Saturday, May 10, 2008

In the News: The Just About to Leave for the Game Edition

Here's just a short recap of some of the more important recent Brewers happenings. As indicated in the title, I'm leaving for the game soon. The others may already be there.

- Rickie Weeks is a hero!: The heavily scrutinized and previously slumping Weeks delivered in the clutch, slapping a single with two outs in the ninth to top the division leading Cards. Hopefully this can spell a second life for Rickie. My favorite quote form the article: "The way I feel right now," Weeks said, "I could have taken Mike Tyson in three rounds."

How about just take Pineiro deep today.

- Yovani Gallardo will elect to have surgery on the torn ligament in his right knee: The procedure will more than likely end the young righty's season. He hopes to be ready to pitch if called upon for a post season push in late September or October. Here's to hoping all goes well under the knife.

- Derrick Turnbow, minor leaguer: The former All-Star closer opted to report to Nashville rather than forgo the remaining money on his $3.2 salary. If anything, T-Bow is still in the fold if needed. Had the Brewers dealt him, they would've undoubtedly (at least in this universe) had to cover some of his pay.

- Ben Sheets enters today's start looking to become the club's all-time leader in K's: He'll need just two more strikeouts to top Teddy Higuera's mark of 1,081.


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