Friday, April 4, 2008

Cirillo is (kind of) back!

As the one unfortunate soul not privy to home opener attendance, I figured I'd try to hold down the site while my brethren is enjoying a quality daydrunk and Brewers win in person.

This first bit of news is not a belated April Fool's prank - but before you go celebrating like there's no tomorrow, keep reading. As announced in a recent Brewers FSN telecast, Brian Anderson breathed life to rumors that beloved Brewers third baseman/emergency pitcher (beware the knuckler) Jeff Cirillo will again regain his Brewers affiliation... as a post game broadcaster for select road games.

Though I'd rather see Rillo don a crew uniform, even as a coach, than a Brooks Brothers three-piece, any time J.C. is in the fold is a good time. Take the stairs on the way to the broadcast booth, Jeff. Counsell's deal is up after this season and the club will need a backup infielder and veteran clubhouse presence.

While, I'm here I figure I'd weight in on my thoughts of the young 2008 Brewers season.

- Kendall has already exceeded my expectations. If he keeps this up, Yost will look like a genius for hitting pitchers in the eight hole. He's been calling great games, HUSTLING and even throwing runners out.

- David Riske might be Jesus. Minus the nu metal facial hair, he should prove to be an invaluable aquisition. In a lesser note, Salomon has pitched swimmingly in, what looks to be a pattern of regular appearances.

- Trenni Kusnierek has brought a breath of fresh air to FSN broadcasts. She's a true professional that - dare I say - has already outshone Bob Brainerd. Welcome aboard, Trenni!

- I've liked each starter so far going fairly deep into games. If this can be continued, only good things (minus Gagne) can result.

- A few negatives include; traditional preponderance of Brewer strikeouts, most of which are looking or swinging at pitches far out of the zone. Billy Hall and Ryan Braun's defensive woes adjusting (or re-adjusting) to new positions... I'm sure these will fade with time and experience though.

- A friend pointed out Bill Schroeder's soul patch seems to move on a game to game basis. If there's a blowout in the near future, check it out. I'll do some research too.

- I'll be at the game tomorrow. So those also planning to attend, be sure to find our flag and say hey to the best, arguably the cutest and easily most modest RFBer.

Lets begin some Miller Park winning ways TODAY!


Blogger Joe said...

I really don't think Billy is having an defensive woes. When he wiffed on that grounder yesterday, I was a bit peaved. Likely because it was right after Braun misplayed that liner. In replays, that grounder really did take a nasty hop. He should have gotten in front of it, but oh well. I'm sure Braun will have far more growing pains in left though.

p.s. tmass will make a nice addition to tomorrow's lineup!

April 4, 2008 7:19 PM  
Anonymous Chris Moran said...

I'm friends with Jeff, I even helped him set up a blog ( and he seemed very excited about doing the pre and post game analysis. I know he would still much rather be playing, especially for the Brewers. But he loves the Milwaukee organization very much and will do whatever he can to contribute.

April 8, 2008 2:51 AM  

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