Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is Joe Blanton Really THAT good?

A recurring thought of late:
As teams around baseball are falling over themselves for A's "ace" Joe Blanton, I can't help but think how similar he is to one David Bush. Now... Bush is one of my favorite Brewers and I'd hate to see him go, but his career numbers are strikingly similar to Blanton's. Doug Melvin, too, has recently compared the two hurlers. Don't believe me? Bush is at least close to Blanton in many categories, if not absolutely blowing him away (i.e. K's).
Take a look.

Bush's career line: 34 W, 36 L, 4.53 E.R.A., 108 G, 6 CG, 3 SO, 630.1 IP, 439 K
Blanton's career line: 42 W, 34 L, 4.10 E.R.A., 102 G, 6 CG, 2 S0, 633.2 IP, 369 K

Both are right-handed and Bush is only some 13 months older. Vargas to some extent posted similar numbers, but in this blogger's opinion is a different type of pitcher than both Blanton and Bush, is older and has much less upside.

The A's are reportedly asking for a Major League ready player and another high prospect (asked Reds for Homer Bailey and Joey Votto) in return for what remains to be the beakon of a club that's making no attempt to hide their rebuilding.

With Blanton's trade value seemingly so high (in a free agent market that finds scrubs like Kyle Lohse and Tomo Ohka some of their best remaining pitchers), dangling his twin for prospective teams to evaluate (and potentially overpay for) might not be a bad idea. Being that our big league roster seems set, dealing an excess pitcher away now could bring in some prospects that could better serve us tomorrow. *cough* Catcher!!! *cough*


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