Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In the News (4/15)

Today's Game: Cardinals 6, Brewers 1
Record: 8-5, tied for second
Games Ahead of the Cubs: 0

- Jeff Weaver signed a minor-league deal with the Brewers. At first glance, this was a confusing move, but after looking it over, this is a low-risk signing that adds pitching depth for the Brewers. Weaver will spend a number of weeks (up to two months) in the minors. If the Brewers don't call him up by June 1, he can opt out of the deal and go somewhere else. Weaver, who has struggled over the last two seasons, does have good stuff when he's pitching well and the deal is for next to nothing if he stays in Nashville. He could earn $4-5 million if he meets all of the incentives in his contract while pitching for the Brewers (very unlikely). I think what the signing says more than anything is that the Brewers aren't content with Narveson or Jackson if they need to call up an arm. Some fans are upset the Brewers signed Weaver after cutting Vargas, but it's comparing apples to oranges since the Brewers would not have been able to send Vargas to the minors unless he agreed to go, which wouldn't have happened.

- Almost as soon as that game started tonight, you knew it was going to be one of those nights for the Brewers. They got nothing going offensively against Braden Looper (yes, that Braden Looper) and the Cards. Bush gave them an average start, going six innings and giving up three earned runs, but the offense was non-existent. They just couldn't string hits together and the Cardinals hitters found holes and got hits with two outs. The Journal-Sentinel called the game "lifeless" for the Brewers, an apt description.

- Turnbow is awful. He has offered nothing this year on the mound. He gave up four hits and walk in 2/3 of an inning, giving up two runs. Terrible... I've defended him in the past, but he just looks brutal this season so far.

- Prince walked four times. Even when Fielder is struggling, right-handed pitchers will pitch around him since the Brewers don't hit righties well and Fielder is the only left-handed bat in the line-up. Actually Gabe Gross was in the line-up tonight too, but he's not going to get pitched around.

- Gabe Kapler was the announced starter in center tonight, but bruised his shoulder shagging fly balls during batting practice. It really was one of those nights... It sounds like just a day-to-day injury, but it's something to watch.

- Ryan Braun got a day off. The Brewers want him to "relax" at the plate. Hopefully he starts to heat up again.

- The Brewers are averaging 3.91 pitchers per plate appearance in wins and 3.61 in losses. Come to your own conclusions...

- Brad Bartone at Bugs and Cranks compares Fielder's diet and subsequent struggles to those of former Mets pitcher Sid Fernandez. Hat tip to Brew Crew Ball for the link.

- Russell Branyan is batting .405 in Nashville.

- Alfonso Soriano strained his calf while doing the crow hop he always does while catching fly balls. That hop is obnoxious. Hopefully this prompts him to stop doing it.

- The Reds are reportedly after aging catcher/DH Mike Piazza. I don't know how much he could add this late in his career...


Blogger Joe said...

The second bit of news should just read, "Why can't the Brewers hit mediocre starting pitchers?" ie Braden Looper, Josh Fogg, Ryan Dempster, the guy I've never heard of that spot started for the Mets. Come on!

April 16, 2008 6:50 AM  
Blogger Sporty said...

The SCrubs had no problem with Aaron Harang and tonight Josh Fogg and the Pirates roughed up Johnny Cueto.
I was also wondering why the number 2 spot in the lineup always goes to our centerfielder no matter who it is, the weakest link Gross or the hottest Gabe. Cameron's not coming back for 2 more weeks!

April 16, 2008 7:53 PM  

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