Friday, May 9, 2008

Rumor: Braun may sign through 2013

Though this may just be a cruel rumor, talk of Ryan Braun signing a contract with the Brewers through 2013 is circulating. A little over a week following a visit to Milwaukee by Braun's agent, someone pointing to an inside source is indicating the reigning Rookie of the Year is to agree to terms supposedly in the neighborhood of $8 or $9 million a year.

Should Braun sign through the 2013 season the contract would cover all of his salary arbitration years and what would be his first year of free agency. If there's any truth to this rumor, it would look to be a bargain with the rising trend of clubs signing young players to staggering long term deals (i.e. Evan Longoria and Troy Tulowitzki) and the record setting arbitration figure Ryan Howard garnered this off season. An agreement with Braun may also suggest the Brewers will not attempt to sign Prince Fielder long term.

No guarantees on the validity of this claim, but keep an eye out for it. Like I said, the timing of his agent's recent visit to talk numbers doesn't make reports like these seem too far-fetched.


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