Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DD headed to DL: RFB well-wishes for former Brewer

Following tonight's start against the Giants, Diamondback's hurler and former Brewer Doug Davis will head to the disabled list. The reason for the 4-6 week inactive stint; thyroid cancer.

In a game where injury is so heavily scrutinized - and related to a player's fragility (Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Ben Sheets) - health issues such as this take the cake in their significance because not only is a player's career in jeopardy, his life is.

Fortunately for Doug, thyroid cancer rarely ends fatally for those diagnosed young. And Davis, 32, seems to have caught the cancer symptoms quite early, so the outlook seems to be good.

My thoughts are with Doug and his family. On behalf of the RFBers who seemed to see Davis as the starter for half of the games we went to in the 2006 season, I hope to see you on the mound again soon.

And though it may hurt the Brewers in an eventual wild card or in post season seeding, I want to see him get a win tonight. He's facing the Dodgers, so it's not too unlikley.


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