Sunday, May 11, 2008

In the News (5/11)

Today's Game: Brewers 5, Cardinals 3
Record: 18-19, fourth
Games Behind Cubs: 4
RFB record (after Saturday's game): 5-1

How good did that win on Friday feel? Crazy how great a win like that feels after a six-game losing streak... Saturday was a step back, but the Brewers are winning this series against the Cardinals 2-1 and have a chance to make up two games on St. Louis with a win Monday. All the problems are not fixed, but if the Brewers can find ways to win under less-than-perfect circumstances, that will bode well for later in the season when the team's luck and natural skill should swing in their favor.

- Nice come-from-behind win Friday (MORE), crummy loss Saturday (MORE), solid win Sunday (MORE). Let's win the game Monday and take a 3-1 series win.

- Gagne was removed from the closer's role, saying he no longer deserved the role. He definitely needs a break, but I still don't think his stuff looks that bad. He needs to throw more strikes for sure. More HERE and HERE. Yost sums it up well, I think:
"His stuff is great. That's not the problem. He's throwing the ball really, really well. He's just been beat down a little bit. He needs to take a step back and regain his confidence, make an adjustment or two and that'll work."
- The Brew Town Beat wonders if Gagne is tipping his pitches.

- Melvin will meet with Yost and the coaches Monday for a "monthly review" to discuss personnel including a focus on the back end of the rotation. More HERE. Could we see changes soon?

- Al at Al's Ramblings thinks McClung might get a shot in the rotation. He pointed out earlier that McClung's numbers look very good minus one bad outing. He does not speculate who would get booted from the rotation, but the choice would be between Bush, Villanueva and Parra obviously.

- A rumor about Braun signing an extension with the Brewers through 2013 did not pick up steam over the weekend and no additional sources back up the original post on THIS BOARD. Hopefully there is something to it, but it looks to be just a rumor at this point.

- Ben Sheets is the all-time Brewers' strike-out leader. At least something good happened Saturday... Here's the top ten in the organization's history.

- Gallardo is going to have surgery on Tuesday. As has been speculated, he's likely done for the year.

- Yost is not fazed by the calls for him to be fired.

- Michael Hunt says the Brewers need to be less tense.

- In-Between Hops discusses whether we can let Prince off the hook for his vegetarian diet yet. The conclusion? No. Personally though, I don't think his diet has anything to do with his production so far...

- BrewersNation calls for some changes: Gagne out as closer, a Hall/Branyan platoon at third and Simmons replacing Yost as manager. The first has happened. What do you think of the other two suggestions?

- The Brew Town Beat has some suggestions too.

- On the flipside, Al's Ramblings says the Brewers aren't far off where they need to be.

- The Junkball Blues analyzes Brewers' hitters' plate approaches.

- Haudricourt previews the upcoming draft.

- Beyond the Box Score asks if Matt LaPorta is the next Ryan Braun.

- Tom Haudricourt writes a piece for Baseball America on Mitch Stetter (Password needed).

- Another Baseball Blog takes a look at the Brewers' offensive numbers (through Thursday) and concludes that the offense will improve, hopefully...

- Pitching prospect Amaury Rivas is turning heads in West Virginia.

- Brevard County outfielder Darren Ford is really, really fast.

- The Brewers are giving former Yankees' prospect John Axford a chance in their minor-league system.

- Former Brewer Kevin Mench is now a Blue Jay.

- Former Brewer minor-leaguer Joe Thatcher, who was involved in the Scott Linebrink trade with the Padres, has been sent down to AAA. Bitter Brewers fans who didn't like the Linebrink acquisition can stop pretending Thatcher is Billy Wagner now.

- In case you missed it, former Brewer Richie Sexson was involved in a melee on Thursday. He threw his helmet at the pitcher before trying to fight him.


Anonymous Chris in PA said...

Wow - where to start. Awesome update. First, the win on Sunday felt amazing. Feels good. I'm really disappointed with Gagne's statements. 10 million dollar men WANT the ball in their hands. Honestly, he took a gas can to the mound with him every appearance in Beantown, and he's doing the same here - he is a FIRESTARTER extraordinaire! Gagne is OVERRATED and the single worst signing of the offseason. He should be paying back some of his 10 million. There is a reason Boston stopped using him in the post season. It's a shame Ed Wade didn't actually use his head for once and trade us Brad Lidge, instead taking an inferior package from the Phils. But what can be expected from a worthless GM, and even more worthless human being, like Ed Wade? Moving on, I still don't think Yost should be fired, yet. I wouldn't be opposed to a Hall/Branyan platoon. And call me crazy, but I still believe Turnbow can get himself righted in Nashville. Mechanically, he isn't that far off. I think most of his problems are between his ears.

May 12, 2008 7:35 AM  

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