Thursday, April 10, 2008

In the News (4/10)

Today's Game: Reds 4, Brewers 1
Record: 6-3, tied for second
Games Ahead of the Cubs: 0

- Aaron Harang looked real good against the Crew. Braun, Fielder and Hall went 1-12.

- Villanueva pitched well, but got into trouble in the seventh. 

- Cordero sat the Brewers down to the end the game as the crowd was booing him. 

- Another column on Prince's lack of power so far this season... I want him to hit a HR as much so I don't have to read this junk anymore as because he's not producing the power we expect from him yet. Still not worried...

- Dusty Baker says he's happy Prince didn't find his swing while the Reds were in town.

- The Brewers set off for a three-city road trip this weekend. Hopefully they can play better away from Miller than they did last season. The weather looks like it could be a concern in New York.

- Is Cincinatti for real? If "for real" means a third place team in the NL Central, then I say yes. I just don't see them finishing ahead of the Cubs or the Brewers unless there are significant injuries.

- Brian Shouse has inherited seven runners this season. None have scored.

- MLB's online presence continues to grow.


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