Friday, February 1, 2008

In the News

- Cubs are no longer the front runner in the NL - It's news to everyone outside of Chicago that they ever WERE the front runner, but it seems the media in Chicago is as delusional as the fans. The Cubs could contend, but what makes them better than, for example, the Diamondbacks, who they got swept by in the playoffs. Oh, and the young Diamondbacks added Dan Haren this offseason too. The author of the column says the Cubs need to respond to this trade by going out and getting Erik Bedard, who is all but traded to the Mariners already. Just so everyone knows, the Cubs still have the division wrapped up, according to the columnist...

- No new members in Walk-of-Fame - For the third straight year, no Brewer was voted in. I could see Ben Oglivie, Lou Burdette and George Bamberger (three of the highest vote getters) getting in eventually, but none are slam dunk inductees either. With such a limited talent pool (1970-present), there aren't going to be a lot of guys who deserve to get in. Maybe they should hold the vote every five years now (and get more voters - only 38 media people bothered to turn in their ballots?) since it doesn't seem like the current system is effective.

- Gerry Fraley of Sporting News says the Brewers have the sixth best infield - I'm a little disappointed with the ranking, but Braun's move to the outfield certainly hurt the perception of the infield group. The Phillies clearly have the best infield in the NL, but after that, I think it's pretty much a toss-up between the next five teams. If Weeks improves as is expected and Hall bounces back, Milwaukee could easily have the second best infield in the NL. Follow the links on the story to other rankings (Starting rotation - 7th, bullpen - 11th, outfield - 6th).

- Q&A with no-hitters - Juan Nieves, who threw the only no-no in Brewers history, is among three pitchers that answer questions about hurling a no-hitter.


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