Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In the News (4/8)

Today's Game: Brewers 3, Reds 2
Record: 6-1, First Place
Games Ahead of the Cubs: 2

- Braun's agent is in town to meet with Doug Melvin. To me, this is a sign that the Brewers and his agent have made significant progress in negotiations on a long-term deal. Hopefully more news will come out shortly.

- The Brewers won their second extra-inning game of the year, 3-2 over the Reds. It was their fourth straight win.

- Suppan was great. He went seven innings and only allowed one run.

- Hardy broke out of his slump. He went three for four and scored two runs.

- Kendall is still raking. He also went three for four and is now hitting .526. What a great start to the season offensively and defensively for him.

- Johnny Cueto is good. He held the Brewers to two runs in 6 1/3 with 8 strikeouts. Everything I've heard and seen about this guy indicates he is going to be a great pitcher. He should be a fixture in the Reds' rotation for years to come.

- Gagne gave up a solo HR that tied the game in the ninth. Corey Patterson hit it with two outs. It sounded like it barely made it out in the right field Mercedes Benz picnic area. I won't get down on Gagne too hard for that. At least he wasn't walking guys or struggling with control. Hopefully he doesn't make a habit of this though...

- The Brewers went another game without committing an error. They have only committed two this year, both coming in Saturday's victory over the Giants. It appears they've made good progress defensively and should see another upgrade when Cameron returns.

- Billy Hall hit his third home run of the year and leads the team. He started wearing contacts and said he's seeing the ball better. Fielder, Hart and Hardy have not hit a HR yet. Apparently the Brewers don't need everyone to be hot to win games consistently.

- The Brewers are batting .354 as a team. 

- Adam Dunn walked three times, "clogging the bases" for the Reds. Dusty must be pissed.

- Cordero says the Brewers blew their chance at signing him, but Melvin says they were never given a chance to make a counter-offer. Cordero says there are no hard feelings, but it sure sounds like there are some hard feelings... There's a lot of he said-he said in this and in the end we'll never know the whole story. For me, all that matters is that the Brewers didn't sign Cordero. And I think it's a good thing. He simply won't be worth that much for four years. And who knows how high the Reds would have gone to get him.

- Joe Sheehan says the Brewers right-hand-dominated line-up will hurt them, but Jeff Sackmann at Brew Crew Ball says the effect will not be as bad as one might think. His math shows it might cost the Brewers 7 runs in a year, which might equate to one win over the course of the season.

- Tony Gwynn is apparently still recovering from his hamstring injury as he was not in the line-up tonight.

- Josh Kalk at Hardball Times says the Brewers hot start to the season was unexpected.

- Sports Bubbler takes a look at Brewers' prospects. And HERE.

- The Capital Times takes a look at the start of the Brewers season.

- Matt Kinney sighting. I was hoping to never see the name that rivals only Ruben Quevedo in names that instantly bring me back to the worst of times as a Brewer fan again. Apparently Kinney is doing well in Japan. This line is particularly disturbing: "His best season was 2003, when he went 10-13 with a 5.19 ERA for the Brewers." "Best" season? Ugh.

- MLB's Internet biz is booming. Baseball is sneaking up on the NFL in total revenue. But it has nothing to do with the commissioner. Selig is a complete idiot who has never done anything right in office. (Or so seemingly everyone wants you to believe...)

- This guy hits on the downside of opening day at Miller Park. The droves of wasted fans who don't care at all about watching the game transforms Miller into Wrigley Field for a day...

- Even Cubs fans are admitting their rotation could be an issue now.

- Dayn Perry says the Cards are not for real.

- Craig Wilson is back on the Pirates.

- Free agent classes are getting less and less impressive as teams lock up their promising young players to long-term deals.

- Former Brewer Matt Wise was put on the 15-day DL.

- Korean fans are hailing former Brewers manager Jerry Royster as a savior. What a difference several thousand miles can make...

- Hank Aaron's mom passed away.


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