I think this was a very good move, but I disagree with Cory Provous who said it basically bumps Mike Rivera out of Milwaukee. I believe it gives Salome and Lucroy one more year in the minors and it gives Rivera one chance to take the starting role from Zaun.

Morning Ramble - 12/4

Friday, December 4th, 2009

There really hasn’t been much to report yet…but here’s some of the updates from the past week:

The Brewers are reportedly interested in Greg Zaun. I think he’d make a great addition and has been undervalued almost everywhere. Like I said before, I’d also be cool with Yorvit Torrealba, but Zaun is probably cheaper and will put up similar stats.

Lots of teams are interested in Ben Sheets and Mike Cameron. Every other day on ESPN rumors or other sites, there’s another team showing interest in one of those guys and who can blame them.

By the way, the miss noticed that Mike Cameron was 4th in almost every offensive category for the Brewers last year. Felipe Lopez was often third in those categories. Both players were NOT even offered arbitration.

Some posters on the JSonline site apparently believe that Randy Wolf has signed a three year deal with the Brewers and that this would be a good thing. I don’t believe it is at all. Randy Wolf had arguably his best year pitching in the cavern that is Dodger stadium. He also has only thrown over 200 innings for one year in the past five (last year…a contract year) so this year he’s looking for a multi-year deal. I think Wolf coming to Milwaukee has bad deal written all over it.

That said, it’s really sad but he is one of the better names on the market. I don’t know…it just reminds me of the Jeff Suppan signing. Wolf’s numbers overall are slightly better than Suppan’s were when he signed so I guess it could be worse than Wolf…I just don’t want to get into another long contract that was overpriced based on the lack of talent in the free agent pool and because the player had a surprisingly strong showing the previous year. I still would pass if he wants 9 million +.

Two “under the radar” players I want the Brewers to be interested in: Noah Lowry and Jamey Carroll. Feel free to post your own.

Winter meetings next week…woo!

Morning Ramble - 11/24

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Not much…just a catch up in case you haven’t heard and/or you’d like to discuss with Joe, Kade, Scottage, Jon K, Brewerfever, or myself.

The Brewers re-signed Chris Capuano. Not a big deal now, but he’s got to get back to pitching sometime, right? By the way, my brother is very excited about this because he has a Capuano shirt. He also has a Sabathia shirt. We’ve been giving him guff that any player he promotes leaves the team. We’re thinking of buying a Suppan shirt for him for Christmas.

The Brewers are reportedly interested in ANYTHING THAT PITCHES. The following list are starting pitchers that have been named in rumors that the Brewers have interest in: Carl Pavano, Jarrod Washburn, John Lackey, Mark Mulder, Edwin Jackson, Randy Wolf, John Smoltz, Doug Davis, Todd Wellemeyer, Derek Lowe, Ben Sheets, and Javier Vasquez. Did I miss any starters?

Going with the ANYTHING THAT PITCHES trend, the Brewers signed John “The Llama” Halama.

The Brewers also went statutory and signed a 16 year old Shortstop from the Dominican named Santo Aybar.

Morning Ramble 11/19

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Not much happening this week so far, but a couple notes:

The Brewers claimed a catcher from the Red Sox organization, George Kattaras. Competition is never a bad thing.

Right now from the rumor postings and sporting magazines making predictions, the most likely candidates to come to the Brewers are Mark Mulder, Jarrod Washburn, and Randy Wolf. Uggh…

Fox Sports also wrote that Gamel probably won’t be traded because he won’t net a fair return by himself and Weeks won’t be traded because he will be too expensive for a player coming off an injury.

Probably the funniest thing I read was that Eric Gagne wants to be a starter in Major League Baseball. Sure, the guy who could barely make it past an inning in relief wants to start..what is he going to do, lob the ball like Henry Rowengartner when he had no arm left either? Gord Ash’s quote was good too: “I don’t see that”. It’s simple, but direct. No messing around.

Things should start getting interesting again on Friday…

Morning Ramble - 11/13

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Ryan Braun won his second straight Silver Slugger award, putting him with the likes of Molitor and Cooper for Brewers who have won the award in consecutive years. Congrats Brauny!

This story about a guy who worked for Lambeau for 22 years getting fired probably because of something he did or didn’t say to Mike McCarthy angers me. I’ve stood up for McCarthy in the past, but that might be ending. I’ve been very unhappy with his play calling this year, his inability to change/help the team’s flaws, and if he really was this immature and bitter after the loss to the Vikings, then that’s just ridiculous and not what you want from a leader. Even if the guy said “Don’t lay an egg”, McCarthy should have listened to him, because that’s exactly what the Packers ended up doing.

By the way, is Brandon Jennings the most intriguing athlete playing in Wisconsin at this very moment? Think of all the Packers, Badgers, and Bucks and this guy is ripping the positive headlines from everyone else.


Looper’s option was NOT picked up, which was a slight surprise to me. The Brewers are trying to pool resources to see how much money they have, which is interesting because this week they have talked to agents representing Mark Mulder and John Lackey and are apparently interested in Edwin Jackson and possibly Javier Vasquez. Looper, who I liked as a pickup last year, gave up the most runs and home runs in the National League last year.

BEN SHEETS SIGHTING…er…actually, his agent finally spoke up to make sure people knew his client wasn’t dead or injured. Casey Close believes Sheets will be ready by Spring Training and said 3 teams already inquired (two of which are probably Texas and Milwaukee)

Thank God Seattle re-signed Jack Wilson. I’m very excited not to deal with his ugly mug (and uncanny ability to throw out runners right before they reach base) over 10 times a year.

Cubs are going for Granderson

Aftermath from the Hardy for Gomez Trade

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

This was a shocking trade and I have not really made up my mind on the trade. Some RFB’ers have said that they like the trade. For me, it really depends on what pitchers the Brewers get now without J.J. Hardy. John Lackey’s name is out there and he would be AMAZING to bring in. One thing I believe is that J.J. for Gomez opens up the possibility of trading Gamel or Hart for pitching, especially if the big free agent names go elsewhere. Here are some reactions from around the area about the trade:

JSonline currently has a poll running that shows Brewers fans are split 50/50 right now.

Bernie’s Crew is underwhelmed with the deal.

Brewerfan believes that Gomez won’t be able to match Cameron offensively, but should be similar defensively.

Michael Hunt believes that the new youth movement will put the Brewers farther away from the playoffs.

WISN’s Andy Kendeigh believes the move was at the right time and made an interesting point saying Gomez won’t have to look over his shoulder all year.

620’s Gene Mueller hopes this means the Brewers will no longer be deathly afraid of running, but won’t be able to judge the trade until the team comes together in April

Brew Beat found a quote from Twins manager Ron Gardenhire who says that Gomez is “irritating”.

Brew Crew Ball believes the Brewers should re-sign Cameron anyway (at least still offer arbitration…what’s the worst that could happen? He takes it and you still have a leader who can help Gomez become even better in center. Plus, the team could continue to piss off the NL Central and untuck their shirts.) and they believe the trade was good overall.

Cute Sports believe that Tweens and Teens will weep (she forgot sorority girls as well), but she seems most sad that there won’t be any “J.J. makes me Hardy” jokes.

View from Bernie’s Chalet said they are excited about the young Gomez.

In-Between Hops believe the loss of Hardy isn’t a big deal and might be very good for the team.

Minnesota Blogs:

Star Tribune writer Jim Souhan believes this was an “amazing” deal for the Twins.

A Fan’s View liked Gomez (save for something he calls Gomez’s “bunny hops” when throwing to home) but likes the trade especially because it upgrades their infield defense.

Twinkie Town likes having Hardy and so do most of their readers.

The Saint Paul Pioneer Press thinks that Hardy will be a long term shortstop in Minnesota and enjoyed that it fixed two of the Twins’ problems.

Matt Borzi of MinnPost loves the trade, but believes Gardenhire will move Hardy to third (if that were the case, he would probably still be a Brewer!)

Blogger Aaron Gleeman believes that Gomez got a bum rap in Minneapolis because of who he was traded for (Santana), but believes the acquisition is very positive for the Twins.

SethSpeaks LOVES the deal for the Twins.

Twinkie Talk believes this was definitely the right move for the Twins.

The Twins Most Valuable Blogger is glad the Twins didn’t give up a king’s ransom for the player they needed.

So as you can see, Brewer fans are unsure and Twins fans are seemingly thrilled.
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