Thursday, February 7, 2008

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There's a lot of new faces down there. Hopefully most of them throw well for Milwaukee. Of note is that Yost says he'd like the final spot in the bullpen to go to a lefty. Does that mean Choate or Stetter has a leg up on the spot or could Capuano or Parra be headed to the pen?

Al's Ramblings recaps Doug Melvin interview
Melvin was on the radio with Homer True today. Al from Al's Ramblings recapped the interview, which had a few nice nuggets of info in it:
Would have preferred a LH hitter for CF, but none of those available were good defenders. Cameron brought more to the table than the others. Brings a lot of OBP for a power hitter as hitter. They are thinking of him as the #2 hitter, because he takes over 4 p/PA, just like Rickie.
Cameron hitting second throws the batting order I thought Yost would use out the window. I guess the order would be something like this: Weeks, Cameron, Fielder, Braun, Hart, Hall, Hardy, Kendall, Pitcher. I think the only real question mark (based on hints dropped by management) is whether Hall will hit seventh and Hardy sixth or vice-versa.
Sheets, Yo, and Suppan will probably be the top three, and Villy has the leg up on the 4th spot, based on his fine September. Dave Bush compares to Joe Blanton pretty nicely, and Joe's garnering a ton of trade interest. No mention of Parra at all.
Sounds more and more like Melvin and Yost love Bush as a starter and are just about ready to give him a spot in the rotation. If they're going to give Villanueva a spot in the rotation too, as they've hinted, the rotation would be Sheets, Gallardo, Suppan, Villanueva and Bush likely with Capuano in the bullpen, Parra in the minors and Vargas on somebody else's team. That would mean there were no left-handed starters in the rotation.
Yo's innings are not a big deal, he can go 200 if needed.
Good to hear. Hopefully he avoids injury issues and continues to develop.
Likes having plenty of pitching depth, in no hurry to make a deal unless it brings in a quality prospect or two. Always fearful of an injury that leaves you short of pitching the day after you make a trade.
Melvin being Melvin. Everyone knows he's got to trade at least one pitcher, but he's not going to admit it. I like the talk of getting prospects. I don't think they can add much to the big league squad right now by trading Vargas. A mid-level prospect or two would be a nice addition(s).

UPDATE: Here's a link to the audio of the interview for those that would like to listen: Melvin w/ Homer MP3.

Maryvale has one of the best spring training ballpark quirks
Josh Pahigian of ESPN likes Maryvale's press box:

7. Press Box at Maryvale Baseball Park, in Phoenix

As at many of the Arizona parks, the field is sunken below street level at Maryvale Baseball Park and seating options surround the entire field.

But the thing that sets the spring home of the Milwaukee Brewers apart is its long and irregularly shaped "press-box-on-stilts," which serves three important purposes.

First, it creates some of the best standing room in baseball, getting the press box out of the way so that those lingering on the concourse behind home plate can enjoy an unobstructed view of the game. Second, with the press box up above, a cooling breeze can flow more freely through the stadium at ground level. And third, the length and unusual pitch of the press box combine to create a larger than normal swath of shade for fans in the infield seats.

And the extra shade sure makes a difference to Midwesterners still working to get their tans in regular-season shape.

"It's just like cooking a Brat: Go moderate with the heat source and you'll fare well," said Brewers spokesperson Tyler Barnes. "You don't see too many Wisconsinites getting overcooked; they just work their way to a nice, golden tan."

Kevin Clinton of Bleacher Report says Brewers "should" take NL Central


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