Monday, March 10, 2008

In the News (3/10)

- Braun will likely hit cleanup. Yost has hinted at this all spring and it's looking more and more likely. Braun, who walks the thin line of confidence and cockiness often, said, "They're not going to pitch around Prince too long with me behind him."

- This article on Turnbow is more of the same we've been hearing, except for the final Ned Yost quote, which is pretty funny: "It's hard going through it, especially when you give your heart and soul like he does every day. There's no reason for it. It's not like he's a dog or he's popping off or he's degrading the fans or he's disrespectful to our country. You've got no reason to boo the kid."

- The Brewers beat the Cubs. I hope to say that a lot this season. Bush struggled in his first inning giving up three runs, but came back with three scoreless innings. Speaking of scoreless innings, Parra notched four more scoreless. He's having a great spring.
- The Brewers are raving about shortstop prospect Alcide Escobar's defense and throwing arm. If his bat comes along (he's only 20), the Brewers could be looking at their next great prospect.

- likes Corey Hart.

- Prince gets some spring training love too.

- Buster Olney says Braun has an outside shot at the NL MVP award:

- Torres is also making good progress.

- The Hardball Times says Jason Kendall's career turned for the worse after his 2001 thumb injury. Kendall has seen a significant downward trend since 2001, but I'm encouraged by his attitude. To borrow an over-used term from Yost, he's a "battler." He may not be the player he used to be offensively, but he's not going to accept that and do everything he can to improve on the last few years.

- Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune says the Brewers-Cubs rivalry has not become heated because the Brewers are just so likable... I guess Mitchell hasn't been to a Brewers-Cubs game because they've been pretty heated for years despite less-than-stellar teams at times. I fully expect a tight race this year and, trust me, the players will find reasons to not like each other if they don't have some already.

- Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times asks five questions about the Brewers. He takes a very critical look at the Crew, but raises some good points.

- Baseball Musings analyzes the Brewers' rotation with Marcel projections. Marcel projections are mostly based on career averages and expected improvements with age. 

- Jason Kendall is now great at throwing out base runners! OK, so he's just 2-for-2 this spring (small sample size alert!), but Yost says he's making progress fixing a mechanical flaw management noticed.

- Matt LaPorta is blogging.

- BrewersNation profiles Jeff Suppan.

- The Cubs pushed Carlos Zambrano's start back from today so the Brewers wouldn't see him pitch because he is slated for opening day against the Crew. They're scared.

- I hate the Cubs, but, as a man, I'd never wish this on their players. Ouch. The words "twisted" and "testicle" just should not be put together...


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