Sunday, June 15, 2008

In the News (6/15)

Today's Game: Brewers 4, Twins 2
Record: 36-33, Third Place
Games Behind Cubs: 8.5

- Seth McClung has been a very effective starting pitcher for the Brewers. He pitched six innings of two-run ball today to help the Brewers take their first win against the Twins this season.

- It was the Brewers first win against an AL opponent this season. They're now 1-5. Hopefully they can improve on that against the Blue Jays and Orioles this week.

- Kendall had three hits in the game. It'd be nice if his bat heated up again.

- Brewers pitchers have had 15 quality starts in the last 19 games. That's encouraging considering the patchwork rotation.

- Saturday's loss hurt. Another inch or two and the team would've been pummeling Prince's head at home, but instead his blast bounced off the wall for a triple and the Brewers lost the game in 12. Tough loss...

- The Twins crushed the Brewers on Friday.

- Hardy may be back Tuesday.

- Riske is getting closer to a return from the DL. More HERE.

- The Brewers may keep their AA hitters together this season before considering promotions for LaPorta, Gamel, Escobar and others. It's not a bad plan, though it would be nice to be able to count on some of these hitters coming up to the bigs some time next season.

- The above article also details progress the Brewers have made on signing their draft picks.

- The New York Post says Prince could be traded as early as this season or perhaps this offseason. I don't think there's any way that will happen, but anything is possible as evidenced by Melvin's quote:
"It's not something I am exploring," Brewers GM Doug Melvin said. "But I never rule out anything. The day I traded Carlos Lee, I went to work with no plans whatsoever to do it, and by midnight he was a Texas Ranger."

- Brew Town Beat says Lyle Overbay deserves the same "O-Vation" he received as a Brewer when he returns with the Blue Jays Tuesday. I agree completely and will give him one myself when I'm at Miller on Wednesday. I have nothing but respect for Lyle.

- Yost is highly criticized by fans and some in the media, but it is fairly impressive that he is the sixth longest tenured manager in MLB now.

- Hall's switch to second with Weeks out has not been smooth. He continues to struggle on defense.

- Brew Crew Ball interviews Brewers' 12th round draft pick Garrett Sherrill.

- Michael Hunt says the Brewers are lucky to have a roof when it rains. In other news, rain is wet.

- If the Cubs try to trade for A.J. Burnett, Burnett appears to be happy about the possibility of joining the Northsiders.

- The Griffey trade saga continues...

- The Pirates may keep Jason Bay after all.

- Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina was taken off the field on a stretcher today with an apparent neck injury. Hopefully he is OK. Neck injuries are frightening.


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