Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the News (4/16)

Today's Game: Cardinals 5, Brewers 4
Record: 8-6, third
Games Behind the Cubs: 1

- Another hard-to-watch game... Luckily I couldn't watch it because it was on WMLW and blacked out of my Extra Innings package (for some reason?). Villanueva was not great and the offense was non-existent until the 9th when they strung together a few hits against Isringhausen, but fell short partially due to a great catch on a line shot from Kendall. The first seven hitters in the line-up each got a hit, but that's it, one each. And they didn't string them together. Wainright held them in check, only allowing one earned run in 7 2/3 innings.

- Six of the Brewers eight position starters from tonight's game are batting under .230. They are in one of those unbearable stretches. Please break out of it tomorrow...

- Gallardo could start Sunday. Sunday is Bush's day, but he could get pushed back or moved to the bullpen. No announcement has been made yet about how the Brewers will clear a roster spot for Gallardo.

- Turnbow is not happy with his role in the bullpen as a "mop-up" guy. At least he realizes he has to pitch better if he wants to pitch in high-pressure situations. He said he felt better than he has since 2005 last night, but he gave up two runs on four hits and a walk.

- Weaver's deal was finalized. He'd get $1.25 million plus incentives if he makes the Brewers roster. Contrary to reports (including the first story posted above) that his deal could reach as much as $4 or $5 million with incentives, it actually maxes out at under $3 million, according to club official. That's a pretty good deal for a guy that could end up being a valuable addition if the team is hit with injuries or ineffective pitching.

- Anthony Witrado says Prince's diet criticisms should stop. Agreed. And his hitting should start.

- Jason Kendall is batting .625 at home this season.

- The Brewers are looking into developing the area around Miller Park.

- Soriano says it wasn't the hop he makes before catching fly balls that injured him.

- Doug Brocail may have taken over the closer role for the Astros as Valverde has struggled mightily. You had to believe the Diamondbacks knew what they were doing when they traded him this offseason. Valverde was inconsistent before last season.

- Former Brewer Doug Davis is a recovering from surgery for thyroid cancer.


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