Monday, May 12, 2008

In the News (5/12)

Today's Game: Brewers 8, Cardinals 3
Record: 19-19, fourth
Games Behind Cubs: 4

Taking three out of four from the Cardinals is a great step in the right direction. Imagine if they would have pulled that game on Saturday out too...

- It's nice to win convincingly for once...

- Back to .500.

- Dave Bush pitched six innings and only gave up one run. He got the win a day after Suppan got a win. No Brewers starter not named Sheets had a win since early April until yesterday and now two pitchers collected wins back-t0-back. Bush did not look great, but he got the job done. Hopefully he's over his early season troubles.

- Braun hit two home runs for the second straight day. Suddenly Braun's slow start seems in the distant past. His .288 average, 19 runs, 9 home runs, and 27 RBI look pretty good.

- Corey Hart had a nice game, going two for four with a big two-RBI hit.

- Gagne pitched two innings and gave up a run. He gave up two hits and two walks. Before the game, he said he was ready to close again. I'd say the Brewers should give him a few more outings to figure out what's going wrong before putting him back in for the ninth. More HERE and HERE.

- The Brewers crushed Adam Wainright today. Wainright had been very good all season, earning the "ace" title for the Cardinals. It was nice to see the Brewers figure him out tonight.

- Yadier Molina and LaRussa got tossed. Molina could be missing a few games. He went a little overboard taking off his pads at home and tossing them in the direction of the umpire as he screamed at him.

- Brewers officials met today and decided against major changes despite trouble in the back end of the rotation.

- Jeff Sackmann at Brew Crew Ball asks how good is Dave Bush? He concludes that Bush's numbers should start getting closer to his career averages. He certainly took a step in that direction tonight.

- Deadspin visited Miller Park this weekend. A roof-open game is long overdue... He was also interviewed by and the Journal-Sentinel.

- John Donovan of says it's almost time for the Brewers to panic.

- LaPorta is good. He continues to put up great numbers with Huntsville.

- All Wisconsin Sports grades the Brewers.

- Hardball Times says, "team defense is incredibly underrated.". The Brewers defense has been significantly better than last season so far. Hopefully that will show in the standings at the end of the year.

- Between the Green Pillars is not very excited about the "closer by committee" approach.

- and the Journal-Sentinel have new mailbags.

- Brewers Fanatics feature Cole Gillespie.

- Serious Sports News Network has a not-so-serious take on NL Central closers.

- Beyond the Box Score analyzes the effect of pitchers that nibble.

- The Cubs are considering signing Jim Edmonds and sending Felix Pie down to AAA. Umm, OK. Hire Jim Eassin responds: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

- Brewers fans stack five cups on their passed out friend's head:

Hat tip to Will Brinson.


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