Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In the News

Sorry the blogs have been a little light from me the last couple days. I started a new job last week and had to setup a new computer (made the switch from PC to Mac) so things have been a little crazy. On with the news...

Tom Verducci says Yovani Gallardo is an injury risk in 2008
Gallardo pitched three innings over the imaginary limit of increased innings per season (30), according to Verducci. Not only is it ridiculous to call Gallardo an injury risk while pitchers who pitched 29 extra innings are in the clear, but Verducci was wrong. Gord Ash pointed out that Verducci did not include Gallardo's postseason numbers in his numbers. Wheh! Looks like Yo is in the clear!

Not a rookie: Yovani Gallardo
Minor League Ball profiles Gallardo.

Dayn Perry: Kendall is worst catcher in MLB
It seems like Perry has come out with something anti-Brewer in almost every column he has put together this offseason... I'm not implying he has an agenda, but it's getting old. I can understand that Kendall's best days are behind him, he was never a slugger and he had a down year last year, but worst catcher in the big leagues? Come on... I don't feel like digging into this (since it would take me hours and involve mind-numbing stats), but I'll just go on record as saying Kendall will mean a lot more to the team this season than Estrada did last season and that's all that really matters to the Brewers.

Johjima in MKE?
This blogger speculates that the Brewers and Mariners could be good trade partners in a trade involving Kenji Johjima. The Brewers need a longterm catching solution and the Mariners could use some of Milwaukee's pitching surplus. Seattle has catching prospect Jeff Clement waiting in the wings and could afford to part with the Japanese catcher, who has hit .289/.327/.442 and thrown out 69 of 172 runners in two MLB seasons.

It seems like Weeks is on everyone's breakout list. Hopefully he does not disappoint.

There will be dozens more... but they do help bridge the time a little at least. And now, unlike years past, the enthusiasm and optimism is at least mostly warranted.

This column says Cubs are "the favorite."


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