Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Want your thoughts on the upcoming Brewers season to be Scene?

The Scene newspaper, based in the Fox Cities, was kind enough to ask for my involvement in a piece they're writing in accordance with the upcoming Brewers season. I was asked to conduct between a dozen and 20 short interviews with fellow Brewer fans for use in, what looks to be, an expansive baseball write-up.

If you're a Brewer fan and live in the Fox Cities area, it would be great if you contacted me. As easy as it would be to interview friends and co-workers, I want to get a diverse assemblage of interviews from all types of fans. If interested, please email me at tyler@rightfieldbleachers.com and I would be glad to schedule a quick interview to take place either over the phone or in a public setting.

The piece will be published in the April issue of The Scene, which as always, is available free of charge at various businesses in the greater Fox Cities area.

Thanks, I hope to hear from many of you.


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