Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap year lineup

In his JSonline blog, Tom Haudricourt drops some knowledge in terms of the Brewers starting lineup for today's rematch against the A's.

The team is to field the following:
2B Rickie Weeks
CF Mike Cameron
1B Prince Fielder
LF Ryan Braun
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
SS J.J. Hardy
DH Joe Dillon (hitting for RHP Dave Bush)
C Jason Kendall

Haudricourt speculates this may be the team's eventual lineup (once Cameron returns from suspension), minus Dillon designated hitting, of course.

Some other brief notes of mention: Manny Parra is expected to toss two innings and Gange is tentatively slated to pitch the 8th inning. For those Vinny Rottino nuts out there (I'm with you), I'd expect to see him play today, primarily because he didn't play yesterday and saw a good amount of reps last Spring Training. I think it'd also be reasonable to anticipate seeing either a Turnbow or Riske appearance today.


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