Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bush's second term

Just a quick thought on Bush's return:

Dave Bush's rotational reprise following his AAA demotion was less than stellar last night. Never mind the usual scrounging for positives in his performance because there weren't many if any in his outing. He did top the Parra/Villanueva line in lasting six innings AND he only surrendered five hits, but they were costly. Two homers and two doubles later, Bush's six-inning, five-hit outing that would make most fantasy owners quiver is marred with a six spot on the scoreboard.

For the past two seasons Bush had the team lead in K's. However, he only managed three last night, and has just 20 in nearly 30 innings of work. Regaining the slight command he has in form of strikeouts and staving of the long balls are paramount to him being even some of the pitcher we need him the be.

It's getting more and more difficult to stand in Bush's corner. yet I remain. I think he should stay in the rotation and - in time - will show what he's capable of. But time is running out and he's needed now. The Brewers don't need him to be Gallardo, but the Brewers do need him to pull together one good start and build off it to show he belongs in the rotation.


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