Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In the News

Spring Training games start in about 15 hours... Incredible.

- Ryan Braun will be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He'll be joined by Justin Upton and Troy Tulowitzki. Congrats to Braun and the Brewers. That's quite an honor. One that I believe hasn't taken place since April 1987 when Rob Deer was featured on the issue above as the Brewers won their first 13 games.

- Gwynn Jr. wants Cameron's job. Competition brings the best out of people. I look forward to seeing what Tony can do if he gets the job while Cameron is suspended.

- David Pinto likes the idea of the Brewers batting pitchers eight. I still don't, statistical evidence or not. Call me a traditionalist I guess...

- Fielder's diet a concern to some. Being a vegetarian is easy. I speak from experience. I didn't eat meat for over three years at one point. Being a healthy vegetarian, especially as a professional athlete, is not so easy. I'm sure Fielder has plenty of help in the Brewers clubhouse now that he's come out as a vegetarian though.

- Zach Jackson says don't forget about me. He says he worked on a lot last season and improved as a pitcher. While his numbers were a bit disappointing last season, he's still young and could develop into a fine MLB pitcher. The article also mentions Luis Pena is making strides and that Bobby Cox didn't even know who Matt LaPorta was until this fall.

- Yost says players have unmatched "passion." Is this Yost's new buzz word for the year? Is he replacing "gamers" and "battlers"?

- Gagne is back in camp.

- Gorman Thomas is in camp to help teach the young players.

- David Riske collects unworn "Air Jordan" shoes. He has over 100.

- Braun and Hall are moving along with their position changes.

- Haudricourt previews the bench.

- Villanueva signed a deal with the team.

- The Sports Bubbler continues their bullpen preview: The Forgotten.

- BrewersNation interviews Jim Goulart of

- The Brewers signed a deal with U.S. Cellular.

- And in the most suspicious news of the day, Al from Al's Ramblings says he's been told there will be an "announcement of importance" from the Brewers in the next few days. He says the source is legitimate and it could be related to a young player signing a contract extension...


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