Monday, April 7, 2008

In the News (4/7)

A surprising amount of (somewhat) interesting news for an offday...

- Speaking of Cordero, Melvin says his agent never gave the Brewers a shot to match the Reds' offer. Frankly, I'm happy the Brewers didn't sign Cordero to the kind of deal the Reds gave him...

- Jason Kendall had a superb first week. This quote from Maddux is pretty telling:

"He cares. He's made more visits to the mound in a week than we had all last season."

- Dubuque Mayor Roy Buol says politics was at play when Mike Rivera won the back-up catching job over Eric Munson. Munson is his son-in-law. If by "politics" Buol means "poor defense," he's dead on.

- Yesterday may have been the first time in the history of baseball that two Jewish teammates hit home runs in the same inning. Kapler and Braun both went deep. There are 11 active Jewish players currently in MLB.

- Speaking of Kapler, he's been an unexpected, solid contributor for the Brewers so far this season. More HERE.

- The Brewers set an attendance record for the first three home games of a season. That's impressive since Saturday's attendance was pretty underwhelming.

- Another Baseball Blog analyzes Sheets' second start.

- In-Between Hops shows Prince is only one home run off last year's pace, despite not hitting any yet this season.

- More on the possibility of the Brewers moving to Florida for spring training.

- A Brewers clubhouse attendant died in a car accident this weekend. Sad, sad news.

- Bronson Arroyo is a tool:


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