Friday, June 20, 2008

In the News (6/19): The Holy Crap, it's My Turn Edition

Yesterday's Game: Brewers 8, Blue Jays 7
Record: 39-33, Third Place
Games Behind Cubs: 5.5

Dave Bush joined the pitching party, riding a no hitter into the eighth and Prince hit a memorable inside the park home run. Tim Dillard and David Riske did their part to make the last inning interesting, but thanks to Salomon Torres, the Brewers were able to narrowly escape with the win and series sweep. They've won four straight and look to be playing their best baseball of the season from top to bottom.

- For the third day in a row, every NL Central team but the Brewers lost!

- Lyle Overbay broke up Bush's no hitter with no outs in the eighth with a triple and later homered: We hate to see you leave, Lyle... but with yesterday's performance, we love to watch you go. Go be awesome against some other NL team.

- If it wasn't already hard enough being a Cubs fan (referring of course to the requisite Old Style drinking and reverie of hacks like Ron Santo) Carlos Zambrano will be shelved for at least one start with shoulder trouble: Cubs fans can start forming excuses for floundering in the standings and falling short yet again starting... NOW.

- Brewers top prospect Matt LaPorta is listed as day to day with a bruised back following a collision with an outfield wall: It sounds like it could have been serious. Needless to say, fans should be glad it wasn't worse.

- FOX Sports' Dayn Perry speculates which manager is the next to be offed: He puts Ned Yost in the "Wait and See" category - citing that the Brewers, though winning 15 of their last 21, are beating teams under .500. I'm sorry, but isn't that exactly how the Cubs sprung out the gates... playing bad teams at home for pretty much the entire season? Chicago is 7-11 against teams with an above.500 record. It's probably a bit early to place Ned's head on the chopping block.

- Brew Town Beat scribes a letter to William "Bill" Hall: I wouldn't say Russell Branyan has "quietly socked 10 dingers" though. He's pretty much the law around these parts lately.

- Yahoo!'s Steve Henson says the Brewers are neither buyers nor sellers as the trade deadline looms: As Wild Card, nay, the division well within grasp, a move would make sense, but with the way Milwaukee is playing right now, maybe no news (in the transaction report) might be good news. Personally, it's doubtful the back end of the rotation can keep up the insane outings they've all managed to post since the Boston series - so I wouldn't hate them acquiring a stop gap starter down the stretch.

- If you've been living amongst the apparent ice on Mars and have come back to read baseball blogs, HERE is what Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi said about Adam Dunn. But it gets better, Dunn's answer is an instant classic.

- Drunk Jays Fans weighs in on "Dunngate" and/or "Dunnciardigate"/"Dumbciardigate" HERE and HERE: They also suggest a replacement of manager John Gibbons (who was fired today)... Star Trek the Next Generation's own Jean-Luc Picard

- Could the Cubs get A.J. Burnett?: Assume all you want, but my money (the safe bet) is on the Jays holding on to Burnett so he can (without doubt) opt out of his contract, giving the Jays a compensatory draft pick. The again, Ricciardi seems to be losing it, who knows.

- Eli and his MLB Rumors site says Cubs are worried that Zombie's shoulder injury might be season-ending: He names Livan Hernandez, Randy Wolf and Erik Bedard as potential replacements.

- As the trade deadline approaches, Jayson Stark says Ben Sheets is not available: Der!

- Brewers prospect Mat Gamel's value as a long term fantasy keeper is on the rise: I know he'll be a key player in the bright future of Cubs Jr. Pick him up now, unless you only have one minor league slot and it's already filled with Matt LaPorta.

- Viva Cerveceros urges fans to watch out for wild turkeys around Miller Park.

- Curt Schilling's season (and career?) over: Says the pitcher, "My season's over and there's a pretty decent chance that I've thrown my last pitch forever."

- Chat with Ryan Braun today: Could someone ask him where one can buy one of those anime dragon tees?

This Weekend: The Orioles come to town fresh off their sweep of the Houston Astros. Jeff Suppan is to start tonight, followed in the rotation by Seth McClung Saturday and Manny Parra on Sunday. Some variation of the RFB crew will be there both Saturday and Sunday... so apologies in advance should a lack of posts result. But, if you haven't checked out our record (Mine 6-1, RFB total 8-1) we'll try and bring home some wins to compensate.

For those willing to brave the wild turkeys (both figurative and literal) in the Miller Park lot, look for our flag Sunday and come talk baseball with us while enjoying a nice tall Robinade and Jaha-vodka mixer.


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