Monday, February 18, 2008

Gagne Speaks (Sort of)

For the first time since his mention in the Mitchell Report, new Brewers closer Eric Gagne spoke to the media today and essentially said nothing.

Apologizing primarily for the distraction he was causing his family, friends and teammates, Gagne failed to once mention the Mitchell Report or any banned substance (in English version). And to that, I stand fairly disappointed.

Not to entirely rehash Jared's earlier post, but admitting use (assuming he did, as many of those named in the Mitchell Report have already fessed up) seems the lone move with at least a shred of respectability amid such a deed so lacking in character. Even Gagne's former teammate Paul Lo Duca (who was said to have purchased substances for Gagne) has recently apologized, though he too utilized a cryptic and open-ended apology to do so.

If anything, the fact that Gagne isn't openly adressing the true issue at hand poses a considerably larger distraction to the Brewers clubhouse than a flat out admisson ever would. I hoped Gagne would have done the right thing and either admitted what he'd allegedly done OR stood up and fought for his innocence.

I take his one-minute long half-hearted apology as not only a sign of guilt - but as a precursor to a season long issue neither Gagne nor the Brewers will be able to dodge.


Blogger Bryan said...

so it seems he prefers the giambi method instead of the pettite method

i completely agree with this post

February 18, 2008 4:35 PM  

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