Thursday, May 8, 2008

In the News (5/8)

Today's Game: Marlins 7, Brewers 2
Record: 16-18, fourth
Games Behind Cubs: 3

What can you say? The bats aren't producing. The starters aren't pitching well (especially in the fifth inning). The bounces all go the wrong way... It's a full-blown slump. They've lost six straight now in two sweeps and will limp back to Miller for a series against the Cards.

- Swept by the Marlins...

- Villanueva only pitched five innings and gave up seven runs. He pitched better than that and had some unfortunate bounces go his way, but the starters HAVE to do better than this... His ERA is almost 6.5 now.

- Carlos also had two hits and an RBI. That's almost as unlikely as Mike Rivera getting a stolen base, which he did before Villanueva hit him in.

- Weeks batting average somehow continues to fall. He went 0-4 and is down to .188. I don't care how many runs he's scoring. He is not hitting or getting on base like a leadoff hitter right now.

- The Brewers had opportunities to score, but they left 11 men on base.

- The Brew Town Beat wants to try Villanueva as a closer.

- Are the Brewers stretching McClung out for a shot at the rotation? It couldn't hurt at this point...

- At what point should the Brewers consider trading Sheets?

- Stetter has pitched well for Milwaukee.

- Callix Crabbe may be in danger of losing his job in San Diego, according to a RotoWorld blurb at Al's Ramblings. The Brewers would have a shot at acquiring him again if the Padres cut him. Would they take him back?

- Mel Stocker is a pretty nice story of a guy who didn't give up the dream and got a few at bats in the big leagues last year. Now with Nashville, we could see him in Milwaukee again in September.

- The Yost Infection says it's time to treat the infection. They call for Ned to be fired.

- Michael Hunt says that time is approaching quickly.

- If you have a Baseball America subscription, you can read a nice story on Brewers' shortstop prospect Alcides Escobar.

- Fielder shaved his head.

- Pitching prospect Mark Rogers is still rehabbing in extended spring training from should surgery.

- Bill Schroeder will be on the Fox network broadcast of Saturday's game.

- The Reds have some great young pitchers, but Dusty will kill their arms.

- Bird Land takes a look at mapping teams' fan bases.


Anonymous Chris in PA said...

"Full Blown Slump" is a very diplomatic take. I was describing it as something else, filled with obscenities and vulgarities.

May 9, 2008 7:34 AM  
Anonymous Chris in PA said...

I don't think firing Yost is the answer right now, either. It would be a knee jerk reaction. The hitters aren't focusing. We know what these guys are capable of. Baseball players are lazy by nature. The need to look within and pull their own heads out of their asses.

May 9, 2008 9:43 AM  

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