Thursday, February 7, 2008

In Unrelated News...

For those of you who, like myelf, follow now obscure Wisconsin players and have a weird, inexplicable interest in a perpetually losing franchise... it looks to be a good day.

Former Rookie of the Year, and Menasha WI product Eric Hinske signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday. It is a minor league contract (with Spring Training invite) worth $800,000 and should Hinske crack the team, has possibility of an additional $450,000 if AB-related incentives are met.

Personally, the Rays look set, if not deep both at third and in the outfield. I wish him luck in camp, but unless Rocco Baldelli gets hurt again (only 70% chance of that) I don't see him making the roster. Should he fail to make the team, there is a release clause for June 15, should Hinske desire.

Not Brewers news, I know... but today looks to have the makings of a slow one for the crew.


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