Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Half Awards

The Good Awards:

Half Season MVP: Ryan Braun

Braun has been the consistent hitter we've needed him to be. When he started getting hot in May, the entire team followed. Runner Up: Ben Sheets, Corey Hart Last Year: Cordero/Fielder

Rookie of the First Half: Manny Parra

Ok, so it's really not his rookie year. It's still his first full year and Manny is dealing. His emergence has been clutch. Runner Up: Tim Dillard Last Year: Ryan Braun

Cy Higuera Award: Ben Sheets

I really hope we can re-sign Ben Sheets. He has struck out more people in THIS HALF of the year than all of last year. His ERA is an astounding 2.85 and already has 10 wins(He ended with 12 Wins and an ERA of 2.70 when he was 8th place for the Cy Young Award in 2004) Runner Up: Manny Parra Last Year: Ben Sheets

The “WOW” Moment of the First Half: Trading for CC Sabathia

This moment was WOW because I never thought it would really happen. "There's no way the Brewers are getting the reigning Cy Young Winner" I said to myself. I was wrong and this signing has electrified the entire state of Brewers fans. Last Year: Prince's inside the Park Home Run

The “Blue Collar” Award: Jason Kendall

This award goes to a player that doesn’t get much credit for what he does, but deserves it. This year I'm going with Jason Kendall. He started the year like gangbusters when the rest of the team was slumping. He's also been able to help our young pitching immeasurably. Do you really think Seth McClung could do what he did all by himself? Do you feel that Manny's breakout season is being helped by having a smart catcher who can get him through the hard times? Jason may never hit the big home run, but he rarely strikes out and always runs out those ground balls. Runner Up: Brian Shouse Last Year: Corey Hart

The “Benchie”: Gabe Kapler

This award goes to the player who has done the most coming off the bench. The Benchie goes to Gabe Kapler. Gabe has been a phenomenal prescense in the clubhouse and a phenominal story. We all know Gabe's back story, but he hasn't hit like this in a long time! His previous stint in Boston, he had 130 at bats, hit about .250 and had 2 home runs. This year after a 149 at bats, he's hitting .315 with 5 home runs. Runner Up: Russell Branyan Last Year: Kevin Mench

The “2003 Scott Podsednik” Award: Manny Parra

This award is for a guy who comes out and dazzles beyond expectations. The award goes to Manny Parra. If anyone thought this young lefty would would be on pace for over 15 wins, I bow to you. He has been a battler the whole first half and I hope he continues it throughout the season. Runner Up: Salomon Torres Last Year: Carlos Villanueva

The Not So Good Awards:

The “2004 Scott Podsednik Award”: Mike Cameron

This award goes to one who was good before, but now disappoints. This one goes to Mike Cameron. His defense has not been "as advertised" and we're still waiting for some consistency at the plate. The only thing that came like we thought were the strikeouts. (Still averaging about a strikeout every 3 at bats)

The "Oh S**t" Moment of the First Half: Swept by Boston

This award goes to the moment when we all put our heads down in dismay and said various forms of the word "crap". This year was the sweep in Boston. Things weren't going well for the Brewers before the 3 game series. The Brewers were 20-21 and had the media jumping on the bogus "Ned will be fired" blog post. All the while, the Cubs and Cardinals were throttling opponents. We all know that after the series, the Brewers have been the second best team in baseball, but during the Boston series we all started to have doubts about the team. Last Year: Justin Verlander's No Hitter

The “Mulligan” Award: "The Cardinals will be vying for 5th place in the Central"

I call mulligan on that one. I said there was no way that pitching staff with all their DL problems could hold up a team that has Pujols and many unproven players. Wow, wrong on that one. Sorry Cards fans. I did not forsee Ryan Luwick out-homering Pujols nor did I see Kyle Lohse winning 11 games in the first half...and I don't think you did either. Last Year: Saying that the Elmer Dessens trade was good.

The “Richie Sexson” Award: Eric Gagne

Richie Sexson was well known for blowing it in the clutch and delivering hits and home runs when it mattered least. He also would half ass it and usually never even tried to tag a runner on a pick off play. The winner of this award is Eric Gagne. Many a Brewer fan wanted to trust Gagne. It was exciting early on when he saved 3 straight, but on the fourth try, things went south. Take the blown saves with the "cop out" on the steroids talk, and not being sure if he wanted to close (then flip-flopped that statement), and subsequently went on the DL. And through all of this he never showed any immediacy to improve or extreme displeasure in his output. Last Year: Johnny Estrada

MLB First Half Awards:

Biggest Surprise: Minnesota Twins

Most of you are thinking the Tampa Bay Rays, but as I thought earlier, most people expected them to have a much better year. Maybe not THIS good, but better. No. My choice is the play of the Minnesota Twins. With no Johan, no Torii, and an uncertain Liriano, no one was thinking playoff race for Twins baseball. Yet here they the hunt in the AL Central.

Most Overdone Story: The AL Rules, The NL Drools

Ok, we get it, the AL wins during interleague play and the All-Star Game. Doesn't mean everytime I turn on Baseball Tonight, I have to hear how "inferior" the NL is and how they don't stand a chance and how the AL "feasts on poor NL pitching". It's annoying and unnecessary to have it brought up every chance they get. I don't follow basketball too much, but I know the talking heads on the major networks all said that the East is terrible and the West is amazing. Well, look who dominated the Finals! Get something new to talk about other than NL.

Player Who Has Best Lived Up to the Hype: Tim Lincecum

I didn't think Lincecum would be this good. His numbers are staggering, especially when you realize he's on the Giants. Those 11 wins all of a sudden look unbelievable.

Player Who Came Out of Seemingly Nowhere: Too Many to Name

This year has been the year of the Break-out. Nate McLouth, Ryan Ludwick, Edinson Volquez, Justin Duchscherer, Dioner Navarro, and George Sherrill were All-Stars and I'm still wondering who some of them are. I'm very excited to see what happens in the second half of the year to these players!


Blogger Joe said...

Manny Parra isn't technically a rookie. Otherwise, good pick.

July 17, 2008 11:53 PM  
Blogger Bryan said...

i know, i know...i wrote that it wasn't his rookie year...I just couldn't help myself. i figured people would understand

July 18, 2008 7:34 AM  

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