We Take A Close Look At Which Banking Options You're Best Off Using When Betting Online

April 10th, 2010

In America, sports are more popular now than they've ever been before. Whether we're going to the live games or watching them live at home, there's no doubt that competitive sports are a staple part of the average person's life. Due to the internet taking over, more sports are becoming accessible, making events like UK or Spanish soccer more popular than they ever were. Nowadays, plenty of people are choosing to make bets on events like this, which begs the question of which is the best way to fund online sport bets.

One of the more popular ways to bet on sports is through PayPal betting. PayPal was once associated with the online marketplace, Ebay but has since become one of the most popular online banking methods for multiple reasons. This is due to how fast payments are and how quickly they can be withdrawn into your account. The combination of this makes PayPal one of the best banking solutions for players looking to make sports bets.


Thank you, Erik.

Brewers Lock Up Yo With 5-Year Deal

April 8th, 2010

According to a Tom Haudricourt tweet:

Brewers are believed to be closing in on contract extension with RHP Yovani Gallardo.

That is great news on an otherwise glum, snowy day (especially after they cancelled the Timber Rattlers opener). I can’t wait to hear the details.

EDIT: Turns out it’s pretty much just speculation on the Journal Sentinel beat writers’ part for now. The Brewers are calling a press conference to annonce something and Haudricourt and Witrado think a Yo contract extension is the most likely announcement as Prince Fielder’s contract situation will take much longer to work out.

EDIT2: Adam McCalvy has more details on the possible Gallardo extension HERE.

Edit3: By now I’m sure you all know the deal is done. It’s a five-year $30.1 million deal with an option for a sixth year. Full details HERE and HERE.

Looks like an outstanding deal for both sides. Great move for the Brewers. I’m sure I speak for all Brewers fans when I say I’m pumped to watch Gallardo in a Brewers uniform for at least the next five years. Good work Doug, Gord and Mark!

Our First Pitch Went Better Than Obama’s

April 8th, 2010

The Third Annual Right Field Bleachers First Pitch was Friday and it was a blast once again. Thank you to everyone who came out. And for those who didn’t, here’s a little taste of what you missed:

Sunday Flood – “The System”

The Response - “Alright, Who Wants a Mustache Ride?”

Drop Dead Giants
(Didn’t catch the song name)

Scarlet Escape – “Battle Splooge”
(I had some camera problems during Scarlet Escape’s set so I didn’t catch a complete song, but I got a good chunk of this one)

Uecker on Hall of Fame Streak

April 7th, 2010

Fresh off his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Brewers announcer Bob Uecker has been added to another oddball hall. He will join the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame.

From the press release:

Uecker has been a master at promoting meat during his many years of play-by-play coverage of Milwaukee Brewers baseball. He often talks about meat as a tasty, nutritious food during his commentary, urging his listeners to set up the grill for hamburgers at a tailgate party or bring pork chops to a picnic, all without missing a single play on the field. Uecker is also a spokesman for Usinger’s sausage company.

Aside from the WWE Hall of Fame and the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame, Uecker is also a member of the reviewing team at CSGO Book a review site dedicated to CSGO gambling sites as well as the Radio Hall of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame (after winning the Ford C. Frick award for broadcasters).

No word yet on when Bob will join the Actors Hall of Fame for his work on the “Major League” movies, Miller Lite commercials and “Mr. Belvedere” series.

BrewKu Review

April 6th, 2010

Brewers 7, Rockies 5

Current Record: 1-1

Randy Wolf alright
McGehee and Weeks hit homers
No shirts went untucked

McCalvy Calls His Shot, Wins RFB Bracket Challenge

April 5th, 2010

Here is Brewers.com beat writer Adam McCalvy’s final sentence from an e-mail he sent me on March 14 in which he committed to join the Right Field Bleacher’s Bracket Challenge:

I don’t know jack squat about the teams, which only guarantees that I will win.

And when Gordon Hayward’s last-second shot clanked off the iron and the Blue Devils took the NCAA basketball title, McCalvy’s bold prediction came true. He won the Bracket Challenge by one point over me.

Congrats Adam!

Here are the top 10 finishers:

1. Adam McCalvy — 107 (Duke)

2. Jared RFB — 106 (Duke)

3. Nathan Kopf — 104 (Duke)

4. Chris Mehring — 83 (Kansas)

5. Brandon Hurley — 80 (Kansas)

5. Scott Garner — 80 (Kansas)

7. Kyle Lois — 77 (Kansas)

8. Benjamin Krautkramer — 76 (Kansas)

8. Chris Ciske — 76 (Kansas)

10. John Doyle — 75 (Kansas)

Thank you everyone for playing.

Questions Without Actual Answers Yet

April 4th, 2010

It’s the eve before opening day and this year, there are still some important questions with the Brewers team that will need to be figured out quickly:

1) Why are the Brewers commited to starting Suppan?
The news that Parra and Narveson are both being sent to the bullpen wasn’t the bad news…the bad news was that the Brewers are still holding a starting spot for Jeff Suppan for no other reason than “We’re paying him a ton of money” and “He hasn’t pitched out the pen in a long time.” I have a question to go with my first question…Where did your stones go, Brewers organization?

From Major League 2..."You have no marbles!"

2)  Which outfielder is going to divide the fans most? Hart? Edmonds? or Gomez?
From what I’ve noticed, there are many Brewers fans that are fed up with Corey Hart already BUT he still has a loyal following. There’s another group of fans that hate Jimmy Ballgame and feel he’ll be taking valuable at bats from younger players BUT his spring training performance has turned many over to his side. There’s yet another group that hates Gomez and his lack of power BUT there are many people excited for his speed and good performance in spring. So which outfielder is going to divide fans the most? It depends on whichever one does the worst.

3) Will the new starters be better than the old starters?
This one has an answer…sort of…and the answer is “They better not be any worse”. Most preseason predictions I’ve seen has Randy Wolf regressing this year and Doug Davis will always give up some home runs, it’s just a matter of keeping the number down. I believe Bush will be better this year and Yo will be stellar as usual. That fifth spot is concerning

4) Will LaTroy Hawkins be more like Guillermo Mota or Salomon Torres?
All three pitchers were former closers, so where will Hawkins fall? He can still dial it up over 90 and has looked alright so far.

5) Will George Kottaras walk to the mound a lot?
While at the spring training game on Friday, I noticed that George really wanted to be on the same page with his pitchers and walked to have a talk with each pitcher multiple times. It worked, because there were no runs earned by the bullpen! Is he really going to do that during the season? Don’t fix what isn’t broken, George.

6) Is this the year for Rickie Weeks?
If he can stay healthy? Why not?!?!? I still have faith in the guy.

7) Will Macha run with this team?
Not just make a run, but actually steal bases and move runners. There’s so much speed on this team, it’s ridiculous. The 2005 White Sox think this team has a ton of speed, but will that speed turn into production on both sides?

8) When will the Narv-Dog get a legit chance at being a starter?
Not soon enough apparently. I really believe that if you make someone a reliever at the beginning of the year and try to make him a starter later that same year, it won’t work. When has it worked? I can’t think of anyone right now…

The Narv-Dog

9) Who will be the surprise player to step up this year?
Last year it was Casey, before that it was Gabe Kapler. Will Gomez step up? Will Casey prove his doubters wrong AGAIN? Will it be Rickie or even Jody Gerut? Perhaps it will be a pitcher…maybe Parra will take the next step. Perhaps it will be a surprise addition. Maybe it will be a call-up from Nashville…

10) Will this team make the playoffs?
Well, if you believe SI or ESPN, no. They have the Brewers finishing fourth behind the Cards, Cubs, and Reds. And it’s easy to be skeptical after the downer that was last  year, with Macha having his first losing season as a manager. However, I like when the Brewers fly under the radar and I believe this team will be playing meaningful ball looooong into the season.

Now it’s your turn…answer my questions if you can or post your own

Bill Hall Trips Up

April 4th, 2010

Anyone watching the Opening Game on ESPN tonight with the BoSox against the Yankees should have noticed that Bill Hall did not start the year on the right foot and tripped during pregame introductions. Funny.

The Final Days of the RFB Bracket Challenge

April 1st, 2010

We head into the Final Four this weekend and the race for the RFB Bracket Challenge title is still wide open.

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers radio announcer Chris Mehring has charged to the lead in the Bracket Challenge with a score of 83 and three of his Final Four teams still remaining. Unfortunately for Chris, he has Kansas as his winner, but he’ll be in good shape if Butler or Michigan State wins the title because no one picked either of those teams to win it all.

Jon Christensen currently sits in a tie for seventh place with 68 points, but has the highest possible “Best Score” of any player in the Challenge. He has West Virginia as his champion and can total 116 points if the games fall right. For comparison, Mehring can finish with a Best Score of 99.

Brewers.com beat writer Adam McCalvy is also sitting nicely. He’s currently tied for 27th, but has Duke as his winner and can score as high as 107 if the Blue Devils win it all. I’m only a point behind Adam tied for 31st place and can score as high as 106, but I also picked Duke as the winner so I won’t be able to leapfrog him.

I think there are a few other teams on the periphery that could charge to the lead if things fall right.

But the lowest score (of those that actually entered brackets) has been decided. Brad Bubolz has locked up the worst score with 40 points and none of his Final Four teams left.

Thank you all for playing!

P.S. Go to the RFB First Pitch show tomorrow!

Brewers License Plates Available This Week

April 1st, 2010

And I just got mine!!

Both were awesome…and yes, I know most people are going to get the retro logo, but I couldn’t help myself…it couldn’t be easier…walk in with your registration, plop down some cash, and you leave with a sweet new plate in a couple minutes (unless you want a personalized one)

Insomniac Ink