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Of Getting Lei’ed No More: The End of a Below Average Relationship

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

In less-than-relevant and barely sad news, Major League Baseball has ended its relationship with Hawaii Winter Baseball, failing to renew the lease with the league that expired at the conclusion of the 2008 season.

In its turbulant history, the league has sired such notable professionals as Derrek Lee, Ichiro Suzuki, Joba Chamberlain, Todd Helton and Jason Giambi; Brewers alumnus Alex Ochoa, Gabe Kapler, Craig Counsell; and contemporary microBrew faves Mat Gamel, Caleb Gindl, Mike Ramlow, Logan Schafer and Chris Cody.

Will I miss this league? Do I really care? Should you care? The answer to all three is a full-fledged “As If!” But, in the wake of this half-assed league’s abandonment comes actually sad news…

This may be the last chance I’ll have to (responsibly) use the Getting Lei’ed graphic and subsequently lace a post with an above average and overly obvious accumulation of innuendo.

But don’t worry about me. Somehow, someway, I’ll manage to throw in delectable morsels about boning, boners and chesticles where I can - though I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be more difficult.

So with my trusted friend Dangerfield beside an obituary to loosely baseball-appropriate allusions to meatrocketing, I bid Hawaii Winter Baseball adieu. Maybe one day the ends will again touch to deliver a familiar but intense autumn sensation, but probably not. For what it’s worth, I will miss what we had together. I’ll miss the vague association to Brewers baseball and the continent… or whatever of Hawaii.

But mostly I’ll miss Getting Lei’ed. Maybe this light-hitting featurette, this badass Dangerfield Photoshop and I will meet again some day, even if only in a dream.

(HWB: 1993-97, 2006-08)

Getting Lei’ed: Hawaiian League News and Notes (Part Two)

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

You know what time it is when Dangerfield is to the left of the text? We’re all going to get lei’ed. But unlike high school, I got off to an early start. And as always, I’ll do all the work so it’s remotely enjoyable for everyone. So suit up folks, here we go!

Caleb Gindl went 0 for 8 since Friday’s installment, seeing his average dip to a meager .200. He hasn’t tallied an RBI since then either.

Fellow outfielder Logan Schafer isn’t doing much better. He’s dipped to a .171 clip at the plate, and his OBP dropped from a respectable .353 to .286 since Friday.

Brewers pitching prospects have fared considerably better than their bat-toting counterparts have this week. Mike Ramlow, who had already put up good numbers, continued his excellence on the mound. Ramlow lowered his ERA from 2.68 to 1.00 in his last scoreless outing. He’s surrendered just eight hits over 9 IP spanning four outings.

Chris Cody regained his old (impressive) form since Friday. After coughing up just one run over five innings Sunday he saw his ERA fall from 6.48 to 4.37. He leads the CaneFires in innings and strikeouts with 13.1 and 14 respectively and he’s walked just two hitters in league play.

As of (Word)Press time, your CaneFires have lost four straight games, but still sit atop the two-team Hawaii Winter Baseball West division standings with a 6-7 record (kind of like the NL West of the Hawaiian baseball league, ehh?). Their record is good for third best overall in the four-team Hawaiian Winter Baseball League.

You’ve just been lei’ed. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. I always aim to please.

Until next week,


Getting Lei’ed: Hawaiian League News and Notes

Friday, October 10th, 2008

The Brewers season ended Sunday and the minor league affiliates concluded in late August, but some may be surprised to know there are still some players in the Brewers organization that are still playing. Some of these are comprised in the few Brewer minor leaguers taking part in the Hawaiian Winter Baseball league.

A brief background on this league: It was founded in 1993. It bears a minute affiliation with the MLB, but also has players from the Korean and Japanese leagues on its rosters. The league boasts such well-known alumnus as Ichiro Suzuki, Derrek Lee, Jermaine Dye, Todd Helton and Jason Giambi, as well as current Brewers Craig Counsell, Gabe Kapler and Mat Gamel. Its season spans from late September through the middle of November.

Four Milwaukee prospects, Chris Cody, Caleb Gindl, Logan Schafer and Mike Ramlow, are taking part in the league as members of the West Oahu CaneFires – a team led by Brevard County manager Mike Guerrero. Though I’m off to a late start, I am going to try to get you up to speed on how each of these players have done to this point, and keep updates coming as the season progresses (I mean, I already made this awesome graphic… so I pretty much have to keep posting).

Mike Ramlow is a starting pitcher who spent the 2008 season between low-A West Virginia and high-A Brevard County. He excelled at both places, posting a combined 8-5 record and 2.68 ERA. Thus far Ramlow has continued to pitch well during his Hawaiian stint, going a league-leading 2-0 with a 1.50 ERA in three CaneFire outings.

Keeping with good minor league starters, Chris Cody, too, had a great minor league showing in ’08 between West Virginia and Brevard as well. Cody was obtained in 2007 when Milwaukee sent Joe Capellan to Detroit. He’s made the Brewers front office look very good since coming over. However, in Hawaii Cody hasn’t been himself so far, as his ERA sits at a sizable 6.48 over three games (two starts) spanning just 8.1 innings in which opponents hit .351 against the lefty.

Caleb Gindl is probably the most recognizable name of the bunch. Projecting like a Brain Giles-type hitter, the West Virginia outfielder has received press from such lofty locales as Baseball America, and Right Field Bleachers. Early on in Hawaiian play, Gindl is hitting just .250 (in 32 ABs mind you) but is fourth in the league in RBI with seven.

Gindl is joined in the outfield by Logan Schafer, a player who was selected by Milwaukee in the third round of the MLB First Year Player Draft back in June. Schafer put up respectable stats in an abbreviated season spent between Helena (Rookie) and West Virginia. In significantly less plate appearances in a CaneFires uniform, Schafer is hitting just .222 in 27 ABs, but his six walks has helped him to a .353 on base percentage.

The CaneFires are 6-3 with 27 games left to play. I’ll do my best to keep shorter and more frequent updates on these players and our adopted CaneFires coming as the season continues.

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