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Vote for Casey

Monday, May 10th, 2010

(Sung to the tune of “Spongebob Squarepants)

Ohhhhhh, who’s hitting more home runs than big ol’ Princey? Ca-sey Mc-Gehee
Who is even hitting with R-I-S-P? Ca-sey Mc-Gehee
His clutch hitting be something you’d miss. Ca-sey Mc-Gehee
So do for me this one little wish, Ready?
Vote for Ca-sey
Vote for Ca-sey
Vote for Ca-sey
Vote for Ca-seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

McGehee on Mother's Day

Even though this may backfire since many former Brewer all-stars have hit the skids (see Hardy, Capuano, Turnbow, Hart), I still feel that Casey McGehee needs recognition for what he’s doing. Keep it up, Casey! Milwaukee definitely knows how to say your last name.

Jody Gerut hits for the Cycle!

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

What a big night in Arizona! Jody Gerut just hit for the cycle. He is the 6th in Brewer history to hit for the cycle, the last one being Chad Moeller in 2004. Jody joins Moeller, Yount, Molitor, Charlie Moore, and Mike Hegan.

Gerut Starts the Cycle with a Home Run

Jody Gerut smacked a home run in the second. Then a single in the third. A big triple in the 5th. Then nothing in the 6th and 7th, but in the 9th, he hit a two run double. Gerut had 4 RBI’s for the game.

Restaurant Ideas

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Ryan Braun has one. Jeff Suppan has had one for awhile. They’re restaurants and they could turn into a smart business venture for athletes. Here are some restaurant ideas for any Brewers who still want to turn into restauranteurs.

Prince Fielder’s Choice

What is it: Besides a play on words and a play on his choice to go meatless, PFC could be like a meatless Stack’d. Want 3 meatless burgers on top of each other, slathered with sauce, fried onions, lettuce, tomatoes, a meatless bacon (yes, there is such a thing)? It would be at Prince Fielder’s Choice! Want a blooming onion that falls down when you put a picture of Prince on home plate? It’s here too!

Signature Dish: The Grand Slam - 4 meatless sliders, each one topped with meatless bacon, crispy onion strings, and stadium sauce.

Yovani Cilantro

What is it: A southwest bar and grill…where everything can strike out the competition and still hit a home run.

Signature Dish: The Repetoire Combination Platter. It includes dishes that match Yovani’s 4 pitches. The fastball is 3 Spicy Habenero Wings that make your mouth burn. The changeup is some nice, slow grilled tequila shrimp. The slider is a chicken quesadilla with a devastating chiptole-cheese sauce. Finally, the curve is a fish taco with a cheesy tortilla wrapped around the shell.


What is it: Named after the two speed freaks on the team, Escie-Mez is part Chipotle, part Jimmy Johns. You think Jimmy John’s delivery is fast? Sh*t son, you haven’t seen fast until you’ve seen Carlos Gomez or Alcides Escobar running faster than the Jimmy John’s delivery car to deliver your giant burrito.

Signature Dish: The Chicken’s just really good and really fast.

Alterra Coffey

What is it: Alterra has been trying to expand, but they can’t quite afford huge stars to back their Milwaukee-based chain. Enter Todd Coffey, who is known all around baseball for his bullpen sprint and loved by Milwaukee for his dependability. Perfect! The only Alterra Coffey will be in Miller Park.

Signature Dish: It’s always the scones that are good at coffee shops…so good, but so overpriced. When Alterra announces the deal with Todd, they create a new signature blend that packs the excitement of Todd Coffey’s sprint with the boldness of the Ultimate Warrior.

Craigy McCounsell’s

What is it: You may not think that Craig and Casey would make a good restaurant, but did anyone thing Craig would be an NLCS (fixed) MVP? No. Did anyone really think Casey would make the team AND be the opening day starter  a year later? No. So let’s give their restaurant a chance. It may not look good, but it will somehow produce great food

Signature Dish: Well, Craig seems like someone who loves happy meals, so his restaurant is the only one with meals for children.


What is it: Trevor Hoffman is no-nonsense and neither is his restaurant. It is the five-star (snooty) premier restaurant with a top chef that Milwaukee doesn’t have. It would basically be Milwaukee’s Per-Se or Alinea.

Signature Dish: I don’t know. Something with creme fraiche, pesto, risotto, foie gras, with braised duck in a homemade bisque.

The Sound of The Window and Its Effect on Fans

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

The first month of the season is over, yet nobody seems to really know what kind of team there really is in Milwaukee?

We want to believe it’s the team that put up 20+ on the Pirates and we don’t want to believe it’s the team that only scores 2 runs during a 4 game series with the Padres.

The sad part is…it may be the latter…

This team is far too inconsistant for most fans (and probably for the managers). The talent is there, but so far, the execution has not been there.

What’s worse is that the pitching staff seems like they are really trying to see if they can out-crap the 2009 pitching staff.

However it’s only one month into the long season and last year, the Angels, Rockies, and Twins had .500 or worse Aprils and they all made the Playoffs. So the question is…why is everyone freaking out?

Easy…it’s because Brewer fans hear the sound…the sound of the Window of Opportunity closing.

Let's Keep The Window Open

It was about 2004 when we Brewers fans were getting really excited about the Brewers legitimate chances. We were gearing up for the future, because fans knew that the farm system was about to produce some amazing players. There was Prince Fielder! Power hitting first baseman with baseball in his genes. There was Rickie Weeks! The second base dynamo who won 3 awards in his senior year of college. Finally, there was J.J. Hardy, hot hitting shortstop with a cannon arm. There was a lanky outfielder named Corey Hart who could run fast and smack the ball well. There were other names too, but they were either traded or became busts like Nelson Cruz and Ben Hendickson. Also in 2005, the Brewers drafted Ryan Braun and there was a quick buzz about him too!

And when they came up, the Brewers started winning again and the people came back to Miller Park. Then, every year fans would say “This is the year it all comes together!”  There has always been something standing in the way, a “but” if you will. In 2005, the team made it to .500 and that was the start. In 2006, the team had a nice showing from Prince and Rickie, but they fell out under .500 and traded away Carlos Lee. In 2007, the team was in the hunt and we saw a 50 HR season from Prince and a Rookie of the Year season form Braun, but the pitching imploded when Ben Sheets went down again and the team was error-prone. In 2008, the team made the playoffs with a solid year from Sheets, Fielder, Braun, Corey, and CC, but the team faded in the last couple months and had subpar years from Rickie and Bill Hall. The Brewers lost to the Phillies who would win the whole thing. In 2009, we thought the loss of Sheets and CC would be alright since we had Yovani and Manny. 2009 also had excellent showings from Prince and Braun yet again, but the pitching imploded, Rickie was hurt, and the team faltered.

Throughout all of it, the main focus has always been on Prince Fielder and his time as a Brewer. That time is almost out, and we know it. Even though J.J. was replaced by fairly pain-free by Alcides, there is no one that could be brought up to replace Prince. If Prince goes, then Rickie and Corey will almost surely follow him. We want to keep the faith that Prince and/or Rickie will re-sign, but what if that doesn’t happen?  People remember 2005 with excitement because it was the year that Prince, Rickie, and JJ were brought up and “the future is now!”, but what happens the year they’re all gone? We Brewers fans don’t want all this talent to only produce one small stint in the postseason, but time is slipping away.

That’s why I believe so many Brewers fans are freaking out at this awful April. That’s why we’re sick of the wasted time on wasted series because of a lack of good pitching or lack of consistent hitting or lack of decent fielding. It’s because we believe the talent is there, but the window is closing…

So as fans, let’s keep the faith we’ve had in these guys since 2005, keep cheering, and hopefully show those guys in uniforms that they need to start kicking it into gear already.

Cheer Up, Milwaukee

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Yep, that sucked. All of the good feelings from the Pirates series were completely erased by the sleep walk sweep the Brewers just went through against the Cubs.

But there are a couple reasons to keep our heads held high as we head into a new week. First, the Pirates are coming to town, and that’s a good cure for a team coming off a bad series. And, second, we’re not as stupid as Cubs fans. Not even close. Seriously, in the same day, some Cubs fan fell 14 feet out of the Miller Park left field bleachers trying to catch a BP ball and a group of mouth breathing baby bear backers swapped drivers at 70 mph on their way home from the game AND put the exhibition in idiocy up on YouTube (check about the 8:15 minute mark of the video for the actual switch)? Can’t make this stuff up…

Oh, and I guess it’s spread to the team too. Check out the quotes from Ryan Theriot on the flyball flopper:

“Very shaken up, looking around the stadium, there’s got to be something to prevent that. I guess it could happen to anybody going for a ball.”

Um, there is something to prevent that — a freaking brain. Should the Brewers equip all Cubs fans with helmets and mouth guards as they enter the stadium to protect them from their own stupidity? I mean they might walk into a support beam too. Or maybe try to do acrobatics down the steps on the way to their seats. And, no, it couldn’t happen to anybody, Ryan. It only happened to one moron.

Honestly, I hope the guy isn’t hurt bad. It sounds like it was pretty scary and nobody wants to see a fan of any team get seriously hurt at a baseball game.

But, really, how does that even happen?

Suppan sent to the ‘pen, Narveson brought to the rotation

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

But that’s what should have happened right out of spring training!!!!!!!!!!

Narveson was throwing great, the Brewers sent him to the pen. Now, he has an ERA of over 7 and has to stretch out again. Meanwhile, Suppan most likely is going to stew (not a pun) in the bullpen.  It was another bad decision.

I wonder if they’re only going to give Narveson two starts, then send in Parra and it will be the rotating two-start starters squad.

What a mess April has been for the pitchers…They start with a 4 man rotation, even though they have 6 possible starters. They send down lefty specialist Mitch Stetter to make room for the return of “Neck Pain” Suppan because he was the only one with options. Hawkins starts off great, but then explodes. Trevor has problems in the beginning of the year. Doug Davis is giving up the gopher.

Let’s just hope the Brewers are starting slow and will end hot, unlike most years in the past.

They’re not booing, they’re saying Bu-laga

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

We're going to need a bigger broom...

What an awesome day!

First of all, the Brewers put together their first great series against the Pirates and ended it with, oh, twenty exclamations. Not only did the offense dominate, but the pitchers shut out the Pirates (who had to be p.o.’ed)

Then, the Packers picked a player that I am very excited about. I was hoping the Packers would find a replacement for Tauscher/Clifton and they did with Brian Bulaga. Some Wisconsin sites had Bulaga as high as 5th and most national mock drafts had him around the 15th pick. It may not be a playmaker, but it fills a need.

Let’s go Brewers against those Cubs!

Oompa, Loompa, Doom-Pa-Dee-Do

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

I’ve never seen a female Oompa-Loompa before, but I’m pretty sure there was one sitting behind home plate tonight.

I guess the females have blonde hair?

Wes Helm’s Greatest Sin

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Former most-hated-Brewer Wes Helms might have won some Milwaukee love back in 2008 after his clutch hitting (as a Marlin) helped boost the Brewers into the playoffs, but he’s just committed a sin far greater than sucking at baseball, being overweight and getting paid more than the crummy players that surrounded him on bad Brewers teams.

He said he likes this song, and not in an ironic “It’s funny because Scott Stapp is hilariously lame” kind of way either:

Come on, “Uncle Wes”…

Someone Finally Gets the Attanasio/Levine Argument Right

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Brewers owner Mark Attanasio has gotten a lot of flack over the last week or so for comments he made about the disparity between his club’s payroll and the Yankees’ payroll and the MLB salary system in general. He even got a heated response from Yankees President Randy Levine in which Levine accused him of whining. Should Attanasio have made the comments? Probably not. Making comments like that in the media doesn’t help the situation and it just brings unneeded attention onto the team. Those are conversations for owners behind closed doors. That said, Mark was absolutely right and Levine’s response was hollow and asinine.

Still, the reaction in the media has been almost exclusively anti-Attanasio and, frankly, it was getting on my nerves. This morning, I finally saw someone breakdown the argument and take Levine and the Yankees to task. Check out ESPN’s Erik Kuselias’ take here:

Thank you, Erik.

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