Thursday, February 28, 2008

In the News


- The Brewers are on pace for perfect Cactus League season. These games mean nothing, but it's nice to get wins still and to start out with one. The game seemed to have been well played all around for Milwaukee. Here's a recap.

- Prospect Jeremy Jeffress is working to overcome his marijuana problems. He sounds like he's recommitted himself to baseball. Hopefully he taps some of his incredible potential.

- Gallardo and Dillon sign contracts.

- Gallardo is keeping his arm in shape by playing catch following his surgery.

- Kendall is still excited about his eye surgery and he likes Yost and the team.

- Michael Hunt says when it comes to baseball, the games cure everything. 

- Yost's batting order is still in question. I'm slowly warming to the idea of Kendall batting ninth (and Yost's argument that he'd hit into less double plays does make sense on some levels), but I'm still not ready to commit to it.

- Gagne will pitch tomorrow.

- The Sports Bubbler says Turnbow and Shouse are the most important relievers for the Crew in 2008.

- BrewersNation profiles Rickie Weeks.

- Doug Melvin flatly denied any trade discussions regarding Gross to the Padres, but this column has a brief mention of a deal in the works: "Gabe Gross soon will be dealt from the Milwaukee Brewers to the San Diego Padres." Does Marty York know something we don't or did he misread the other reports?

- This is the oddest pre-season prediction I've seen for sure... It's like from some alternate universe where Suppan, Marquis, Edmonds, Rolen, and Eckstein are still Cardinals, Prior is still a Cub, Carlos Lee is still a Brewer, Clemens and Pettite are still Astros, Bagwell and Biggio have not retired... I could go on and on. It seems almost like someone took a preview from 2006 and re-wrote it for this season. But things get stranger... "Ryan Dunn" is a star on the Reds and Francisco Cordero is already on the Reds (so it couldn't be from 2006). All I can say is I'm completely baffled...


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