Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In the News (4/29)

Today's Game: Brewers 10, Cubs 7
Record: 15-11, third
Game Behind Cubs: 1

- The Brewers offense came alive in the win over the Cubs tonight. Every starter besides Sheets had at least one hit. They collected 17 altogether, their best night of the year.

- The Brewers are 3-1 against the Cubs so far this season, all at Wrigley. Not a bad start against the current frontrunners.

- Mike Cameron made his Brewer debut and fits nicely in the number two spot. I'll take a 3-5, 2 RBI, 2 run night any day. Cameron could be a valuable bat, defensive upgrade and veteran presence for this team. I'm excited to have him. More HERE and HERE and HERE.

- Corey Hart was a home run away from the cycle. He's hitting a quiet .299 this season. I say quiet because he only has one HR and 11 RBI.

- Sheets was shaky. He walked a career high seven runners. He could not find his location at all. He did still make it through five innings with three earned runs though. Hopefully he just needed a warm-up outing and will be back to Benny in five days.

- Gagne recorded his eighth save and is tied for the league lead again. He looked solid despite giving up a hit and walking a runner. I think he threw two or three more strikes to Fontenot than were called.

- Tonight's game was delayed briefly due to a strange umpire illness. Home-plate umpire Jerry Crawford left the game after the second inning to go to the hospital. Hopefully he is OK.

- Even Yost is now admitting he's lost confidence in Turnbow. The Brewers are having a hard time figuring out when to use him. You can't in a close game until he shows some kind of consistency and he can't really go multiple innings in a blowout. More HERE.

- Bet you never thought the Nashville Sounds rotation would feature back-to-back starts by Dave Bush and Jeff Weaver this year...

- Alcides Escobar is good. The slick-fielding SS prospect started skipping school when he was 9 to work on his fielding. I'm looking forward to watching him play in Brewer blue in a year or two.

- Josh Butler, the pitcher the Brewers received in the Gross trade, had to switch dugouts shortly before he was scheduled to start a game in A-ball. The Vero Beach pitcher was traded before his start as he was set to against the Brevard County Manatees. This story details how unusual it must have been for him.

- Wrigley Field is a dumpy old stadium that is falling apart and smells like stale urine.

- All-Star game voting is underway. It is WAY too early for All-Star game voting...

- Men could get a free prostate exam and get two free Brewers tickets at the game on Tuesday. Odd... But likely effective.

- Cubs' outfielder Fukudome is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. How do you say jinx in Japanese?


Blogger Scottage Cheese said...


Miller Park is ranked #2 as the best ball park in the MLB. They did rank them a tad lower in the "neighborhood" catergory. That puzzles me.

April 30, 2008 4:24 PM  

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