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In the News (3/12)

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- Is Ryan Braun a triple-crown threat? In-Between Hops points to a John Dewan article referencing the Bill James Handbook, which predicts Braun will be third in batting average, second in home runs and third in RBIs in the NL this season. If Pujols' injury takes him out of the picture, Braun moves up to second in batting average and second in RBIs. I'd say it's a real long shot, but it's pretty encouraging to have a guy mentioned in the discussion. Fielder can't be far behind in the discussion either, although his batting average will likely not be that high.

- Tim Dierkes of says the Brewers will likely look to trade Capuano, but he will probably not go to the AL or within the division, leaving teams like Washington and the Marlins possibly going after him "as a bargain" in his video mailbag.

- Could the Blue Jays be a trade partner for Capuano or another one of the pitchers? Toronto lost Casey Janssen for the season and could be looking for a starter in a trade.

- Mike Cameron has applied for supplement use. This whole story seems a little bizarre to me. Why wouldn't he have pursued this months ago if it was an issue? Oh well, he has a while to figure it out before he hits the field.

- Speaking of performance enhancers, Gagne and others mentioned in the Mitchell Report are unlikely to be punished by MLB.

- Gallardo threw batting practice to minor-leaguers today and was happy with the results. He remains on pace to most likely join the team in late April.

Torres also threw BP to the minor-leaguers and will begin a more in-depth pitching schedule to ramp up for the season.

- It was also a good day for Gagne, who worked on his breaking balls. He says he'll be ready to go by opening day.

- Turnbow struggled today. His fastball was very high and he couldn't get it down. Is his new-found control gone already? I hope it was just a one-day struggle...

- Red Sox Monster says don't believe what you read and that Gagne is not the pitcher Milwaukee hopes he will be. We'll see... 

- Gabe Kapler talks with USA Today about his comeback bid. He also is mentioned in this USA Today article.

- Braun also sat out today with tightness in his achilles tendon, but Yost says it was just precautionary.

- Tom Singer of says the Brewers have the fourth best bullpen in MLB. Nice to hear some praise for the job Melvin did of making a liability into a potential strength.

- Tony Gwynn Jr. wants the centerfield job and he's going to do everything he can not to give it up even when Cameron returns from his suspension. I admire Gwynn's confidence and drive, but he's going to have to show a heck of a lot more on the field before the Brewers bench a multi-million dollar player for him. He is batting .360 with a crazy .472 on-base-percentage this spring though...

- Brewers pitching prospect Jeremy Jeffress is still highly regarded in the Brewers system, despite positive drug tests, allegedly for marijuana. The organization hopes he's turned a corner this offseason and has matured enough to capitalize on his incredible potential.
Other points in that article include:
  • Fellow Brewer pitching prospect Mark Rogers' offseason progress hit a speed bump as he scales back his comeback, although it may be as simple as scar tissue breaking up that is causing the discomfort.
  • Chris Narveson, an offseason acquisition, is impressing with his recently added cutter. He was once a highly regarded prospect in the Cardinals system and could become a valuable addition, though he will likely start the season at AAA.
  • Hernan Iribarren is taking pointers on center field from Mike Cameron. He will play that position for the first time this season in Nashville. He cracked two homers in a game this week, but Brewers officials aren't necessarily happy with that as he's more of an average, contact hitter than a slugger.
  • LaPorta is also progressing in the outfield and may skip the Florida State League on his way to Huntsville.
- Good thing Melvin didn't pursue Rocco Baldelli this offseason...

- Adam Dunn says we haven't seen the best of him yet, which would be scary if it was true because he's already a great hitter.

* We throw around a lot of t-shirt ideas at Right Field Bleachers as we seek out what our next design will be. "Braun of the Dead" is a Johnny Rivers' brainchild that I designed. It is, of course, an homage of sorts to "Shaun of the Dead," which is a parody of zombie movies like "Dawn of the Dead." I personally am not in love with the shirt since I have no idea why Ryan Braun is "of the dead," but the design turned out so good and Johnny is so in love with it that I figured I'd throw it up and see what the masses have to say about it. If you love it, convince me it's worthy of RFB ink. If we get a ton of positive feedback, maybe we'll consider it for our next design. Post your comments on the blog.


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I'd buy it.

March 13, 2008 9:04 AM  
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I like the bartman shirts better

March 13, 2008 11:49 AM  
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I like the deer shirt better

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