Monday, May 12, 2008

It's On!

In lieu this weekend's Brewers/Red Sox inter league series, I thought it appropriate to extend a wager to Center Field, the Red Sox's affiliate of the MLBHub blog network that we here at RFB are also part of. Though betting on the Brewers may not seem wise to many, I have a good feeling about this weekend. And I better, because the stakes are high.

•If the BoSox take two or more games of the three-game set, we will send Center Field five of our very own Papi Seeds shirts.

•If the Brewers take two or more, we're entitled a sixer of Sam Adams, some Boston Baked Beans and... of course, chowder.

Even though there's nothing like a lukewarm bowl of clam chowder on a hot spring day, this bet is strictly for pride. Boston may have two rings within the past five years and a playoff appearance during this decade, but the Brewers have moxie. Plus I don't know of any Brewers fans who do this.

Be sure to check our site and Out in Center Field as this series unfolds. It should be fun!

(Hat tip to All Your Base are Belong to Rios for the video)


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