Sunday, February 10, 2008

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That's encouraging, especially since it feels like Wisconsin has turned into Siberia lately... Spring can not come soon enough...

Gagne still silent
Also in that article is a blurb on the fact that Gagne has not talked about his name being on the Mitchell Report yet. It will be a hot topic in the coming weeks. I look forward to hearing his story.

Bush slotted for rotation?
Again from the same article, is Bush really all but guaranteed a spot in the rotation or is this Melvin posturing for a trade?
"I think he'd have to pitch awful [in Spring Training] to not be a part of the rotation," Melvin said on Thursday.
Hard to say, but I'm OK with it either way. Bush could probably net a decent return in a trade and I'd be comfortable with him in the back end of the rotation too.

Yost says Weeks is about to breakout
Another in a long line of projections of a Rickie Weeks' breakout season. I hope he doesn't disappoint. Melvin points out a staggering stat that provides hope of what Weeks can mean to this team in a WTMJ story:
"...after August 10th, Weeks' on base percentage was second to only....Alex Rodriguez."

Batting order update
In the Journal-Sentinel article on Weeks, Yost says Weeks will hit leadoff. The article says Yost is considering Hardy or Kendall in the number two spot. Since Melvin laughed off the suggestion that Kendall would hit second earlier this week in an interview with Steve "Homer" True, it's probably a good bet that Hardy will be hitting second.

Projected order: Weeks, Hardy, Fielder, Braun, Hart, Cameron, Hall, Kendall, pitcher

Brewers shine in preview of Hardball Times Season Preview
Check out the Brewer-related blurbs from the Hardball Times book, two more predictions I hope come true:

Prince Fielder is a monster
As good as we think he’s going to be, Jay Bruce isn’t even close to being as good as Fielder. Let’s start with Fielder’s projected .301/.397/.587 line—one that places him in the top-30 in batting average, top-20 in on-base percentage, and top-10 in slugging. Overall, only David Ortiz, Ryan Howard, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols have a higher projected OPS.

Then let’s add in Fielder’s ridiculous projected improvement—we foresee a 1.060 OPS by 2010, a number we project for no one this season. But that’s not all.

In an essay in the back of the Season Preview, I develop a system for projecting a player’s career statistics and figuring his odds of getting to any given milestone based on that prediction. Well, despite having just two full seasons under his belt, Fielder projects to hit 530 career home runs and garners a 37 percent chance at breaking Barry Bonds’ career home run record. He actually bests Alex Rodriguez’s odds, despite having 438 fewer home runs under his belt. Now that’s impressive.

Eric Gagne will come back
Gagne saved 16 games in 17 chances with Texas last season, posting a 2.16 ERA along the way. He was then traded to the Red Sox, and instead of shoring up their bullpen, Gagne fell apart, posting a 6.75 ERA. The Brewers gave Gagne a $10 million contract in the offseason, hoping that they will get the Texas version. What do our projections say?

We think the Brewers will get what they paid for. We project that Gagne will post a 3.35 ERA, and help Milwaukee win the National League Central by one game.

Parra, Stetter among names to know
Brewers lefties are on the list of USA Today's "100 Names You Need to Know" for the upcoming baseball season.

Ben Sheets fourth best pitcher drafted in 2001
Based on Minor League Ball analysis.

Brendan Katin installing fire sprinklers
Double-A outfielder Brendan Katin (#24 prospect in organization according to Power 50) is featured in a story on Southwest Florida baseball prospects. Katin dreams of playing in the big leagues "every day" as he works a "terrible" offseason job.


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